Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Today's Blind Items - Succession

I have written in this space many times about the two factions of the gay mafia fighting for control in town. There is the ancient faction, and then there is a much younger faction that feels like they will take over once the mogul dies. Even the older faction saw this as inevitable. Then, the fight happened. This talk show host and a different host have been at war for nearly three years now. On the surface, they pretend they are friends, but underneath that superficial spray tan glow, it is a war. The talk show host thinks that one of his best friends was thrown under the bus by the other host and has been trash talking the other host to anyone in the media who will print it. Behind the scenes, it is even worse and the talk show host has made it known that he would like a big position of power in the older faction because he is making it his life's mission to destroy the other host.

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