Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Today's Blind Items - Too Old

This dead actress has been the subject of blinds throughout the years, but mostly about her death. This time, a little something different. Back in the day when she was just becoming huge, and just barely legal, she was set up with this permanent A list singer who was a few years older. Our actress didn't understand why the singer, who had a reputation for sleeping with any woman who crossed his path, had not made any moves on her. Our actress had been looking forward to hooking up with the singer. She was told, that although she was barely legal, she was a solid 4-5 years too old for the singer. 

It isn't though she didn't try to have sex, because she did. She had 20 minutes in his hotel room with the singer, but the singer couldn't get erect. When she finally gave up, she was told she was too old for him, but be sure to come back if she could find someone younger. Three hours later, our actress was back with a 13 year old and the three of them had sex all night.

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