Monday, December 26, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Gift - Kindness

There has actually been a big kindness in the past about this A- list comic actor. He is back again. This time it is even bigger and more kind. It relates back to the events of the previous kindness and how much our actor has struggled with drugs and alcohol while not being as thirsty about it as the actor from the iconic role and not dragging everyone into his own personal toxicity. Our A- list comic actor thought about establishing a foundation to pay for people to go to rehab who couldn't afford it. Instead, what he decided to do was partner with several rehabs across the country and buy a majority stake in them, and convert them to low or no cost rehab but with the same level of attention and service. He has quietly received tens of millions in donations from celebrities/producers/moguls he attends AA meetings with and their plan is to treat 10,000 people a year for free and hope to eventually increase that number to 25,000 people.

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