Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Today's Blind Items - Blackmail

Back in the day, this A list singer was just starting out. Unlike most who were just starting out, she had a very big advantage. The advantage was that she had a big company and big management behind her. Even with all of that though, she wasn't happy with the songs that were being chosen for her. She wanted songs she liked singing, but most of all she wanted songs she knew would be hits. She wanted to come out of the gate big and never stop being big.

She met a producer who had access to some of the biggest songwriters in town. Most of the songs written by these big names were destined for A listers and not someone making their first big record. Not to be deterred, our singer, wanted those songs. She had the producer introduce her to the songwriters. That part was easy. The hard part was getting them from the writer to the producer. The producer could make it happen, but he needed to be motivated. Our singer made sure he was motivated, but sleeping with him every day for months. She also slept with two of the songwriters. She came out with a massive album and has never looked back. 

Once she had that hit album, she didn't need the producer to land the songs, so she stopped sleeping with him. She then trashed him all over town. The producer wasn't happy about it and had lots of recordings, video, and audio covering things from conversations to sex. After a break in at his house and then at the studio, he passed them along to another producer friend for safe keeping. That producer died a few weeks ago under very unusual circumstances. 

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