Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Today's Blind Items - Getting The Bag

This fairly new husband to an old school YouTuber is quietly making moves to secure the bag. They have barely been married for a year, but he is secretly already getting his ducks in a row for the inevitable divorce. 

The desperate YouTuber (who brags about being not cancelable, but her dwindling views say otherwise) has been too unstable, aggressive & volatile for the hubby to want to stick around... especially now that a helpless infant is in the mix. He can't even trust her enough to leave their baby alone with her for more than a few minutes, that's how unhinged and immature this woman is. 

So the stealthy hubby has been secretly recording and photographing evidence of her craziness and incompetence to use against the controversial YouTuber all along, to ultimately "expose" her - just like he did the first time she physically abused him. Only this time, he'll get the courts involved to make sure that he gets his hot little hands on that sweet sweet child support money. 

The YouTuber is completely oblivious, claims that they're both madly in love and brags that her wannabe guru hubby magically healed all of her many (mostly self-diagnosed) mental illnesses. She is definitely not going to take his scheming and betrayal well. 

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