Friday, April 28, 2023

Four For Friday - One Name

All the answers have one name and are all A list.

#1 - This closeted A lister used to force clothing store workers to watch him undress. If they didn't watch, then he would never shop in the store again and complain to the manager/owner about the worker. 

#2 - This A lister used to make her lovers snort coke off her kitchen floor while she beat them with various kitchen utensils.

#3 - This A list model used to offer rides home to female models who didn't have a car. He would drive to the worst parts of town and would force them to have sex or oral sex with him before he would take them home. If they refused, he would make them get out where they were.

#4 - This foreign born A lister used to tie down women who wanted to sleep with him and pierce their nipples and other parts of their bodies. 

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