Monday, April 24, 2023

Today's Blind Items - Stateside Bani

With all the travel restrictions put in place during the pandemic, it accelerated a trend that was already taking place in European yachting. There will always be demand for actresses that are popular to go overseas and yacht. This is true of the very very high popularity celebrities from the US and Canada. There is a whole other world when it comes to celebrities from Mexico and Central and South America and yachting. 

Lower end reality stars who used to make a ton of money being flown over to Dubai and the Med have been replaced by reality stars from shows in those countries and that region. They will never be getting the $25K flights on Emirates any longer. Now, they get flights on Southwest and a weekend if they are lucky at a Ritz Carlton and some shopping and maybe $5K for a weekend. Also, to make a decent living, you need to do it every single weekend. For the longest time, this reality star/sometime porn star ran a few reality stars, but drugs and fighting and unprofessional behavior and trying to steal clients made things awful. 

Fast forward to last year around this time, and one of the stars of this sister wife type show that is not the one with all the drama right now, and two people from that 90 day show got together and started recruiting women they met at conventions and through Insta and asked whether they would like to make some money. They were pretty upfront about it. They focused on shows where sex and hookups were fairly common. There are no reality stars involved who are above B+ list in this, but because of the organization and the email collections at conventions, they are doing really well, and the stars are making $100K-$200K a year tax free and still get to try and go to parties and conventions and whatever else they can to stay famous. 

The vast majority of the women come from dating shows. There are two that were on the network dating show, but most come from shows like Married At First Sight and some streaming dating shows and of course some from the 90 day shows. 

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