Thursday, April 27, 2023

Today's Blind Items - The A List Spy

What I have not been able to fully comprehend or wrap my head around is how someone can take millions of dollars in gifts, take several other million in investment money that makes you tens upon tens of millions of dollars, but the only thing you have to do is forfeit one gift. You get to keep all the money you made from the dirty investment. It was nearly $100M that our A lister received as a result of the dirty money investment. He also had models paid for him and his friends and his friends got to keep all the gifts they were given. Why did this happen? Why the special treatment? The same goes for other actresses who received dirty money. They got to keep it all. I can't speak for them or the A list director who got to keep his $100M, but I do know a little about the actor. Back in the day when he was dating a foreign born A list model, the model was up to her eyeballs in some very interesting things her own government wanted her to be doing while abroad. The US government wanted to know who she was seeing and why and to keep track of her and reached out to our actor. He did just that and when she discovered what he was doing, they split. She later ran afoul of certain people in her own government and had to dig her way out of trouble. To do so, she had receipts of people who should have known better. The case against her magically disappeared.

With our actor, the government was happy with the results and they didn't speak to him again until this recent person started spreading money around everywhere. The government wanted to know who he was talking to and doing and our actor was already spending so much time with him, so why not spy on him too. This time though, it was more being a rat than a spy. Our actor was involved much more than he let on, but he got to walk away from it all hands clean because he was helping the government and helped them before. It is much easier for the government to put away a guy who isn't even from the country, than an A lister. It is why all the other A listers and celebrities got to walk away. Except for the one A list comic/actor/singer. The one on death's door. 

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