Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Today's Blind Items - That's It

This film might have been one of the more debauched films of all time. It was filled with rockstars and underage girls and those that were not underage were barely legal. I'm shocked that any filming actually got done at all. The name of the movie is also a song. It also was the end of the career of one of Hollywood's longest running character actors. He started off in the silent movies and had a career right up through this movie. Although he lived almost two decades after the movie was shot, he was essentially banned from working again. Apparently, it was OK for the rockstars in the movie to have their way with as many underage girls as they wanted. However, when our aging actor, who was in his 70's then decided he too wanted to participate, everyone said it was creepy and gross. It was creepy and gross and illegal, but the rockstars were being hypocrites because what they were doing was also illegal. They actually threatened our actor and then beat him up to the point where he wasn't able to work any longer and was scared from then until his death to go anywhere near a set.

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