Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Today's Blind Items - Trafficker

This barely there celebrity has been in this space before. He has even been in the big space before. Generally, in the past when he was more famous and relevant and more people knew who he was, he was a frequent blind item subject. The people in his life he was once close to who are the opposite of him in so many different ways, wrote him a check. There was not going to be a monthly reminder of what happened. The thing is, our barely there celebrity has all kinds of embarrassing things about the family that keeps getting him new checks. The family is tired of it and have started cooperating with police in their investigations into trafficking that our barely there celebrity is up to his eyeballs involved in. He especially likes to induct new members into the organization by terrorizing the new young woman in bed for a few days straight before setting her on the street to earn. The family has some private detectives who have fed this to law enforcement in order to put an end to the seemingly endless checks.

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