Tuesday, July 09, 2024

Today's Blind Items - Death Spiral

We may or may not get some LAPD charge regarding the death of the former sitcom actor. There sure are a lot of resources going into what will end up being a whole lot of nothing. How about focusing on something that is way closer to murder and would stand a much better chance of prosecution. Over the past few months in this space I have frequently discussed this reality star/po*n star/drug dealer. He has been in a meltdown. Perhaps it is because he is responsible for the death of a celebrity ex. An ex who once lived with his sister. He then kept her hooked on drugs while he pimped her out and handed her out to whomever he needed favors from or to make a few bucks. When she came to LA last year, she was not in much of a condition to be passed out. Instead, he kept her on drugs, and then she started talking about all the things she knew and maybe she should tell some people what she knew. The next thing you know, she overdosed from some drugs he gave her. Problem solved.

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