Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Today's Blind Items - A Family Affair

Over the course of many years in this space, I have discussed this foreign government (#1). I have discussed the cult adjacent rich lady (#2) who helps make it all happen and how her husband (#3) is right there in the thick of things. Now, it is bringing down this former model/first lady (#4) and it won't stop there. It is going to drag in a lot of banking people from a different northern island country who said they were innocent. It is also going to drag in the former brother-in-law (#5) and actress sister-in-law (#6) into the whole thing. It makes one wonder if the actress saw it coming which is why she bailed on her husband knowing this was all going to come down. She has been very cat like in her life escaping from incidents that would have seen other people in jail or at least a whole lot more trouble than has ever happened to her.

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