Friday, October 24, 2014

Random Photos Part Two- Brian Bowen Smith Party

Naya Rivera
Tallulah Willis and Demi Moore
Cindy Crawford
Emmy Rossum
Michelle Rodriguez and the guest of honor
Dianna Agron
Adrien Brody
Kourtney Kardashian standing in front of a photo of_______________.

Random Photos Part One

Six parts today.

Rumer Willis keeps getting work as a fashion model and brand ambassador and I don't get it. Would she be getting the work if her last name wasn't Willis?
Sarah Jessica Parker in Rome on the set of her new movie.
Lots of parties and charity events last night, This one had Sienna Miller and
Teri Hatcher attending with
Jamie Lynn Sigler and
Jena Malone.
Toni Braxton was at a different event and showing a lot of skin.
Taylor Swift closed down Hollywood Blvd to play Kimmel. It is closed all the time for premieres so it is not all that special.
Val Kilmer one step away from making this his day job.

Blind Item #5

This is also from the 10am photos.

This celebrity loves to pretend she is into guys and dates lots of guys, but she is never actually seen out with guys or with a boyfriend because she prefers women.

Longest 3 Foot Putt In History

Blind Item #4

The answer can also be found in the 10am photos.

This celebrity is most likely to hear the phrase, "Is it in yet?"