Friday, July 20, 2018

Blind Item #15

This A+ list mostly movie actress who is also doing all kinds of television now and is an Academy Award winner/nominee and has multiple side gigs delayed by over a year her black eye just because she was so scared of what the pain was going to be like. Now, she is the one who others turn to for advice on how best to deal with the fear and pain.

Blind Item #14

All smiles last night, but two weeks ago this A- list celebrity was sporting a busted lip courtesy of her athlete husband way further down the list. He is no stranger to domestic violence.

Blind Item #13

Apparently when our favorite former actress was back in the States a few months ago, she slipped her drug of choice past her protection via a friend. This time around, she is going to have to find a new way to get herself supplied. Oh, I have no doubts she will. It is one of the main reasons she is visiting. She misses that kind of partying and she knows no one will dare arrest her if she is busted. It is partying without having to worry about any legal consequences at all.

Blind Item #12

These two A+/A list mostly movie actors have no problems wife swapping. They seem to do it pretty regularly. 

Blind Item #11 - Mr. X

Which member of that reality star family got busted for double parking in a handicapped parking spot by a photog? Thankfully for her, the photog worked for that three lettered gossip website who is on the family's payroll so the cops weren't called and she wasn't ticketed.

Blind Item #10 - Mr. X

What character actor who played a dad on a Disney Channel show and is also a celeb spawn, had nude pics from his Grindr account posted all over the internet after the guy who he was sexting recognized him? The actor is married to a woman and has kids, but like his father is deep in the closet.

Blind Item #9 - Mr. X

There are several men who are prepping to come forward about this annoying name dropper of a late night host saying he either sexually harassed, date raped or assaulted them. The allegations, from what I've heard, are extremely graphic and a definite career killer. He might try to pay off these accusers and rally his celeb "friends" to defend him, but I honestly cannot wait to see him taken down.

Blind Items Revealed #5

April 6, 2018

This former A+/A list singer was bragging to friends the other day that he killed someone once when he was overseas and that the police told him not to worry about it because the woman was a hooker. Of course he also had to pay a huge bribe.

Chris Brown


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