Monday, January 22, 2018

Blind Item #28 - PGA Awards

This former A+ list mostly movie actor was supposed to be at the awards in his role as a producer of a show from last season. He never left his compound in a different state though. He is holed up there hiding from process servers. Our actor is apparently being sued by three women who say he gave them STD's and two of the women claim he kept them against their will at his home in this other state for a week. 

Blind Item #27 - PGA Awards

This A- list mostly television actress who is still starring as the lead on a network show that was almost written off last year but is going strong again was hoping to run into that disgraced A list mostly movie actor. Yes, the one who is from an acting family. Apparently he did something to her back in the day and she was going to call him out about it in front of the press, but never got her chance. She was going to crash the SAG Awards when she heard he was going to show up there, but her agent and manager talked her out of it.

Blind Item #26 - SAG Awards

While this dress worn by a former A list mostly movie actress made 99% of the worst dressed lists, it made the best dressed list on a couple run by fashion magazines. Apparently the designer who spends a ton on advertising made sure it did and they wanted to keep the designer happy.

Blind Item #25 - SAG Awards

The publicist for this A list dual threat actress who was nominated last night and is an Academy Award winner/nominee got into a screaming match with this photographer who took a photo from what the actress considers her bad side and at an unflattering angle. You know, the angle which shows she actually does have wrinkles as is not a vampire.

Blind Item #24 - SAG Awards

This one named A+ lister at what he does has never really had a drug problem before but after hurting his back last year he has been popping all kinds of pills. Last night he was completely out of it and was walking through one party like a zombie. He wasn't interacting with anyone but his significant other and that was barely a joint interaction. 

Blind Item #23 - SAG Awards

Yesterday I wrote about that foreign born actor/rapist. Well, last night he wore a Time's Up pin. A person who knows what he did to that woman many years ago asked him about it in front of the actor's wife. The person asking could tell the wife had never heard the accusation before. Interesting.

Blind Item #22 - SAG Awards

More than one person was busted taking photos of this barely a teenager when she would lean over. The actress, who stars on an almost television show had not worn a bra and at least one of the sick photographers who took a picture is a pap. 

Blind Item #21 - SAG Awards

So, this B+ list mostly television actor is on two hit television shows. One is pay cable and one is almost television. Explain to me how he can be all Time's Up and all of that, but when actually confronted by two women at a party last night and they asked him about his awful co-star he said, "I don't get involved in all of that." He then said he just does his job and what people do is not really his concern. 


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