Thursday, April 19, 2018

Blind Item #18

Oh, this is so good and so typically small town Hollywood. Guess who, when she was back doing pay for play on that game show hooked up with this now disgraced A list mostly movie director. Yeah, so no big deal about that and apparently she was willing to hook up with him for free. Not for free though, was this partner of the disgraced director who now has a national stage. Yep. There is no way she is telling her future husband about those though right? For sure not the latter. 

Blind Item #17

This married former A list reality star who is in a reality family with tentacles even reaching overseas has been earning a living by hooking up with men that her husband finds for her.

Blind Item #16

This B-/C+ list reality star from multiple shows in the same network family was at an event today and absolutely no other celebrities knew who she was. By the third time trying to explain it, she just gave up and introduced herself by name.

Blind Item #15

Even though this A+/A list mostly movie actor is seeing lots of other women, he is trying to keep his soon to be divorced ex from seeing anyone and is always doing drop bys. It is all kinds of messed up.

Blind Item #14

It might be a little revenge in this move, but apparently the former A+ list reality star everyone still doesn't really like is going to take over the spot where her former employee's retail store is set to close because no one shops there.

Blind Item #13

This A- list writer/part-time actress was the life of the after party at a recent premiere. She also showed off talents from one of her back in the day jobs which kind of was a big shocker to see right there in front of a group of people.

Blind Item #12

Our favorite closeted A list reality star with a side gig has been seeing someone for the past two months. They met at retreat in Ojai.

Blind Item #11

Back in the day, maybe 20 years ago or so when she was first starting out, this permanent A list mostly movie actress who really doesn't act much any longer hooked up with this foreign born permanent A++ list singer. I just think it is amusing given the recent tabloid buzz.


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