Monday, August 20, 2018

Blind Item #15 - Reader Blind Item - Kindness

This occurred on the set of a science fiction themed TV show decades ago.  The show only lasted a couple of seasons but did become a cult show in syndication and was briefly rebooted a few decades later.  The lead actor , who is still alive, was tall and handsome and should have probably been a bigger success than he was.  Most of the other TV series he was in didn’t make it past the first season.  His two other greatest successes were in soap operas both daytime and night and in several appearances in an important role on this much more successful sci-fi show that took a cue from his original cult show.  He also starred in both cinematic and TV movies primarily in supporting roles.

This particular day on the set there was a chase scene being shot in an outdoor market which was covered by a tent.  It was supposed to be midday so the tent was full of extras.  A fire broke out during the shoot and quickly spread via the tent.  The lead actor ran through the fire and tore a hole so all the people could escape.  He himself did not leave until everyone else was already out.  His jacket caught fire but he took it off quickly and he was not burned.  This is mentioned briefly in a documentary about the series.       

Blind Item #14 - Reader Blind Item - Kindness

This deceased foreign actor starred in a short lived but iconic cult TV show that was  highly influential.  He also starred several times on this very famous detective show where he played different adversaries of the protagonist.  He did act in movies as well sometimes as the villain.  The village not in America where he shot his iconic show (and also an episode of an earlier TV show he starred in) was helped by him throughout his life.  He worked to get them used as the location for other TV shows and films and financially helped individual families of this rural location.  An annual convention for the iconic TV show used to be held there which was also a boost for the local economy.  This was also arranged by the star.

Blind Item #13

Interesting detail about the billionaire child molester blind item. The employee/whistle blower says the raped tween is from Iowa. The employee says there were several other teen/tweens but never had a chance to speak to them so doesn't know where they are from.

Blind Item #12

Biggest diva for tonight's award show is this A- list mostly movie actress who got her big break on that almost network show. She is out of control with her demands and she probably will never be invited back.

Blind Item #11

This A- list alliterate mostly television actor has a significant other but in case you are wondering, yes, he is still hooking up with one of his daughter's best friends.

Blind Item #10

Watch when this one named A list singer buys a pack of smokes. She immediately takes four or five out and throws them away so she has room for her coke vial.

Blind Item #9

This alliterate former A- list actor from back in the day doesn't work nearly as much as he used to. He basically has his hands tied about supporting his friend because the friend would leak some very damaging information about the former A- lister that would end his career.

Blind Items Revealed #5

August 13, 2018

At least two actresses have spoken to news outlets and said they were told to pretend to act like tweens when they had sex with this child porn loving writer/director. When one refused to do it after the second or third encounter she was ghosted by the director.

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