Friday, September 21, 2018

Blind Item #15

This A+ list mostly movie actor makes his wife log everything she eats each day and can't go over 1200 calories. He also makes her work out two hours a day. To make sure she does, he has a trainer come to the house every day even on weekends. Our actor gets to do what he wants.

Blind Item #14

This A- list mostly television actress from a hit ensemble show on an almost network blew off a work event to go international. She had been contracted and paid to do something in the city where she shoots the show and blew it off for a free trip overseas.

Blind Item #13

She is pregnant, so this former A list singer has given up the coke, but not the wine. Just no more two bottles a night drinking. 

Blind Item #12

Is it cheating if your wife encourages you to sleep with other women as much as you want? That is the case for this former A list rapper turned A- list mostly television actor on a hit network show. He certainly takes advantage of her blessing.

Blind Item #11

Honestly, I thought this was referring to a different person with the same name when I was given the tip. I thought it was nothing because of course the one I was thinking about is known for sleeping with lots of women and cheating on whoever he is with. It turns out though, it is a big deal that this person with the same last name is cheating. Kind of ruins the happy go lucky feeling of the new reality show.

Blind Item #10

Don't be impressed with this still not old enough to drive rapper. She gets everything she performs from people signed to the same label who are given money to be quiet. The problem is they never get to record their best stuff because it is given to the human publicity stunt.

Blind Item #9

No payola for this former network reality star turned A list singer who is probably permanently A list at this point. Because of her stance, her new songs don't get played any more on the biggest radio networks.

Blind Items Revealed #5

September 14, 2018

Always creepy is this B+ list actor/writer all of you know but the average gossip person would have to be given a name he associated with to get it. Anyway, he had an unplanned meet and greet after a premiere that consisted solely of a group of six or seven women in their late teens and early 20's. He asked each of them for their phone number.

Justin Theroux


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