Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Blind Item #25 - Emmy Awards

Apparently they still don't fully trust this A list mostly television actress who is an Emmy winner/nominee. They sent a fellow actress/singer all of you know to trail our actress from party to party. The two never spoke which is odd if you think about it. So, my guess is she knew she was going to have a tail and didn't want to ask a question such as why are you here and why do you follow me from party to party?

Blind Item #24 - Emmy Awards

This late night actress has a significant other. Apparently they fought prior to the start of the show and our actress got her revenge by hooking up with a female publicist to an actor.

Blind Item #23 - Emmy Awards

If someone tells me that someone looks ridiculous with their self tanner application, I generally just shrug it off. When five people said the same thing about this foreign born A- list dual threat actress who currently stars on a hit pay cable show, you take notice. Apparently it was streaked and awful looking and made her look sick. Plus, on her face, it looked like she was a bronze statue, it was so heavy.

Blind Item #22 - Emmy Awards

For a long time, this former A- list mostly movie actress who had a franchise before quitting and slowly went down the career ladder until a television show saved her, has been sober. Being sober allowed her to move back up the ladder. Last night she was hammered drunk, so hopefully it was just a slip.

Blind Item #21 - Emmy Awards

A lot of talk last night from people involved about a new audio drama set to launch starring some big names. Left out of the conversation is how one of the co-creators of it abused his now ex-wife on an almost daily basis. Some of the texts she shared are horrific. But, hey, lets make him the darling of the town.

Blind Item #20 - Emmy Awards

Maybe she doesn't care. He says she doesn't care that he cheats. He says that she thinks it is fine. Is she allowed to cheat he is asked? No, of course not. She has to remain faithful. This was a conversation last night with that multiple late night guy about his relationship with his B+ list actress girlfriend.

Blind Item #19 - Emmy Awards

This permanent A list comedian who has had multiple shows in various formats and mediums had hired his guest last night. He does that a lot. I think he thinks it is the only way someone will like him.

Blind Item #18 - Emmy Awards

One half of this reality duo all of you know from multiple reality shows is closeted. He won't be closeted for long if he keeps hitting on every male waiter like he did last night at one party.


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