Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Blind Item #16

Once again, this former B/B- list celebrity who enjoys excess partying has chased away another suitor of his A-/B+ list actress ex all of you know. He likes it that way so he can hook up with her from time to time even though he himself puts no such restrictions on the number of women he nauseates each week.

Blind Item #15

Speaking of comic actresses, this A-/B+ list one one finally found out who her foreign born A list dual threat actor was most recently cheating on her with before they split. She had a good idea, but now she knows it was his co-star.

Blind Item #14

This A list comic actress is a relative newlywed and her marriage is already on the rocks.

Blind Item #13 - Old Hollywood

Almost a hundred years ago now there was an A list model who graced the pages of magazines that still exist today. Much like some of the offspring models you see today, this model had a great deal of her success based on the fact she was wealthy and moved in the same circles as the publishers and bought the clothes that were advertised.

Our model was married. Marriage was probably not the right thing for her or her husband because they spent more time sleeping with other people than they did each other. At some point, they did manage to produce a son. Not just any son, but a son even more mentally ill than his parents.

The son went away to school and our model mother heard her son was involved with another man. Now, our model believed in having as much heterosexual sex as a human could have but was a firm believer that homosexual sex was deviant sex and believed a person could be cured. Her son was summoned home from school and the model would hire escorts for her son every day in an attempt to cure him. When none of them seemed to be able to do so, our model took matters in her own hands because I guess she though incest was better than homosexual sex???

The son snapped and killed his mom. 

Blind Item #12

That celebrity/business person that Mr. Hedge likes to rightfully go after on a regular basis proved once again what a petty tool he can be. Apparently he felt that his engineers were having too many coffee breaks so he had all coffee machines removed. Meanwhile, our a-hole would invite the engineers to his office for meetings and his assistant would serve coffee for one in bone china to the a-hole. He would knowingly sip it in front of them just to f**k with them.

Blind Item #11

This foreign born A list dual threat actor who also moonlights a superhero is under a lot of stress right now in that ummm relationship he has and he got into a tussle with the paps which he has never done that I know of in the history of his career. They smell blood in the water.

Blind Item #10

Seeing the success of this former teen actor, this former almost A- list actress turned drug addict turned actress is trying to get on the making a movie about #MeToo and get some of your money. If what she says is true, she is asking for about ten times what she needs. You figure out where the rest will go.

Blind Item #9

Conspiracy theorist or not, I think you would find it very interesting that an event today and tonight honoring someone (A list celebrity) that would not have been receiving this award otherwise is being financed by the same guy in town that still has not come up with a good explanation for that death he was involved in not too long ago. 


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