Sunday, April 22, 2018

Blind Item #15

Apparently you can tell who has final cut on this cable reality show that takes place in the South. That whole breakup was spun to make the guy look like he was the victim when he was cheating on his significant other with every promotional model in town.

Blind Item #14

It is really going to freak out a lot of people when this actor who has been extremely vocal about the underage sex/molesting issue is called out for his sexting and online chats with a 16 year old. 

Blind Item #13

What this person does every day to bring love and light to the world is amazing. She seemingly works for a million charitable organizations. She has no idea that her A- list country singer husband is cheating on her. She deserves so much better.

Blind Item #12

This frequent cable channel guest went back to his wife. That in turn led this celebrity offspring turned reality star turned celebrity to go back to her husband. That is not going to last.

Blind Item #11

It looks like this B+ list actress all of you know has not really changed her dating style. She went on a first date with a guy about two weeks ago and they met at a restaurant. She reached into her purse while they were sitting at the bar waiting for their table. She pulled out a knife and said something like we can use this the fun way or the not fun way, your choice. Ummm.

Blind Item #10

This foreign born C list celebrity was probably A-/B+ list as a celebrity back when I first started writing. She was in the desert this weekend and was asked more than once if she had a child performing or was she chaperoning someone. She was so out of place and no one knew who she was. It was sad. 

Blind Item #9

Once again the "love story" that was crafted by the momager for her reality star daughter crashed and burned so be on the lookout for a new "love." It would be best to stay away from that one named DJ they are discussing because he has some really damaging audio/video out there that will make anyone near him toxic if they ever get released.

Blind Item #8

In the desert this weekend, this model is accusing this alliterate former A list singer of sexually assaulting her when she was drunk.


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