Thursday, January 08, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Yeah. I don't know how Chazz Palminteri and Christine Lahti ended up on top, but I like them both so it is not a bad thing. I believe it might be the first time in the photos for Christine.

Bryan Adams - Fort Lauderdale, FL
I hate to spoil the suspense if you don't know, but Carrie Underwood won a People's Choice Award. Which people were voting exactly?
Over the past two weeks I have seen enough AnnaLynne McCord to last me a lifetime. It will be a long time before she is back in the photos. I only put her in today because it seems that every dress I have seen her in the past few weeks has been exactly the same. What do you think she is 75 or 85 pounds tops?
I know how much all of you love David Boreanaz, so here you go.
I just have never been a fan of the ascot, but it is David Charvet's life. Brooke Burke has had what, 10 kids and she looks like that? She looks great.
It has been awhile since Dakota Fanning has been in the photos. Next.
This was actually going to be the top photo because I don't know if I have ever seen a random photo of David Letterman where he was at an event and got his photo taken.
Ed Begley and his wife made it to the awards on time but left late last week from their home because his car runs on wind power. When it is calm, he relies on the generosity of people on the street to get behind his car and blow.
Ellen looks great, but has she lost some weight?
Eric McCormack does not age. Don't know if it is genes or botox but he doesn't get any older.
For reading lines off a teleprompter, Gavin Rossdale still sounded pretty good last night presenting an award.
Typical Friday night in my basement.
Another actor most of you love is Hugh Laurie who is joined here by Robert Sean Leonard.
Heidi Montag is already one of the lowest forms of life on earth, but to have your nails painted with the Chanel logo is just so tacky, wrong, and just shows what a great waste of space Heidi is. I just don't know if someone could do something more obnoxious.
Iman on the other hand is nothing but class. Seriously. Look at Iman and then look at Heidi Montag and you can see how shallow and classless Heidi is compared to someone like Iman.
Jennie Garth looks great.
I hope you saw where Jay Mohr legally changed his name to Jay Cox Mohr. No, not Jay Mohr Cox. Get your minds out of the gutter.
The good news was that Kathy Hilton managed to keep the "everyday people" six feet away from her at all times. The bad news was there was no coke for her to crawl on the floor looking to snort.
Kate Hudson looks like a drunk mess. I listened to her acceptance speech last night though, and she was acting goofy but can't tell if she was hammered or not.
Aaaah. Velvet on Liam Neeson.
Velvet not worn as well by Robin Williams, but still velvet so he still makes the photos.
I can't tell if Ed Westwick is wearing velvet, but he looks good and it is close so he gets in.
Even Marisa Tomei looked beautiful last night.
"Yeah, yeah. I shaved the beard."
First time in the photos for Paula Marshall I think.
The Queen looking lovely as usual.
I want to see the birth certificate. I guess the baby had to stay in the hospital and so this is mommy bringing the baby home.
Rob Estes is another guy who doesn't age. Damn he looks good. Just give me like one day looking that good. I would actually be able to go to a bar that had lights.
Apparently Ross McCall stole the awards tickets from Jennifer Love Hewitt as he was walking out the door.
Probably one of the best candid photos I have ever seen of Reese Witherspoon.
Travis Barker and DJ AM back playing together again.
I'm actually surprised by this photo of Teri Hatcher because I didn't think it was possible for her to make facial expressions anymore.
Tegan & Sara - Sydney


Molly said...

Eric McCormack does not age. Don't know if it is genes or botox but he doesn't get any older.

enty, saw him in a christmas movie with roma downey some weeks back and trust, he looked older then than he does now. there's your answer.

Ror said...

Thanks a LOT Ent!! I just broke my damn computer screen from natural reaction when Heidi Montag appeared on it.


Mooshki said...

Of course Christine Lahti hasn't been in Randoms before - she was in the bathroom.

Boreanaz, YUM!!!

"When it is calm, he relies on the generosity of people on the street to get behind his car and blow."


"I just don't know if someone could do something more obnoxious."

Oh, please, don't give Spencer a challenge like that.

Velvet & Liam, what a seductive combination!

Molly said...

ror, you need to write a software program that converts heidi pics to big red X's on your 'puter

Ror said...

OMG Molly! Can you imagine the want/need for that?


DNfromMN said...

Y'know, I used to kind of like Bryan Adams... but that first jackass blind kinda ruined him for me.

Boreanaz looks good in a tux.

That's a great picture of Dave. I wish he was my grandpa.

Gavin Rossdale.... ooh.. sorry drooling.

Enty, I wanna party in your basement if that's a typical friday night.

Molly said...

you could retire next year. and just remember, your old pal molly suggested it first.

put in an order for me, too, will ya?

Cali Girl said...

Who is the person with the baby?

shazzzba said...

Kate Hudson is an idiot.......How long until she goes away.....?

Mexi said...

Nikki Cox has just about the biggest mouth I've ever seen! And she needs to put a bra on...seriously

lutefisk said...

Kate Hudson was looking up at the ceiling the whole time she made her speech. She never looked at the audiance.

Sylvia said...

I like Chazz he can be funny sometimes. Lahti very good actress maybe Lowhore should take lessons from her.

I love watching Bones.

Dakota looks kinda of weird.

Does Gavin R. work? Never seen him performing.

Love Hugh Laurie.

Heidi should work with Scare Tactic lol.

Iman lovely lady.

For some reason I don't like Jennie Garth.

Why did Nikki Cox copy Lisa's big mouth. One was more than enough.

Kathy Hilton does she really think she looks hot in that outfit. The original Parasite.

Kate Hudson, is she high or something?

Liam Nesson very nice in velvet.

Really getting tired Ed W. eye thingy.

Teri Hatcher looks like she had some lemons hehehe.

not on my dollar said...

Kathy Hilton...ah like mother, like daughter.

Liam Neeson can wear whatever he wants or he could make me happy and just parade around naked.

Queen Latifah looks pretty.

Who is the fatty with the hoola hoops around her?

Niki Cox used to be cute now she's just an embarrassment.

Iman is beautiful.

Gavin Rossdale is very attractive but according to this blog he likes trannies? Ewwww that ruins my fantasy.

Dakota Fanning looks like an attractive, respectable teenager. Don't care if she is or isn't just as long as she doesn't put her business out on the street for everyone to discuss.

cajun cutie said...

That purple dress looks terrible on Queen Latifah. She looks like Grimace here.

Harriet Hellfire said...

I didn't get to watch much of the awards last night because my hubby refuses to watch "crap like that". Luckily he's working on Sunday night so I can watch the GG's!

Anyway, I watched Reese Witherspoon's acceptance speech and was blown away by how vapid she sounded. I always thought of her as an intelligent person, and she probably is, but that did not come across in her speech.

Heidi's nails...I have a set of amazingly tacky, black press-on nails with skulls and crossbones and a little pink rhinestone on them. I am just waiting for the right occasion to wear them. I'm thinking Valentine's Day.

Snautrag said...

Enty, no Christian Bale from last night? For shame. Go to dlisted to see Nicki Cox's mouth in full on technicolour. Puts Lisa Rinna to shame.

califblondy said...

I think the Queen looks awesome. A helluva better than most of the anos pictured. Terri Hatcher looks horrible. I watched Las Vegas (cheesey fun) faithfully and it's a shame what Nikki Cox has done to herself.

As far as the lady with the baby -supposedly the French prez is the babydaddy.

Wil said...

Who is that lady with the baby?

And I wish to announce my girl crush on Harriet Hellfire .. Vapid .. *swoon!!* ; D - LOL!!

jax said...

Kate Hudson was at her kids bday party im sure she hit the brownie table a few times.
she just sounded so stupid.

Reese...stfu. "Last year i won all the awards for singing and acting , this year for a baby puking on me"

Queen looked great but she needed to retire the Yes We Can stuff. election is over.

West End Girl said...

Tegan and Sara? Yay, I love them.

Reese is so slipping down my "like" list. Let go of my hubby bitch and I'll move you back up.

Ellen looks poorly :(

Why does everyone hate Dakota? I know she's mildly precocious but at least she seems to still look and act her age.

bionic bunny! said...

i'm so afraid one day enty is going to lose it and start feeling up some guy's velvet jacket...

harriet! i want those nails! i've been in the pirate biz (via parrot heads) a long time, and i would have KILLED for those! i used to have an artist do my nails for concerts, and i've had some AMAZING things done, including a portrait of jimmy buffett one time!

i think queen looks amazing, and i want that dress!

wills looked better with the beard.

and i don't care, i will always love robin williams, always!

Sara said...

Nikki and Jay both look like hell.

What happened to Christine Lahti's face? I mean, she looks fine. She just doesn't look like Christine Lahti.

Mooshki, I get it. (Just in case you're wondering if anyone else will catch a joke that's 13 years old :) )

amazonblue said...

Guys, check yesterday's "Now That's Gossip" story.

The lady with the baby is the French Minister of Justice, the baby was born Friday and she went back to work yesterday. The child's father is rumored to be President Sarkozy.

Harriet Hellfire said...

Bionic - I don't know where you are located, but I got the nails from Shoppers Drug Mart which is the Canadian version of Walgreens or Rite Aid...pretty classy, I know *L*

Judi said...

Begley's married?
Was looking at how much weight Mohr has gained and didn't even notice he was with Nikki Cox.
Dakota looks great, as does Tomei.
Iman is so beautiful, she makes me weep.

Judi said...

Just checked out Nikki; she looks like a chimp.
Kathy Hilton's pathetic. Yes, the original Ebola leech.

PJ Nelson said...

Add to the class level: Iman has David Bowie at home. Heidi has? Enough said. And velvet and Neeson is something to drool over.

shakey said...

Bryan Adams looks like Robert Redford in that photo. Which blind was he?

I have no clue who AnnaLynne McCord is and I don't want to bother with imdb. Dakota is the new Gwyneth.

Ellen looks like she has Grandma's Neck. Heidi should have had that logo tattooed on her tongue so Spencer would feel like he was coming into money. Is it me, or is that a weird pose Kathy Hilton is doing?

That Kate Hudson picture is strange. Looks like her boob is about to pop right out of her dress. Aw, Enty, congratulations on finding velvet jackets.

I think that French minister is grimacing from pain. That's a facial expression Teri is wearing?

Mexi said...

Bryan Adams was a blind quite awhile back about a star in an elevator and tons of girls wanting his autograph. His manager handed him sharpies to sign stuff and he threw them all on the floor outside the elevator. When the doors were closing, he stopped them and said something to the tune of...I want to watch then crawl on the floor, that's where they belong.


becki626 said...

I'd wave a White Flag for David Boreanz anyday.

Hope Megan Mullally is plopped right next to Eric when he's getting thos Botox shots.Perhaps they get Buy1Get1 1/2 off.

Jennie Garth is a ringer for my hubby's exwife I forgive her.

Is Kate's mom Goldie giving her good/bad motherly advice? Is she listening?

Marisa Tomei Has screwed up alot in movies and personal life but her 1st 5 minutes in Untamed Heart are flawless.

Megan said...

Ed is in your pics recently too! omg love it.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

How about extending the ban you put on Lilo to Heidi Hagtag?

Jasmine said...

I know i am soooo in the minority here (and i get why she is so obnoxious) but i love heidi's nails! I would do them to be kinda ironic tho (like i could afford anything by chanel!) and not in that pretentious way, but, i still liked them.
p.s. why do jay mohr seem to be gettting bigger but nikki cox gets thinner and has more surgery. THis is a prime example of the sexism in hollywood.

Jasmine said...

oh, and i too am perplexed as to why everyone loves to hate on dakota. i saw her in the secret life of bees and she was so good and not over the top. Plus, if you blow up the pic and look at others of her from last night, she is tastfully made up and always wears and depicts herself according to her age. i know she is snobby but she does seem to have some class.

Manda said...

Is it my imagination or did Dakota seem to age awfully fast? Like one of those soap opera aging tricks where the kids age 10 years in one day?

Eric McCormack, i think he participated in one of Messing's ritual sacrifices and that explains the lack of ageing:)

- Yes i am being really snarky tonight, its been a long day:)

Cute Little Redhead said...

Why would anyone want to see Ross McCall at a celebrity event?

Maybe he is looking for new hook-up so he can continue to live the life he's become accustomed to.

Unfortunately he does not have that Hollywood sparkle.

canadachick said...

wasn't it dakota fanning who was supposed to star in some movie about terminally ill kids but wouldn't shave her head and made a scene in the hospital when she was in the ward with all the sick bald kids ??? So Abigal Bresner got the part ????

Mooshki said...

Thanks, Sara! I figured given the average age of CDAN readers it wouldn't be completely wasted. :)

Canadachick, yes, that's what I heard too. I think it's understandable for a girl her age to be superficial like that, but it did tarnish her image a bit.

Mooshki said...

Oh, and I am completely in love with Abigail Breslin. In my next life, I want her to be my daughter, and Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle to be my son.

Lisa said...

Iman & Jennie look like mirror images of each other (pose), but lovely.

However, Kathy Hilton = SLAG. Looks like she's been taking posing lessons from her most notorious slag-daughter, except she needs to be more pigeon-toed.

Kimberley said...

Do you think Heidi gets free stuff from Chanel? I hope not... I doubt they waste their time on 'people' like her... Yuck.

star_grades said...

I was at the Tegan and Sara gig!
That is all...