Friday, September 29, 2017

Blind Item #4

Apparently this iconic former A list mostly television actress who has switched to A-/B+ list movie roles doesn't want to split from her cheating husband. Why? She doesn't want a million tabloid covers repeating her life from a decade ago. 


melissa said...


monteverde said...

JA has turned out to be such a bland & fake disappointment.
Average looks, average talent, fake AF and so boring... Her repeat vacations to the same place in Mexico year after year, describe her personality perfectly.

Sandy said...

I feel bad for her and don't blame her, the tabloids were horrible to her as were the public. I think she held herself with dignity, because I don't think I would have been so quiet. If anyone should have taken the heat it was Brad and Saint Angie. But karma and all that...look how that turned out!

Dartmouth GIRL said...

Just give it time. Justin will get his as you say Sandy...karma

erika said...

Praying for jen a

Cee Kay said...

LMAO @sandy. When the HELL was Jennifer Aniston ever quiet about Brad leaving her? Bitch would not shut up about it.


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