Thursday, February 07, 2008

Angelina Jolie Is Pretty Incredible Sometimes

I give Angelina Jolie a lot of crap and rightly so, I think for some of what goes on with Angelina and Brad Pitt and whatever happened with Jennifer Aniston. I am actually much more of a Team Angelina person than I let on but Brad Pitt kind of brings me down on them. I understand why he and Jen divorced. I mean Jen is and was whiny. Lets face facts that she i probably VERY high maintenance. Brad, not so much. I also think that when Angelina sets her eyes on you, that you are done. You belong to her at that point. I still don;t see the Brad and Angelina as a couple thing, but it obviously works for them.

My respect for Angelina comes from the work she does for the UN. There are lots of celebrities who talk the talk. When exactly is that Rwanda trip going to happen Paris? There are even some celebrities who take a jaunt through Iraq and Afghanistan to bases to perform for the troops. They are great and I love them and admire them for doing that. What Angelina does is one or two or even three steps further. She goes out away from the green zones and meets with real people in real streets and real homes and talks to people actually on the ground in Iraq from their government and other NGO's.

She is the one celebrity with the exception of perhaps Paul Newman who does the most for a cause. Her thing is refugees and she will travel to any country in any condition to use her celebrity and get something done. The fact that she is intelligent and knows what she is talking about, rather than just spouting some 3rd hand talking point about some political candidate who would be great for the environment, Angelina is respected on both sides of the aisle.

You know that she could be making another bad film somewhere and earning her $20M, but instead she is doing something that is much more important to her. There are reports that she gives away up to 75% of her income to charitable organizations, and the only reason it isn't more is because she keeps having kids and wants to leave them something.

Another positive aspect of her philanthropy is that she has pushed Brad Pitt to do something besides sit at home and smoke pot and remodel his house. Do you think Brad would be involved in Darfur issues or the rebuilding of New Orleans and some other things if it were not for Angelina? Nope, he would be sitting there glassy eyed with Jen just letting the world pass him by.

If you want to read the transcript of Angelina Jolie's interview with CNN which never talks about anything celebrity, click here.


Unknown said...

I applaud her like no other. Not only is she informed and motivated to help change the world... she really goes above and beyond to make sure she talks to the people in need, not just the "faces" of the country or organizations.

It really shows where her heart and mind is when a huge portion of A-listers are "celebrating charitable" causes and donations at Madonna's party, but the biggest of them all is actually in one of the most dangerous places in the world, while probably being pregnant, and is willing to shake the hands and break bread with our troops who are fighting so bravely for a cause that looks lost.

I highly recommend watching the video of the interview that's on the CNN site. Oh, and she also brushed away the make-up and hair team for the interview... she did it completely sans make-up knowing it was going to be shown around the world. How's that for sincerity and focus on the issues, not the celebrity.

Unknown said...

I heard that Jen and Brad broke up because he wanted kids and she couldnt stay sober enough to have them. Ent, you ever hear anything to that effect?

gossiphound said...

i totally agree. she is a doing what a lot of other stars should be doing, instead of boozing and partying.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Brad wouldnt have gotten off that couch if it wasnt for Angie. And rightly so. Potheads dont HAVE to be inactive couch potatoes!

Joy said...

I absolutely applaud and respect Angelina... I mean, her ass is IN BAGHDAD RIGHT NOW.

Hell, I get scared even thinking about Baghdad. Tgat woman has balls and drive like no other, and her commitment to others less fortunate around the world leaves me in constant awe. She's a pretty killer package.

YahMoBThere said...

I must be in the minority, but I find it hard to respect celebs (or other people) who do good when they're so majorly fucked up in other ways. And she IS majorly fucked up and I think the thing that drives the fucked up parts is probably the same thing driving her good deeds.

She ain't Audrey Hepburn.

Satine2002 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Satine2002 said...

This was probably the best post I have ever read here.
I don't know much about Angelina but I really respect her. I think reducing her to the whole she-took-Jennifer's-man is very unfair and extremely annoying.

Unknown said...

And how is she fucked up?

Are you talking about her controversial past? Because I don't know of a single thing she's done since having children that would lead someone to say she's "fucked up".

And as per her past, she was young, from a broken home, and always was very different than the norm of her environment.

We all have acted out. Cutting, public displays of affection, and over the top theatrics to display one's love for another is not that uncommon, especially in younger adults.

Don't like her if you will, but at least back a statement like calling her "fucked up" with proven behaviors.

SisterMaryHotPantz said...

I luff Angelina!

Very truly yours,


YahMoBThere said...

Sabrina, you've already named them. That, and her alleged heroin addiction, and the fact that she seems more interested in her adopted children than her birth child. 'Nuff said, as far as I'm concerned.

And wow, you sound like you take criticism of her very personally. Unless you're her - don't.

Unknown said...

So actions she made when she was a young adult are being held against her to this day. Glad to know you have a perfect past.

You're also basing your opinion on alleged rumor.

And she seems more interested in her adopted children than her birth child? Are you basing that on headlines, gossip, and smear campaigns, or actual experience with her and her children?

I assure she does not favor one over the other. She's been an amazing parent... both her and Brad have been.

Again, it's ok to not like someone, but to make a statement about their mental stability as if it's fact... please.

And obviously, I'm not her but my opinion comes from experience with her and her family.

She's a fantastic human being who has aged with dignity, wisdom, and intelligence. After all, that's what life is... an evolution and a journey.

YahMoBThere said...

LMAO!!! You're making a statement about her being an amazing parent and a fantastic human being as if it's fact and you're telling me to ignore reality in basing my opinion about her, as well as ignoring the fact that you're basing YOUR opinion on what...People magazine?

Done with this stupid conversation, Sabrina. You're obviously waaaaaaayyyyy invested in someone you don't even know. Sorry, I'm too realistic for you, but this IS a gossip site.

Dick Insideu said...

Last week, EL reported that a HIV+ white pop singer was asked by her local health department who she had sex with so they could be notified. Last week, allegations persisted, on the backend, there was a media frenzy bidding war for the list because it contained identities of some of the most famous and richest men on planet earth. This week we are hearing, this whole story has been swept under the rug, similar to the Heath Ledger video cover-up. Fast Forward: Sky Villa has unearthed similar data. We have also been informed about a white pop princess with the package, the similarities are astounding. This is what we uncovered: One of her reps asked that the few black men she had been intimate with-be moved to the top of the list to take the focus off the white male celebrities who dominate the list. This way, a black man can be set up to be the "fall guy," if and when this sensitive information ever leaks-and be accused of infecting one of America's Sweethearts with the deadly virus. I guess her rep didn't realize, it doesn't matter what order your name is in. It's just devastating to be included on a list like this, regardless of order. The Truth: If this is the same woman, she could have gotten infected by anyone. One of our sources walked in on her at a industry party, in a bedroom, while she was bent over snorting cocaine, an anonymous sex partner was pounding her from the back without a condom. He was her dealer and she exchanged sex for drugs although she can afford to buy her narcotics but she's addicted to the thrill of anonymous sex. Who Is She?

Anonymous said...

I agree she may be a "fucked up" person, but just because someone is more or less imperfect, doesnt mean they cant try to put good out there in this world. We're a nation that loves a fictional doctor who's addicted to Vicodin, but cant feel love for Angelina's charitable contributions?

Unknown said...

I thought I made it plain but obviously reading comprehension isn't one of your strengths... I do KNOW her.

Am I a relative or bestfriend? Absolutely not. But I've been around her and interacted enough with her family to know that the vast majority of things printed and rumors spread are completely false.

Take what you will out of that. To each their own. Ciao.

WTF said...

Ent you've listed all the reasons why I respect her so much.

Saying that she's more into any one of the kids over the others is buying into tabloid spin. Yes, she's photographed with Maddox & Z more but they are older, we don't see how much time is spent together behind closed doors.

jlb said...

LMAO It's good Angelina can do more then Paris...I think 75% of North America does more good then Paris.

I take grave issue with her blob comments regarding one of her children and the fact that she blathers on and on about staying home for her kids and doesn't - if she'd stop being a hypocrite I'd find a bit more respect for her.

However,unless one of us is one of her nannies that don't exist, no one really knows what goes on - so my opinion is just that, an opinion - you can't say I'm wrong, just as I can't say anyone else is wrong.

surfer said...

I'm with you twisty on this. I'm all for second chances and image make-overs, but the facts are out there that a certain person is conveniently forgetting. Such as: stepping out of the limo with Billy Bob @ the Oscars (I think?), saying into the microphones they just had sex, that famous pic kissing her brother, going after other women's men, Brad wasn't the first - remember Billy Bob/Laura Dern.

Yes, she's doing good deeds and is older now and has kids, but the truth is a leopard doesn't change its spots.

Anonymous said...

Still though, seriously, who the fuck are any of us to judge her? Seriously? And you're going to sit here and bitch and whine and moan that she actually DOES something now with her life? Jesus Christ! I mean by all means, bitch about worthless douches like Paris, but if someone actually makes an effort, I dont think anything should be said.

Suddenly, someone's help isnt "good enough" if they were once a shitty person?

what a LOUSY and SHITTY attitude

Mel said...

Ent. I'm disappointed that even YOU can't mention Angelina without mentioning Jen A. in the same paragraph and not only mention Jennifer but take another cheap shot at her, that's twice in one week btw.

You compound the need for people to take sides when in reality I'm sure all three of them were over it a couple of years ago. Oh, apart from Brad who likes to ease his guilt now and again in interviews by dropping in that him and Jen are good friends.

If you'd like people to take AJ's work more seriously, then just discuss the work and keep it buttoned about the never-ending faux triangle.

Still love you and the blog though....just getting that off my chest.:)

Carte Blanche said...

Many in Hollywierd have done worse than Angelina, but she just lets it all hang out.

Brad did contribute lots of $ and involve himself in charitable causes before Angelina, but obviously, her influence helped him up the ante and become more obvious about it.

plot said...

If everyone has to be cleaned of their fucked up issues before they can do good in the world, it would be a cold, hard planet.

Ang is fine. She's embracing people who are neglected and pushed under the rug. If this is giving her fulfillment, more power to her!

OT - I love the juxtoposition of Madge's soiree to feed Kabala's millionaire prophet (in the name of Malawi) to Angelina's trip. Who is really putting their feet on the ground and walking?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

She's a combat zone tourist. I spent a year as a peacekeeper and I can tell you that there are a lot of people putting their lives at risk to ensure her safety and security during her visit.

I also think she gets way too much credit for what are essentially UN PR tours? Sure, at least she's not sitting around her mansion or shopping but she gets to leave after her visits to these war zones - NGO volunteers work day after day on the ground doing some disturbing and difficult work.

Please don't admire her quite so much when so many others are doing the grunt work day after day at UNHCR and NGOs without the press coverage. Their jobs are much more difficult, impactful, and dangerous than her brief, red carpet visits. Let's keep her work in perspective.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear god...that blob comment was completely blown out of proportion. My husband and I found it hysterical that there was such a big deal mad out of that comment because we used to refer to our own baby as the amoeba as a joke between the two of us. We love our child dearly and literally devote our lives to him, but as a parent, I did not find her statements appalling. Oddly enough, nor did any other parents in our circle when that statement was brought up.

But I guess that in some people's minds that would make us all terrible parents.

*Rolls Eyes*

Mel said...

Well put alana.

SisterMaryHotPantz said...

You guys make me laugh A LOT!!!

I luff this blog.

Where are my musician photos ENTY?????

What other celeb would do an interview on CNN without make up?

BTW, I would luff to sit there glassy eyed with Brad. Just Saying.

plot said...

Alana, you have the moral high ground here, of course. Comparing the efforts of a zone tourist to the people who have to live it and try to change it is...well...not unfair exactly, but DAMN, how can any of us compare to NGO volunteers?

Ya know, I think Ang is playing out a fantasy that many of us have of meeting everyday people all over the world who live in hardship, and perhaps bypass the stuffed politicians to get help to these ppl. Worldwide conflict seems so buried in the slag heap of politics, profits and weapons. It's pretty cool that someone with the power to bypass all that shit, can go and see, with their own eyes, what's happening on the ground, even if they are partially misguided.

Anonymous said...

les sucko u sound like a recorded with that story. Move on.

YahMoBThere said...

Trix, I'm not a nation, I'm an individual. With an opinion. And if you read my statement you'll see it's not what you're bitching about. And speaking of bitching, like I've said before, this is a gossip site. Stop getting so fucking emotional over some stupid celebrity.

Sabrina, we probably agree on more things than we disagree on, but the bottom line is, I won't be chastised on a fucking gossip site for having an opinion you don't agree with. Hopefully we'll have a better dialogue on the next subject.

Surfer, amen, amen, amen!

I do a TON of volunteer work. Maybe people should kiss my ass,

anna said...

i admire her, too -- granted, she's not working for an ngo full time, but what she does *is* important, even if it is 'just' pr.

pr about what's actually going on in the world matters -- i guarantee that a lot more people know about darfur and the sudan (and countless other places she's visited) since she's brought attention to what's going on there.

and do you see *anything* in the mainstream media about nola anymore? the only press new orleans has gotten in the past year or so is the attention that aj and bp have brought to a city that is still devastated and needs a lot more help.

last of all, for me, the very definition of what it means to be human is to be complex and a jumble of contradictions... i really believe that our greatest strengths are also often our greatest weaknesses.

if the things that drove aj to be rash and silly and self-destructive as a young woman are now driving her to be compassionate and generous in a way that most of us never will -- how can that possibly be bad?

Anonymous said...

Right, twisty, lets pull out the "its just a gossip blog" B.S. to try and trivialize how other people feel.

I dont know entirely what you meant by "She aint Audrey Hepburn" but Hepburn was by no means the most well put together individual.

So, you think the part of her that made her do "bad" things is the same part of her that makes her do the good ones and so you criticize her all the same. Well I personally believe it'd be a lot more transparent if that were so.

Psychic Readings by Dawn said...

Um, pardon me, but hasn't Angelina talked in the past about how she likes to give money to local people on the ground so she can go back later and see the new well that has been built, and that type of thing? Sounds like she is trying to put her money to practical use actually helping real people who need food, water, etc., and it's not just about her higher profile "red carpet" visits as one poster points out. How does that person know how much Angelina's money may have helped out/funded needy folks at the local level? Does s/he have access to her bank accounts to see where the money goes? C'mon. Separate out the red carpet/ PR stuff which she does (to help raise worldwide attention to places in the world that, let's face it, nobody would give two licks about if they didn't see Angelina going there.) That's using PR in a very positive way. And instead of working for an organization like UNICEF where most of the money goes to paying for administration staff (like the Red Cross, where very little donated funds actually get out to needy people, just staffers).....Angelina seems to be making an effort to get money to real people for real public works type projects. That's a lot different from just using one of these trips to get a friendly article written about her in Glamour or whatever, like Ashley Judd did some time back. This is more of a real commitment to trying to do something decent.


YahMoBThere said...

Trix, that's a nice way of saying fuck off. It's my opinion.

Brenda22 said...

It's really unfair to say a leopard doesn't change it's spots. If any of us think back to when we were younger, I'm sure we've all done stupid things that we regret. You'd never do those things now. I think being human means making mistakes and growing and changing. People do change. It's really unfair to hold peoples pasts over their head no matter what they do and how hard they try to change.

And I don't know her, but I hightly doubt a woman on heroin would look at beautiful as she does or have the energy/passion to raise children, work, and be involved in all these causes.

SisterMaryHotPantz said...


Ya'all would do well in a courtroom!

Katie said...

First time poster....Long Time Reader.....I got caught at this site during the timmy/shimmy and have never left, just really don't post, but I read everything, love Twisted Sister, she always tells it like it is.....

Am I the only one that thinks Jolie is a phony, and only ran to Iraq because she didn't get an oscar nom, she isn't preggers and has to hide that fact, and to boot she didn't get invited to Madonna's Celebrity Fundraiser? Plus I think she and BP fought about her faking her pregnancy.....and what good does she really do there for those people? It is all about PR for her, I just never thought she was for real..... I also don't think she is with the UN anymore, that she went on her own this time.....I personally can not stand her and am disappointed that ENTY admires her, I always liked his honesty before this and I respected him and how he talked about Celebrities with reality......and now he is on Jolies bandwagon....(I want to puke now). Sorry to be the negative one on this, but I feel strongly about this subject so I had to post.......

kellygirl said...

I get really annoyed when people bash her. The woman is an amazing humanitarian and a fine example of how a Celeb can use their fame to bring light to issues that are otherwise ignored by politicians and the public.

YahMoBThere said...

Katie, welcome and thanks for the shout out. I hope you'll stay out of lurkdom now that you've posted.

Kelly, I don't think I've ever gotten annoyed by anything posted about a celebrity on a gossip site. I just can't see taking this shit that personally.

califblondy said...

I love her and I have since "Gia". If she were homely nobody would care about her past, IMO. Beauty can be a curse.

Whether your love or hate her, the woman has balls and I admire that in a lady. said...

So she's a man-stealin', sex-havin', blood-cravin', brother-lovin' vixen with dominate goth personality characteristics....people care about her and just the fact of her getting out there in the zone will maybe put some damn focus back on this forgotten war.

bionic bunny! said...

don't take this the wrong way, seems this comment thread has gotten a bit heated!
personally, i love NOLA, and am glad brad-poo is putting in some time and money there.
what breaks my heart is the fact that i ONLY see NOLA mentioned. other cities were far more devastated-- but get no celeb help. because the cameras aren't there. i know a lot of folks who have been working to improve living conditions in the coastal regions even before katrina hit. a little star power along the mississippi coast would be helpful, too.
i'm sorry. i'm just really emotional after yesterday's tornadoes, too. not trying to rag on anybody at all.

Unknown said...

Oh, come on. She is all about media attention. Everything she does is well planned for attention. She goes to these places and takes a camera crew with her. She does her interview and goes home. What about all the soldiers who risk their lives every day for months on end? They don't get to go home afterwards and give interviews about how wonderful they are. They are the real heroes, people. Quit making her into some saint.

mags said...

I don't know about leopards changing their spots. I do know people can change. Johnny Depp did. Shoot, I ran into one of the wildest people I knew from years back. Color me surprised when she looked all PTAish with children in tow. She's a soccer mom, a Pee Wee league coach who no longer drinks, smokes or anything else.

I don't think this trip has anything to do with not getting an Oscar nom. For non military personnel these trips are planned much further in advance. She's still with the UN. Even the LA times writer corrected themselves on the mistake.

She's admitted trying heroin and she's played a heroin addict. That doesn't make a person an addict. Other than over repeated rumors there is nothing to substantiate she had an addiction. Makes for fun gossip for some I guess.

anna said...

bionic bunny, you are totally right. and given the fact that they only live in nola part-time, why not make their gulf-coast sojourns to another town also hit hard by the hurricane and ignored by the rest of us?

maybe they will in the future; it would be good.

and karen, i have no idea what motivates aj and bp to do what they do, but the end results -- bringing attention to parts of our world that *desperately* need it, 'normalizing' alternative ways of family-building, etc, etc -- are ones that i appreciate.

i'll never know about the 'why', but i am grateful for the results.

bionic bunny! said...

glad you read me right, bips. i know you're fairly new here and i didn't want you to take that the wrong way.

in spite of everything, the south will rise again, eh?

Unknown said...

Leopards cant change their spots?! So, people cant grow up and mature?

God, I would HATE to be a celebrity and be tarred with the same brush my entire life, no matter how much I had changed or tried to contribute to society.

Jesse D said...

Bionic, as a displaced South MS gal, I tip my hat to you. The south will indeed rise again. Man, I'm homesick...

redgurl72 said...

Sabrina - the comments about Ang's drug past and whatever aren't rumour. These are things that Angelina has spoken of herself. She doesn't have a publicist so her interviews are generally more candid than most stars. I love that about her but I also think a lot of her talk is just performance - if you cross reference she actually contradicts herself a lot or tells a story quite differently... but since you KNOW her you are probably already aware of this.
It's irrelevant that we know she's done some crazy shit in the past, she won't be the same person she was 5, 10 years ago. People change and evolve and i'm sure she's a complex person. AND since when is a person who's tried drugs incapable of caring about others? It shouldn't define her as a person. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Twisted - The Audrey Hepburn reference is really interesting. Ang is modelling herself on AH, her last clothing campaign was also a nod to classic AH photos.
It's funny because Audrey appeared to be this perfect creature but she was indeed as 'fucked up' as Ang. She had eating disorders due to starving during the War and was emotionally scarred by the absence of her father. Audrey also had a couple of failed marriages under her belt and had an affair with a married man.
She lived a life and was human. I think she was incredible and would have given my first born blob to have spent 5 minutes in her presence. The difference between these 2 is just that Audrey was a much more private person & she didn't have armchair critics bitching about her on the internets!
LOVE this discussion.

YahMoBThere said...

Redgurl, Audrey Hepburn as fucked up as a cutter, a druggie, someone who wore a vial of blood around her neck and frenched her brother on national television?? You've GOT to be kidding.

perl one said...

I read the interview and I was surprised how many people are displaced by this war. 58% under 12. Also I thought what she said about "there is a war but there is a humanitarian crisis. And they have to be addressed simultaneously. We can't wait for one to end to then finally take the time to address the other, it has to start right now."

is a very good point.

Do you hear about efforts to give those kids a place to live in any other context? If you don't then Angelina did something useful, because at least you heard about it. She reaches a different audience than CNN alone and she reaches a more international audience than a local Iraqi newspaper would.

anna said...

bionic bunny, *smooches*

twisted sister, apart from the fact that i think people change and grow, or that we are all a jumble of contradictions, if you look at the kinds of things aj did when she was younger, they were largely self-destructive and fairly victimless. who knows what her private life is really like now, or what motivates her to do what she does? but from what i see, her work with the un has had an impact -- both on the ground (building wells in villages without any resources) and in terms of raising public awareness (about refugees in africa, or what daily life is like for *iraqis*).

she does good work; that's the bit that matters to me. so many people who have changed the world have had screwed up private lives (ghandhi was a total sh*t to his wife), but that shouldn't over shadow the tremendous things they do in their public lives, should it?

YahMoBThere said...

Bippy, I'll repeat what my original post says, so this doesn't continue to be blown out of proportion:

" I find it hard to respect celebs (or other people) who do good when they're so majorly fucked up in other ways. And she IS majorly fucked up and I think the thing that drives the fucked up parts is probably the same thing driving her good deeds."

I feel that way about Madonna, Sean Penn, Oprah and a host of other celebs I feel are majorly fucked up. Just my opinion.

anna said...

twisted sister, got it. it thought this was an interesting convo, but i see we just have different views.

fwiw, i think madonna and sean penn are just assh*les and don't help anything :)

and as for oprah, i think at this point she's doing more harm to the world than good (pushing 'the secret' and dr phil are good examples).

hope i haven't started an 'is oprah evil?' argument!

YahMoBThere said...

I think it's an interesting conversation, too, Bippy. I only wish people would be more respectful (as you have been), when others (like me) don't agree with them.

We've had the Oprah is evil argument before and I think the majority voted At least we agree on that! ;-)

surfer said...

Hi twisty,

I've been sitting back reading all the comments and I can't believe a day later people are so incensed about our opinions.

I've always said life would be boring if we all had the same views. It's great we can speak our minds and hear others' opinions, but some people just take differing viewpoints way too personally. I felt bad that Trix was so upset that she started swearing - for God's sake, it's just a thread, no one should get that worked up. And Sabrina's initial comment read like a PR release, top to bottom.

So I just sat back and chuckled, and was cheering you on as you took on the hecklers. Good job!

YahMoBThere said...

Hey Surfer, you just have to wonder about people. I calmly stated my opinion and got lynched by overly invested fans. I always wonder about people who don't want to hear negative opinions about their FAVORITES as though it's a personal affront to them. wtf? Get a life.

Why can't they be more like Bippy?

It was good for some chuckles though, you're right about that!

redgurl72 said...

Twisted - I just thought it was interesting that you mentioned the Audrey comparsion because the media don't seem to have picked up on it.
What I was trying to say is that if you summarise anyones life in black and white it can look pretty 'fucked up'.
Not sure how much you know about Audrey Hepburn but her experience during the war and her problems with food as a result of that are what drove her to do the UN work.
So Angelina ain't no Audrey Hepburn right now, but who knows how she'll be thought of in 50 years time when all the sensational headlines have faded.

YahMoBThere said...

Redgurl, I know all about Audrey's problems with food as a result of not getting enough as a child due to the war. I hardly think issues brought about by war versus issues brought about by drugs and a fucked up family are the same, but that's just me.

redgurl72 said...

OK this was your post - 'I must be in the minority, but I find it hard to respect celebs (or other people) who do good when they're so majorly fucked up in other ways. And she IS majorly fucked up and I think the thing that drives the fucked up parts is probably the same thing driving her good deeds.

She ain't Audrey Hepburn.'

If you can't see the point I was making in reply to this post then that's fine. I kind of think you're just being antagonistic now so I'm going to end my part of the conversation.

YahMoBThere said...

Redgurl, I'm not trying to be antagonistic, I just don't consider Audrey Hepburn as being majorly fucked up. She suffered post traumatic stress syndrome and had gastrointestinal issues because she barely ate during the war. She was someone to be pitied, as far I'm concerned. She never did things for attention - it was years before anyone knew what she was doing and much of it wasn't even known until after her death. For as much as she went through, I thought she led a pretty healthy life. You feel differently, obviously, and want to lump both of them together based on my statement. I'm saying my statement was referring to attention getting people who are fucked up because of who they've chosen to be.

I'm not sure if you'll ever understand the difference I'm trying to make, but you've been super polite, and I really appreciate that. Thank you.

redgurl72 said...

Twisted - thanks. I know I wasn't going to say anymore but I had to say that! I really enjoyed this 'conversation' and I do get what you're saying - it's just so hard to discuss things properly via computer. If we were having this talk over a beer we'd have it sorted by the 2nd beer.
I just liked that you bought Audrey into the mix because I do think Angelina has been trying to emulate her and nobody else had mentioned her.
Believe me when I say that I'm as suspect about modern day celebs who let there charity work be known.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

YahMoBThere said...

Redgurl, you're right. I think if we were just talking about it on the phone it would have been straightened out quickly, too.

I've enjoyed my exchange with you, and thanks again for being so polite and gracious.

Have a happy Sunday!


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