Friday, February 08, 2008

Random Photos Part One

Adrian Young of No Doubt gets the top spot today for a little favor he did me. Plus, I really like his sweater. I could never pull it off, but it looks good on him.
Aaron Paul has never been on here before, so I figure that today is as good as any.
When is the last time Anne Meara and Jerry Stiller were in a gossip blog? How long have they been married? Like 50 -60 years?
I bet the guy didn't even eat one bite.
John Legend - Los Angeles
Hammer - Los Angeles
Slash and Axl Rose reunited.
Hey Eva. You know we are all pulling for you. Now get your ass back to rehab.
Boyz II Men - Los Angeles
The incomparable Noa Tishby. Well that is a pretty strong word, but I like her so I can call her what I want.
Mary Kate Olsen at 17 getting hammered at a prom with Spencer Pratt.
I didn't think there was anything uglier than the current state of Lindsay Lohan's face, but I was wrong. This photo was taken as she was going TO a James Blunt concert. After the show he told her that he wrote Beautiful just for her. He probably didn't even need to use that line. She would have f**ked him anyway.
I like Kat von D, but I really don't like that neck tattoo. I can handle the rest, although the Mike Tyson tribute tattoo above the eyebrow is a little odd as well.
Wow. Did I miss the memo where orange is the new "it" color to have?
No one from That 70's Show went to Wilmer Valderrama's birthday party despite two of the cast also being in New York at the same time. Tell you something?
Slash,, and Snoop Dogg - Los Angeles
Shane West is another first timer. Which West is the porn star dude?
I think I like Rihanna's outfit, but I could be persuaded to hate it if enough of you do. I'm a sheep.
Ne-Yo - Los Angeles


mooshki said...

Don't worry Ent, Eva is on her way back to rehab right now.

notvotingforsuckno said...

I guess that "little favor" was the pregnancy scoop.

Kevin said...

Ent cannot post pics of "rock stars" that looks as bad as this, and ask us not to put them on blast. The binder-sized pockets the grown-ass Boys II Men are enough to keep me going for days. (And I know Boys has a 'z', I could can't ring myself to type it.)

Rare Avis said...

Ent why are you calling yourself a sheep all the time?

surfer said...

Time for me to chime in with my thoughts on Rihanna's outfit. WTF? A hot pants onesie?

The whole outfit is off - it's like when you see people wearing shorts and a jacket, or Uggs in 90 degree weather. Some things just don't work.

Me thinks someone likes AJ.

Hey rare - any scoop from your event at the Pink Palace?

Anonymous said...

rare - because he follows the herd with posting things.

Anne and Jerry - answer to a blind? HA!

Glad to see the music back in the blog Ent.

SisterMaryHotPantz said...

Thanks Ent!

Snort on "Slash and Axl Rose reunited"

jax said...

i hate it.
change your post immediately.

boyz to en are still singing the same shit and wearing the same clothes..nice.
john on wheels.

kimmypie1 said...

Re: Eva.

There is another pic of her at a different angle where it looks like her stomach is a little 'fuller' than normal. Almost like a post-pregnancy tummy. And in this pic she is covering her tummy with her bag.

Perhaps proof of Ent's BI about the person losing their baby and going to rehab.

Town Bike said...

Rihanna - sorry but that get up is hideous. From the waist up she's a 45-year-old mum dressed up for a school function, from the waist down she's Beyonce.


Maja With a J said...

I agree about the neck tattoo...I don't mind neck tattoos, or any tattoos for that matter, but this one just looks like someone drew on her neck with a sharpie. It just looks odd. Other than that, I thinm she is hot, as long as she doesn't talk. It's weird how someone can be so artistically talented and so completely vapid at the same time. Maybe it's just her reality show persona.

Maja With a J said...

Oh and isn't she supposed to be pregnant?

kellygirl said...

John Legend is insanely hot. Saw him in concert. I was in the 3rd row, and he wore white pants, commando, and I thought I was going to O right there.

rhianna's outfit is horrid.

LMAO at the "Axl Rose" photo said...

I wonder if Wilmer screwed up Lilo. Maybe it's all his fault!!! I loved Fez, but I could care less about Wilmer. I know people like him and I avoid them.

nicola said...

I'm starting to think Kat Von D is your client. No more posts on Kat until you post on Ami James or Chris Nunez.

nicola said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

LOL, Angie picks the pretty Marine to sit next to. Atta girl.

Unknown said...

Randy West

Is it me or will Slash do almost anything for money? Will.I.Am... come on.

jax said...

Is it me or will Slash do almost anything for money?

anything...except fergie

Unknown said...

@jax... LOL

you're bad... poor Fergalicious.

captivagrl said...

Hammer? why

Unknown said...

you know, i like Kat from the show and everything, but damn she looks like a man. a crazy crazy tattoed tranny.

and rihanna's outfit? ugh. what's with the sleeves? the whole thing is weird.

and for eva- it was rumored back in december or so that she was pregnant. she was on the cover of Jane a couple months ago and in the interview she said that she wanted to have children. shortly after that i remember reading some rumors that she was pregnant and seeing some photos where she looked a little "fuller" than normal i guess. and i noticed in the pictures of her in the last couple of days there is def. SOMETHING going on with her stomach, i mean that is NOT normal eva. i should know, i have 2 kids and that is what a post pregnancy belly looks like...unless she just gained a bunch of weight for no reason, which i highly doubt because she's an actress in hollywood and that just doesn't happen. she was the person i first thought the other day about the blind that talked about when your addiction costs you your baby you go to rehab. oh, eva. i wonder who the father is/was?!?!?!? oh scandal!

Amber said...

Wow, Adrian Young looks like a grandpa :O

Awww yeahhh, Boyz II Men = grade 7 dance when all of the boys had boners

Whenever I see a picture of Spencer Pratt or see him on television, I just want to punch him in the throat. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way.

jax said...

i'll hold him down for you.
i cannot beleive that douche has the last name Pratt- it's just to perfect.

Max Winkler- ehhhhh the Fonz's son.
I beleive he had an all expense paid vacation to a very different Crossroads a few years back.
MK is poison.

jax said...

sorry just noticed LIlo's new chompers..what is going off with theses bitches gettign their teeth done to look like a horse of course of course?

I watched Lipstick Jumgle last night (loved it) and Lindsay Price from 90210 got the Duff Job as looks terrible.

Anonymous said...

jax - remember the hot meth-recovery dentist that LiLo went to see after rehab. That's what happened to her mouth.

jax said...

man that is awful they look like they are emaciated in the face...them chompers are way too the tooth. god bad sorry.

nationalvelvet said...


Say what you will but 2 pics of Slash cancels out Spencer Pratt + Wilmer

Kat Von D is pretty, don't know her show--- but wait til the Fug girls get ahold of her pants!!

Good luck Eva M! She's the most beautiful, IMHO

Thanks Enty for Stiller and Meara!

moira said...

I will chime in as the voice of dissent and state that I like Rihanna's outfit. I think she pulls it off! Of course RiRi can basically do no wrong in my eyes.

Winston Ono said...

Why can't musicians evolve? Would it kill Slash to switch up his hair for something new? Or Adrian Young to grow out the hawk? He's way too old for that look.

Taylor said...

Adrian did a favor for you? Does he know about your blog and how badly you speak of Gwen and Gavin?

Unknown said...

Did you guys read that thing about Kat Von D on Dlisted? She allegedly signed a picture of herself for Ami with an anti-semitic dedication on it. That's fucked-up if it's true. She doesn't seem like the type to do that, though.

surfer said...

I saw that Rebecca - it made me sick. If someone is setting her up, then that's beyond the pale. But, if she did do what's being said and TLC looked the other way, then they all should be ashamed. One of the guys said Kat gave him the picture to pass on.

If this is true, I hope it will make Enty re-evaluate his feelings for her.

Karen said...

I would love to see a picture of Kat Von D when she hits 60. Sagging, tattooed skin.


what is the stiller meara blind item???

Judi said...

LOL @ "Axl Rose," too.
I love Riri; I think she's gorgeous, but not here.
Dunst took Eva's bed.
Wilmer's nasty, gross. Makes me want to hurl.
Girls have had orange skin for a few years now, Enty. Supposed to look tan and has never worked. It's awful. Hate it.
Don't know Noa Tishby. Client of yours?
Love Adrian's outfit.

Uber*nought said...

I bet the guy didn't even eat one bite.

I like Angelina but Ent, the marine outshines her. He's gorgeous! How you've failed to spot this I don't know but then you have had six wives and managed to misplace them also. said...

Eileen said:
"Why can't musicians evolve?"

Science has been unable answer that one, Eileen. It has been happening since the dawn of civilization. A modern example is Keith Richards, walking around in snakeskin pants and a variety of identifiable trinkets woven into his hair.

GammaGirl said...

Eva has that purse in the classic "hide the baby bump" pose. Hmmmm.

More Aaron Paul please! I was so excited when showed up on Big Love last season.

takeme2espana said...

Well finally the explanation. We can all attribute Wilmer's behavior to the fact that he obviously turned 12!
(Just an early bloomer I guess. re: facial hair)

Winston Ono said...

Brendalove, good point! It’s the music world’s equivalent of a comb-over. A desperate attempt to hang onto an identifying look that once worked for them. For some reason, it drives me nuts.

J-Mo said...

Geez, the New Doubt guy looks too old to be holding on to his faux-hawk hairdo. Think I read in Details magazine that "punk" hair and skateboards are the new equivalent of the comb-over for this generation.

__-__=__ said...

Rhianna's outfit is OK. She pulls it off well.

uber*nought - You're right about the marine - he's a hottie. He's got great features and I bet his bod is hot too.

Slash is amazing and could never do wrong in my book.

pricolatino said...

Rihanna looks like Prince lost half of his pants on the way to a Purple Rain Anniversary concert.

Wonk said...

But the alternative to musicians who don't evolve is Madonna, so you just can't win.


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