Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I Think Lindsay Lohan Has This All Wrong

Lindsay Lohan is blaming her drinking on her father. I agree that the guy could force anyone to head for the nearest bottle. The thing is, Lindsay told Harper's Bazaar that the reason she got into so much trouble was that she missed her dad while he was away in prison. "Not seeing my father was really hard for me."

So, I guess she never drank or anything until he went away to prison. She was the perfect angel until that time and then just couldn't cope and started drinking and doing drugs? Oh, well that would make sense if it were true, but the fact is that she was drinking and doing drugs and way out of control well before he went away to prison. His going away to prison is just an excuse to rationalize in her own mind her behavior. She also blames the paps for her problems for portraying her as "drunk during the day," when in fact she claims she was never drunk during the day. Oh, well then you must be f**king perfect because you only drank at night. She also neatly dodges that one by never saying yay or nay to whether she would do drugs during the day.

Here is my thing. If she is not awake during the day to drink or do drugs because she is sleeping off the activities from the night before I don't think you should be giving yourself a big attaboy for not getting hammered while sun is shining. The problem with Lindsay is that she never ever blames herself for any of her problems. She always wants to blame everyone else and that she is not responsible at all for making the decisions she made.

Instead what she is doing is the same thing Paris Hilton tried which is to go around and appear to be the good person and that you are doing all the right things and staying out of trouble and trying to get the world back on your good side.

As I am typing this I am thinking to myself how messed up her relationship with her father must be and how I would love to know everything about their relationship. Just imagine if she really was sitting at home at night in the dark, all alone drinking herself into a stupor because she couldn't see or talk to her dad. By the way, last I checked prisoners can make lots of phone calls so I don't get the whole wasn't able to talk to my dad for two years thing. And yes, she said phone in the interview. Anyway, is she trying to say that he is the good influence in her life and that without his guidance is a miserable addict?

Wow. She really needs to think through that whole thing.


Perez Hilton said...

I'm sick of Blohan already. I saw for the first time how decrepit she looks. Those precious years of luscious, nubile tits with the popping nipples are over. The scent of sweet, clean, tight tight pussy is no more. Just another old, drug addled skank infested with herpes. Paris Hilton gave me my fill of valtrex vaginas. Can we just not discuss Blohan and hope she overdoses?

jlb said...

Nice excuse base - was daddy in the clink when she had either of her DUI's? She'll never be sober or straight until she learns to accept personal responsibility...but I wouldn't hold my breath - there seems to be very, very little of that in Hollyweird.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the magazine only spoke to Michael, and only thought it was Lindsay because she sounds like a 40 year old smoker.

YahMoBThere said...


Andy said...

I remain amazed at what a frenzy you get into over the girl, Ent.

Perez Hilton said...

Ent masturbates to Lilo's photo a few times ago.

kellygirl said...

I think she should blame the Orangutans. They need to take her back into the jungle and teach her how to behave.

GammaGirl said...

Of course she came up with an excuse for her behavior! This is so weak.
Lilo needs to take a break and come back when she's ready to act her age.

I wanna know what she was thinking when she was chasing that car down the PCH.

Unknown said...

classic. deny, lie, blame. she needs to go back to rehab.

jin said...

she sounds like every other addict who hsn't taken responsibility for her addiction.

I hate to give him credence but Riley Giles says:
- her father molsested her as a kid
- her mother also uses drugs
- cirque was and their "relationship" was a scam for press
- she is gay (or at least likes women more than men)

more here:

Judi said...

Jindi, what does this mean?
"- cirque was and their "relationship" was a scam for press"
She's a stupid, stupid girl. Her career has crashed and burned and it's her fault. No one wants anything to do with her and I'm (we're all) sick of hearing about her.


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