Monday, February 04, 2008

Why Was She Using A Microphone?

In case you are having a worse Monday than Britney Spears and need a laugh, here is the video of Paula Abdul singing her new "song." I put it in quotes because honestly I don't know where the line is between computer and real. When is something actually a song? I mean I guess it has music and at some point she probably tried to get out a few words that were spliced together to go with the music.

I'm also not sure why she is actually wearing a microphone since it is obvious she isn't singing one damn word. Either that or her lips just move at a different rate than the song. I also think Randy Jackson needs to keep his guitar playing limited to video games. Oh, I know he is good, but I just don't need to see him up there trying to relive his youth or showing off the moves he has been practicing in his mirror since he last got to play with Journey.


MontanaMarriott said...

I love how she kept flinging the hair so you would not catch her lipsync flubs lol

Poor Randy needs another gastric bypass, lol

califblondy said...

My expectations were low, so I was somewhat pleasantly surprised with Paula's song. I might have even tapped my big toe while she was dancing.

J Ruth said...

Gotta love the hypocrisy of someone who judges a hugely popular singing competition lip-syncing and not using her real voice in recording this song!

Jerry said...

Not necessarily any love for Randy Jackson but he has played with Springsteen which, for me, earns him lifetime brownie points.


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