Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Do You Want To Talk To Jerry Hall About Erectile Dysfunction?

After thinking about trying to dress up Jerry Hall in a bikini and having her sell Levitra to men to improve their erectile problems, the makers of Levitra got an idea. I am not saying it is better, but it is definitely interesting. They want Jerry Hall to travel the country and find women to talk to about problems their man is having with getting it up. I am assuming that she will also talk to gay men, although the release I saw said women. I'm sure the advertisers or the company or whoever came up with this idea thought that this would encourage women to get more involved in this discussion at home and would basically lead to more nagging until the guy gave in and bought Levitra.

Instead what is going to happen is Jerry Hall is going to get a bunch of women on tape throwing their men under a bus. Oh, it will start innocent enough. She'll ask a question about whether her man is ever tired or stressed and the next thing you know, Jane S. from Rapid City is telling the world about how her husband Tarzan never got it up for five years until Levitra. Well everyone in Rapid City who sees this is now going to laugh at Tarzan every time they see him until at some point he snaps and the next thing you know his neighbors will be saying that he was kind of quiet, but seemed pleasant enough.


Lux Luthor said...

Oh, no. Jerry Hall has plastic-surgery face. My god, look at her eyelids.

__-__=__ said...

Good call Shiny! The lids do look bad. But it does look like she's brushing her teeth regularly. She always had those awful looking blood red gums.

Yes Jerry, my man is stressed and tired. But he's also a lazy ass and absolutely refuses to do anything that even resembles exercise. I think he stopped sweating years ago and his pores have all closed since they're not being used either. Do you really think Levitra could help him?????? Really??????????

ms_wonderland said...

Hmm Enty is getting soooo defensive.

bionic bunny! said...

what's funny is i was just commenting to mr. bunny how hysterical is was that a lot of my spam reads " my wife always tells me how small my d**k is" or words to that effect. we decided the answer to that wasn't penis happy pills, but a divorce. geez.

Judi said...

Who will be the first to say "reptile disfunction"?


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