Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue

The 2008 Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue Cover. To see the covers from the past, just scroll down. If you would like to see the behind the scenes video of the making of the 2008 cover, you can click here. You can also click there to find these photos if you can't figure out who someone is. The left side of each photo is what was shown on the cover, with the remaining portion what you saw when it pulled open.



Anonymous said...

Interesting how each looks so different, and yet so "same".

Keira Knightly looks disgusting.

GammaGirl said...

There is NO REASON for Jessica Biel to be on the cover. After the flap might be acceptable, but NOT the cover.

I canceled my VF subscription after Parisite and Lilo were on the cover back to back. As far as I'm concerned, it's a nicely designed PR tool rather than a legit publication.

MontanaMarriott said...

3 Latinas, you've come a long way VF but then again I don't see any SISTAHS on the cover, hmmmm

Anonymous said...

I'm with trix on this.

Although I wouldn't mind Tom Ford whispering into/nibbling on my ear.

I don't recognize half the people in the "under the fold" in 1999, the rest are identifiable.

Unknown said...

Is it me or do they seem to place the majority of the minorities in the "pullout"? With the exception of maybe 3 or 4 in the front. Am I reading too much into that? Vanity Fair is full of pretentious shit, anyway.

Why is Ellen Page and America Ferrara in the pullout? And WTF is Jessica Biel doing there anyway? Ugh!

Anonymous said...

Oh I sooo agree with all of you: when I saw the cover for this year, it seemed the odd duckling was Jessica Biel. She doesnt belong there, she isnt special or talented like those other girls, and she had her close brush with a hay day YEARS ago. She DOESNT belong there--she's been struggling on the b-/c list for too many years and she has NO TALENT!

Unknown said...

Question... out of curiousity.

Would you guys rather have Jessica Biel or Katherine Heigl on the cover of this issue?

GammaGirl said...

@rebecca: Sweet Jesus that question is hard! I'd say neither and nominate Marion Cotillard.
Why isn't she in this spread in the first place?

Unknown said...

Gammagirl, I thought the same thing. Even though I haven't watched La Vie en Rose yet, I think she should have definitely been in the spread. Who makes these decisions anyway?

captivagrl said...

ellen page - sit up straight! you are one of the most talented there.

liveunderarock said...

LOL @ myself.
At first I thought that was Piven blowing on Knightly's ear. I was thinking I would kill myself if I woke up naked to the Perv.

I completely agree with the comments on Knightly and Biel. I detest Knightly almost as much as Paltrow.

Anonymous said...

I tell you that ppl of color aren't welcome with this crowd..

GammaGirl said...

I have to agree with the comments that VF didn't diversify the spread enough.
It's not as if there is a lack of gorgeous women of color in Hollywood.
Thandie Newton
Kerry Washington
Naomi Harris...

All three are more talented than Biel.

westward ho said...

"3 Latinas, you've come a long way VF but then again I don't see any SISTAHS on the cover, hmmmm"

you don't see ANY? look again. at 1995, 1997, 1999, 2005, and this year's cover, 2008.

__-__=__ said...

But it just isn't cohesive. Compare that to the others and this one stands way out. And what's up with the "corner of the room" intersecting America Ferrara? Anyone?? It's bad art, bad composition and also appears to be racist. I've never read this so wouldn't know for sure but if looks could tell.....

Kory said...

2008 is such a classy cover with one huge mistake standing right in the middle in a bathing suit. It's like someone took the Mona Lisa and spray painted it.

MontanaMarriott said...

I don't see any sistahs in the 2008 issue. Zoe Saldana is Dominican, America is Mexican and Braga is Brasilian. It would have been nice to see Joy Bryant, Keri Washington, anybody else but Biel (da muff eating beard)on the cover.

Unknown said...


Exactly!!! There's just no balance. The minorites are either grouped together or strategically placed in the pullout. Well, there was that "controversy" a few years ago that a columnist at VF wrote some racist remarks targeted at Mexicans. Something about housekeepers... anyway, an apology was demanded.

Unknown said...

By the way, to any of you who are intersted... here's the link where it explains about the racist remarks targeted at Hispanics.


Anonymous said...

Wow I was just about to comment on that: looks like anyone of color didnt make the COVER--they made the PULLOUT. The few that I see with more visibility, are lighter in skin color even if they are "ethnic".

notvotingforsuckno said...

Isn't Ellen Page a little young to have such a bad case of Osteoporosis?

Brenda22 said...

How the F is Biel a "fresh" face. Give me a break. She shouldn't have even made the flap. And America Ferrera, the girl with the Golden Globe is on the flap? What the heck.
And I agree...Cotillard should have been on the cover. She's more fresh and talented than Beard... I'm mean Biel will ever be.

jax said...

i see actors -some talented some not..not colour. IMO.

how the fuck did David Arquette, Brit Murphy and Selma Blair get in there?
If it were my mag only peope who have maintained a great consistent carrer spanning more than 5 years would be in it.

__-__=__ said...

Thank you for the sanity check Rebecca and Kory!

Kat said...

Just chiming in with you all. I agree that Biel seems an odd choice for this cover, but she does have about three projects for this year, and I'm thinking that the subjects for the cover are chosen with regard to how prevalent they are with regard to impact over the last year, or what is anticipated for the coming year. I do think that Marion Cotillard would have been a better fit, but she only recently made her 'splash', and I bet the selections were made before her performance was formally recognized. Personally, I like the cover and feel that these were not generic choices, with the exception of Biel, but I still there's a motive behind this. As for minority exclusion, well there seems to be a nice mix here and most selected seem to merit the cover by virtue of their talent, not their skin colour. I'm most surprised by Elizabeth Banks inclusion for some reason, but I really enjoy her work and she has a ton of projects on the go at the moment so I'm thinking she will be the one to watch.

Unknown said...

hey Ent, i submit a request for some ladies in your full frontal friday division :-)

Unknown said...

the only thing i remember beard/biel has done is RUIN the movie "the illusionist" - what a feat.
props to her publicist and agent.

SarahT said...

Ellen Page looks sooo bored in that video.

Beth said...

Jessia Biel is so out of place on that cover. There's NOTHING "fresh" about her. She was on that crappy 7th Heaven for YEARS. She's been in movies for awhile.

Her agents and PR people keep making us want to believe she's the "next big thing" because her times have come and gone so much.

If she wasn't "dating" Timberlake, she would never ever have got a spot there.

She really does have amazing PR people to keep a C-list actress so publicized like she's A-list.

Judi said...

Biel's been 'the next big thing' for several years now. She better start doing something of quality soon or we'll kick her out.
Yes, if this is the cover for the Hollywood issue, one would think they'd have the nominees for all the major awards which would include Marion (Rebecca, buy the DVD - you won't regret it) and Ruby Dee.
Hey, maybe they should have gotten all the p.g. actresses for this cover!

mooshki said...

Dschingis, what is this, your first day on the internet? ;) www.mrskin.com

IMO, the worst crime of Vanity Fair is Renee Zellweger as Kim Novak. BARF!!!


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