Friday, February 08, 2008

Pete Doherty Has Found His Asking Price

Last week Pete Doherty performed at a girl's birthday party for $200. Since then he has been bombarded with offers from other girls also wishing to have him perform at their parties. Over 500 people have asked him to perform for the fee said his manager. This of course represents an increase of 500 from the previous week when no one asked him to play anywhere, except of course for the various judges who keep letting him out of jail. I'm sure he gave them a very special performance.

Apparently the father of the little girl approached Pete on the street. No word on whether Pete was asleep at the time, and said his girl was a big fan. After assuring him that Pete could do all the drugs he wanted at the little girl's party, Pete accepted the gig and was a big hit. Some partygoers thought he was the clown sent to blow up balloons and turn them into dogs, but Pete took it in stride.

The girl was a big hero to her classmates because they had never got to see a strung out junkie perform live for them ever before.


Jolara said...


mandythegreat said...

Say what you want to about him being a junkie and homelier than a mule's rear end (because it's pretty much true, LOL), but the man is as talented as Mr. Ripley.

__-__=__ said...

That poor girl with him looks so horribly under-dressed. She just looks pitiful. I hope it's his sister just coming home from school. It's the only excuse!

He is way talented. His music is amazing. They should show at one of the festivals.

Sarah J. MacManus said...

Peter and his band have been running a very successful tour in Europe over the last two months, including France (where that picture was taken), Germany, Italy and Portugal. If this story is true, he probably did it as a lark, because he's sweet person who actually goes out of his way for his fans and is up to any adventure, rather than one of those coddled diva freaks that normally inhabit the music industry.

Pete also seems to be staying clean since his one relapse since rehab four months ago and has been continuing in day rehab and passing his regular drug tests.

You've always had more class than this, ent - why have you suddenly decided to go the Perez Hilton route? You're better than that.

michele said...

yeah, well he sure does not look like he's staying clean. he may want to shower at least every other day instead of weekly. he's had so many chances, i agree he's talented, but come on.

Anonymous said...

He looks disgusting. Always dirty looking with a dumb face expression LOL.

There were pictures of him making out with another guy. Very gay. said...

LOL! This one got a real true LOL out of me. This guy has kept me quite amused for several years now, and I hope the fun never ends.

And I do respect him musically. Shotter's Nation is really good.

As far as the girl he's with - she just looks like a normal girl to me. Its not like they are walking the red carpet in Hollywood.


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