Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Holly Madison Delays Her Wedding

Remember how excited Holly Madison has been to get married to her probably going to jail boyfriend. Remember how she told everyone the date and that all she was doing was losing her pregnancy weight and then they were going to get married. She has stopped talking about the wedding to her awaiting trial boyfriend and one of her fans asked her about the wedding. You know, so he could buy a cake and put a saw in it for Holly's boyfriend. The wedding was supposed to be today. All of a sudden it got postpone to the fall and I don't think we are talking about six weeks from now fall for her Sleeping Beauty themed wedding, but fall, as in December 20th fall. Who has a Sleeping Beauty themed wedding? Yeah, of course. The same person who made her living getting naked and moving up in the assembly line from middle of the pack to the one who finishes off the old geezer.


a non a miss said...

Someone is jealous they aren't engaged.

cool cool cool said...

Things Enty 2.0 hates:

Women who get engaged/married
Women who have sex
People who have mental disorders (Amanda Bynes)
Reality Show celebrities (though she talks about them all the time)
Any woman who ever slept with Brad Pitt (Angie, Jennifer, Goop, etc.)
Thor carrying his baby around

Unknown said...

I feel sorry for her. Move back to Alaska and be normal. This life ain't working for ya, Holly.

Pip said...

Jax, just be happy that Holly found a guy. Sheesh.

BusyBee said...

I follow Holly on Facebook, and she was talking about her wedding just this weekend... so yeah. I don't ever remember her giving an actual date.

auntliddy said...

Maybe she, I dont know, rethought things. It happens to famous people too!

babo said...

Blessing in disguise. Don t regret not marrying that shyster, Holly, you have enough luggage already!

Unknown said...

I want that dress for Halloween!

blondeambition said...

What is with the bitching about Enty? STFU and go to another site if you dislike the content so much ya debbie Downers!
Ya got a vendetta or something? It's getting redundant and increasingly obvious with each Troll-like post chock full of pissing and moaning-LIGHTEN UP! its getting old


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