Sunday, February 26, 2017

Academy Awards Photos Part Two

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake

Mahershala Ali

Jamie Dornan and Amelia Warner

John Legend

Viola Davis

Nicole Kidman

Chris Evans


AndrewBW said...

Jessica Biel can't act and she can't sing, and she's not even that good looking. But she has the best ass in Hollywood. I hate Justin Timberlake.

Sandy said...

Kidman is starting to look like a wax statue
Dornan and his wife always look miserable. And she really needs to fire her stylist.
I love Viola Davis gown

mariaj said...

I LIKE Chris Evans ( albeit, i think he can be a bit of a dou***)

Viola was amazing

Improvement for Nicole Kidman, this dress was a lot better than all her lasts and not bad

i LOVE that Justin didn't win...i cannot imagine how his ego would inflate, if he did

Suz said...

I liked both Amelia's dresses. And Viola beautiful dress, hair and makeup.

Shorny said...

Not a fan of J Timberlake. But he brought the best opening of the oscars I've seen since Billy Crystals antics. He (and his production team) really got the crowd going. Usually the oscar openers are cringe-inducing cheesefests.

Cherry said...

Anybody see video of Nicole Kidman clapping? It's hilarious.

Sunspirit said...

Jamie Dornan has sad eyes

Kameron said...

Someone told me I look like Nicole Kidman- kill me, please.

kittensrus said...

Jamie Dornan is so not attractive. I can't imagine for a second what was going through the head of the casting director that put him in 50 Shades. And his wife looks like a hot clown mess in those polka dots.

Viola looks absolutely stunning and elegant.


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