Sunday, June 04, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #1

March 11, 2017

This A-/B+ list mostly movie actress married to an A lister once threatened to sue a tabloid that claimed she had multiple nannies. Our actress said she had none. It turns out the actress has way more than one but won’t ever admit it.

Blake Lively


david said...

C'mon, Enty!
They're NOT Nannies!
They're Assistants!

sandybrook said...

Honestly I can't see Blake lowering herself and dirtying her hands changing a diaper or feeding a kid who might spit up all over her fashionable outfits.

Georgia said...

Color me surprised!
She's so fake and everything she does/says is to sell a perfect image that doesnt match reality.
Anyone here lurking on her instagram? She posts the most random things...she goes from showing off her bling blings and expensive stuff to repost Brie Larson's entries..!

texasrose said...

This is most celeb couples. Doesn't mean they don't love their kids. If everyone could afford it there would be tons of nannies out there. A little annoying when rich people lie about it though.

texasrose said...

Would love to hear an actress admit how lucky she is to get a lot of help with the family and that they are amazed when they hear about a mother doing it alone with multiple kids.

Eastover said...

Totally agree. Why not tell it like it is? They are a working couple with children and they need childcare so they can work. To pretend you are doing it all yourself is an insult to other working families, as if to say if only they tried harder, they could do it too.

Jennifer Low-Rents said...

She's such a fake. Beautiful, but a fake, nonetheless.

Sandy said...

I don't know. It seems like a silly thing to lie about, especially since she's admitted she gets a lot of help from her parents. And this might sound weird, but I've seen her baking posts and these little craft projects she shows off. They're flawed and not at all perfect but definitely genuine (think they'd be flawless if professionally done), yet she is still rather proud of them. Makes me think she's not as flake as she comes off as. I don't even know why she comes off that way. I've never seen or heard her say something awful. I think it's just how she looks and the fact that she is so well known for playing a rather mean and manilpulative character.

Unknown said...

I wonder if she has a wet nurse?


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