Sunday, October 01, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #3

September 24, 2017

The thing is, certain fans of this foreign born A list dual threat actor want nothing more for him to leave his wife. The problem is, they watch him so closely and report on every single move that he can't even secretly visit lawyers or others who might assist him with that because reports then leak out which his wife looks for everyday. The fans that want him gone have essentially trapped him unless he just makes one big bold move. It is not how he operates though.

Benedict Cumberbatch


Sunspirit said...

Cumberbitches be crazy

nancer said...

uh, you can make calls and send emails.

vortexmanipulator said...

Not very clever is he? He could have asked the lawyer he used to get an injunction out against one of these loons to put him in contact with a divorce lawyer, but no. The only thing he was concerned with was protecting his wife and family from nutjobs.

Snifter said...

Horse pucky. If he was that desperate to get out he'd do it.

This blind isn't about Benedict Cumberbatch at all. It's just another stupid swipe at fan culture. Someone's panties are in a bunch, and the closest targets for frustration are the fans.

I'm sure his fanbase isn't any worse than anyone else's, he's just the name in the news right now.

Dannette said...

Fan culture? I'm not at all sure his fan base isn't worse than anyone else's, and what exactly does that mean anyway? Some of these fans are crazy idiots with no brain and lots of time and cliches. Send up a smoke signal cumby!

ForSure said...

Crazy fandoms, not in any particular order:
the Larries in the One Direction fandom
the Meghan Markle haters in the Prince Harry fandom
the Outlander fandom, in general
the Damies that believe Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are secretly in love
the Charlie Hunnam fans that hate his girlfriend Morgana McNelis
the Cumberbatch psychos who send garbage blinds to CDAN
the Martin Freeman fans who think he's secretly in love with/dating Cumberbatch
the RobSten fans who still believe they have 1 - 3 secret children
the Supernatural fans who believe the two leads are in a long term relationship despite two long term marriages and ?? kids

I'm sure there are others, these are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head, that I see mentioned on twitter or CB or where ever. All males of course, and all of the conspiracy theories are made up by female fans, it seems.

el said...

this blog posts so much bs.

Scandi Sanskrit said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Scandi Sanskrit said...

*Folks who had me sign the NDA WERE (not 'was', FFS)

Scandi Sanskrit said...

longtimereader said...

Out of that list the larries appear to be sane, sharp and informed.

deusxmacxdeux said...

why do they want him to leave her, though? and why are "we" assuming he wants to? i don't understand anything, anymore. lol.

okeydokeydude said...

this literally reads like one of his stalkers wrote it and submitted it to enty. cumby can send an email if he needs to talk to a lawyer.


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