Monday, October 02, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #5

June 21, 2017

This network reality star is set to marry her fellow network reality star, neither of which were in The Bachelor or any of its incarnations. She might want to question where he is going during the day more closely because it is not going to work out. Well, I guess there is some cardio in it.

 Maksim Chmerkovskiy/Peta Murgatroyd 


sandybrook said...

I laugh at all these BIs you write about him cheating on her. She's been on the show a very long time, so has he. If Peta didn't know anything about what he's been doing all these years, she has to be an idiot. She knows, she doesn't much care.

Lisa said...

Markus Anderson. Is he Meghan Markle's pimp? Is he running the yacht girls? She was seated next to him at the Invictus games.

CityGirl said...

Ugh...Lisa, what does that even mean?

Lisa said...

There was a blind earlier about the yacht pimp Meghan Markle worked for being a friend of Harry's.

Barbra said...

He's a close friend of Amelia Warner as well


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