Sunday, December 03, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #4

May 28, 2014

This B list entertainer(singer) didn't have her sober companion with her on a recent trip and spent an entire night locked in her hotel room drinking everything in sight. She wouldn't accept any calls and had her cell phone turned off. Room service just kept delivering booze even when a friend called the hotel and told them not to.



BCC said...
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BCC said...

Not saying the hotel did the moral thing here, but OTOH if she calls down for room service what are they supposed to do?

Tell her "No, because your friend - who may or may not be a gossipy twat and in any event didn't claim to have power of attorney - told us not to"??

Tell her that they won't let her have anything to drink unless she passes a breathalyzer (a demand they wouldn't make of any other guest, obviously)?

Insist that she have a nurse present in case she passes out from drinking (unlike other adults who drink and pass out)?

What legal justification does Room Service have to not honor an adult's request under the circumstances?

Unknown said...

Yeah, I don’t see what the hotel could really do either.

And if cut off she’d probably just leave and go drink elsewhere. Isn’t it more safe to drink in a hotel room?

I doubt they had high moral motivations. But they were in a no win situation.

Phoenix's Ashes said...

Sounds like me! Lol j/k I like the hotel bar better

Unknown said...

Most states have what they call Dram Laws, which obligate an establishment serving liquor to cut off a patron who is obviously beyond drunk. Failure to do so carries strict legal liability on the part of the establishment if the patron goes out and, for example, drives drunk and hurts or kills someone. I'm going to guess a hotel providing room-service liquor would certainly qualify.


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