Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Blind Item #6

In a desperate attempt to get higher ratings for this lagging franchise, the ex-wife of an A++ lister has been offered three times the salary of anyone else in any of the cities of this franchise to join the show.


Tricia13 said...

Ivanka Trump or Marla Maples /RHWNY

Tricia13 said...

Marla is my bet.
Nobody needs to see Ivanka getting Botox or vaginal rejuvenation lol

Carolyn said...

Ivana rather than Ivanka, I'd say ;) Ivanka has a few more years before she's a candidate for RHWNY...but I'm sure she will be.

Anyway, I think you nailed it. Marla is probably the right call.

Tricia13 said...

Yes Ivana! But she doesn’t even live stateside I don’t think- so that would be a surprise to drag her off one of her yachts😉

Khaleesi said...

Was just thinking yesterday, upon seeing the photos of her at Bobby Zarin's funeral - how did Marla never make any RHONY appearances throughout the years?

Nonya Bidness said...

The Donald is such an egotist, he would probably let her do it, as long as she promised to tell everyone how amazing he was in the sack and how he's the least racist person ever.

That would be amazing if he started hate tweeting about housewives instead of news & politics!!

Danilo said...


Boldblonde said...

Marla was at yesterday's funeral. She fits right in with the NY group.

346NYC said...

Marla Maples.
Marla would actually be a fun addition to the show.
She seems very light, breezy and bohemian.
AND.. she seems like a FAME WHORE.
I actually know her PR guy.
Her PR guy also works with Jill Zarin.
If Marla can do it, she'd jump at the chance to be on the show.
Likely holding out for as much as she can get.
She's likely also vying for Jill Zarin to make a comeback as a condition of her contract.

Trump's 1st wife, Ivana, looks barely human after all the plastic surgery she's had.
Ivanka is well on her way to following in her mother's footsteps
with all the rearranging she's done to her face already.

Don Kieballs said...

I remember Jill Zarin from when she was on It's Me or the Dog (I miss that show) a long time ago. Pre-RHNY. I've never been a fan of the RH franchise, but I liked her personality on the animal planet show. In other words, I have nothing to add to this blind except the fact I miss It's Me or the Dog.

Basil said...

I think this might have to do with the upcoming Celebrity Big Brother US version. Ivana has already appeared on the UK version in 2010 and recently appeared on the BB side show as a guest. So she might be open to doing the US version if the money is right. And let's face it, she would be a huge draw in viewers.

Colonel Blake said...

+1 for Marla Maples
But, then Ivana would be an even bigger draw cuz as we know she seems to not have a filter. If it is Ivana, hoping she'll get rid of those lips first.

fionafab said...

NONYA--You are probably too young to remember when Donald and Marla met 'at church' and immediately fell in lust. I do!

When the story broke in The New York Post, the front-page headline was: Marla Says It's The Best Sex She's Ever Had! I kid you not! So, your suggestion has already happened.

Looking back on the photos of those two at the time, I had forgotten how thin and handsome The Donald was. Marla, for my $, is his prettiest wife. Didn't have to have plastic surgery to get it right.

Count Jerkula said...

Marla was the hottest piece of ass Trump ever wifed.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. A real peach.

Unknown said...

This blog has been occupied by The Professionals.
Martial law has been imposed.
Civil liberties have been suspended.
Habeus corpus has been overruled.
The brothels are operational.
You cannot win.
You can only admit.
You can only submit.

Marla Maples is a garbage slut.

texasrose said...

So bringing back Bethanny and the Countess's trainwreck marriage didn't work??

texasrose said...

'work to boost ratings enough?'

Unknown said...


Don't Mind Me... said...

@Boo - Marla had plenty of work done on her face. Just look at how Tiffany barely looks like her, or Donald.

Unknown said...

Why do you assume it is New York? I think Beverly Hills has been a huge bore- especially with Lisa Rinna. Camille Grammar has been a "friend" of the Housewives of late and I would not be surprised if they offered her big bucks to come back full time.


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