Saturday, January 27, 2018

Blind Item #8 - The Initiation Fee

A few years ago I wrote about this annual event that is nothing but a front to make money disguised as a charity. It is an event that has only been going on since the initial item I wrote. They have definitely found new ways to raise money, all under the guise of pretending something is charitable. I love their new six figure program which is nothing more than an initiation fee that gets you whatever kind of sexual dalliances/strange fetishes you want fulfilled. The only hook is that you have to be willing to do so in a certain country. The crazy thing, well two crazy things are that the charity advertises the heck out of these six figure donations and they actually have received several from people who have no idea why the others donated. The "charity" just pockets those. The other crazy thing is this all takes place in the same country that The Church used for its experiments. I think the last part is just a coincidence and that everyone knows that particular government is corrupt.


Tricia13 said...

Cue-ing @Schneiderisnext is 3-2-1

sandybrook said...

Most of them.

AngryLiberalKTS. said...

Sounds like rape factory Russia.

Sd Auntie said...

Horrible....must be hillsong

Count Jerkula said...

North Shore Animal League, Beth Sterns kitten house.

Alexandria said...

From what I remember from "The Church", the Ebola outbreak was in Uganda. And it has opinion of one of the most corrupt countries.

P keel said...

Red Cross Nigeria

Just Paige said...

Yup @ Count wins today

Maude Lebowski said...

I'm having a hard time rubbing my brain cells together today...I vaguely remember either U2 or Bono doing some sort of fundraising concert in Africa not too long ago...

Did a Google search, there was Live Aid in 1985 and Live 8 in 2005...

346NYC said...

What charity would need NEW WAYS to raise money?

Clinton Global Initiative/Clinton Foundation.

When searching for charities with "six-figure donations,"
there was ONE charity who is associated with that number over and over and over again.

Clinton Global Initiative/Clinton Foundation

In the blind some time back about David Copperfield and his island sex slaves,
we learned that sex slave racket is a very profitable business.

A possibility that Clinton and their cronies have decided to take a more full-time role in Copperfield's business and that is why David Copperfield is being thrown to the wolves right now?
They decided to fire him. Permanently?

I don't know how they are advertising these new opportunities for donations
or if they're doing it under a different name?

Just a theory.

VeryMerry said...
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Sal Salington said...

Who has a link to the original blind from several years ago?

Samantha Willow said...

Ooh Enty is over on Twitter having a war with Tyler Baltieri over that last Teen Mom blind!

VeryMerry said...
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jessorella said...

AmfAR? One of the annual galas is in São Paulo, Brazil. They have had a yellow fever outbreak and a mass vaccination effort is under way.

The top-tier ticket for the event is $100k.

Green Tea said...

This may be way off as I'm not up to date with The Church blinds.

Jenkins/Penn Haitian Relief Organization started in 2010.

Guesser said...

Wasn't Amfar accused of financial wrongdoing last year? But the charity is still going , so not much came of it yet?

Guesser said...

Weinstein and Kenneth Cole were accused of some shady financial transfers,with an amFAR auction of "events", which could be an easy way to launder money.

VeryMerry said...

Oooooh- that’s interesting. +1

Colonel Blake said...

We have Swae Lee and French Montana doing charity concerts over in Uganda this weekend. Can't see Swae Lee into any shit but we know Montana's gross and dirty.

I'm going with AmFar

Mahogany1 said...

Robin Hood

Boldblonde said...

@Shneiderisnext would know.

GoogleSleuth said...

I don’t know why but this screams Haiti to me. I have literally nothing to back this up with, other than the fact that some shady people and charities have ties.

Just a shot in the dark. 🤷‍♀️

Jayne said...

amFar guess is a good one. For some reason, I think this is Brazil, too.

Jayne said...

And the amFar site is down. That's weird.

Sal Salington said...

I'd still like to read the original blinds for this particular chain if anyone knows which ones they are.

But if this was Brazil, that changes the way pretty much all of us have been looking at the Church blinds.

Schneiderisnext said...

jwin said...

Enty says the event only beeen going on for a FEW Years.

AMfar i think is more than 25 years old and the galas are big part of it. Don't think amfar. We need to think of more recent quite NEW events

Jayne said...

Previous reveal about amfAR:

Jayne said...

Google LDS and Brazil. They have a HUGE presence there.

Wen said...

beebopcowboy said...

AIDs research
annual charity event abroad.

but I want to talk about The Church for a moment.......

what they created migrates out of the zone they created it, and now are worried it will spread (it spread to Uganda)

Now 10 cases confirmed:

Interesting thought I had, when mentioned how this type of virus is usually spread:
"Both infections can be spread by infected animal blood, and is passed to humans through ticks and mosquitos as well contact with animal meat." Animal meat sticks out at me. I think about charity, and about donated food...and how they could inject or put something in it...and then if they had to, treat it with their 'experimental drugs' - just another theory.

Another thought I had: The Church experiments w/its AIDs research and might have experimented with the Black Plague that broke out in Madagascar, and before that with the outbreak of Ebola years ago.
Apotex and its AIDs miracle drug might have been tested in Africa near ground zero for this bleeding eye disease was accidentally created by The Church, and , and if those two husband/wife murdered were going to squeal in Canada about this, then thats why they were silenced by killing.

Ugandan girl is the example of The Church's created 'mysterious illness' traveling out of place they were trying to contain it in.

"Experts from the World Health Organisation (WHO) are now devising an outbreak plan and deploying rapid response teams to monitor what they fear could be a major epidemic. The outbreak could be catastrophic, and there are now fears the disease could spread to neighbouring countries including Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, DR Congo and the Central African Republic.The victims in South Sudan, who died in late December, had no history of close contact – and their burials were unsupervised."


didnt George Clooney do some work in the Sudan? Was Geffen involved?

keep fighting the good fight, guys!

Unknown said...

Do you just make this all up on a whim? Oh that's right because "gossip" always sells. Half the time people like me will never know the real truth so..

B626 said...

Yes Sean Penn and Haiti are the First to come to mind

Schneiderisnext said...

@Enty is clue-ing us to a very real story.

South Africa is the country where the sex occurs. The fundraisers are in wealthier first world nations

"same country that The Church used for its experiments. I think the last part is just a coincidence and that everyone knows that particular government is corrupt."

South Africa is famous for being bought out by international and business interests.

It's known as "State Capture".

Schneiderisnext said...

Now: The Church's Experiment

Refers to

the comments in those blinds detail South Africa's extensive race-targetted BIOWEAPONS program during the apartheid. They worked in COLLUSION with Mormon Doctors and western medical/intelligence agencies

Schneiderisnext said...

US link to SA bio-warfare programme
By Douglas Bishop, Mail & Guardian, 3 November 2002 10:19
Johannesburg—A California doctor who committed suicide after being accused in a murder plot gave deadly germs to apartheid South Africa's secret chemical and biological weapons programme, US television series 60 Minutes reported on Sunday.
LARRY FORD met with scientists from South Africa's PROJECT COAST in the 1980s to discuss chemical and biological warfare, Wouter Basson, who headed the project, told the TV programme.
He also passed a bag filled with CHOLERA, TYPHOID, BOTULISM, ANTHRAX and BUBONIC PLAGUE to a South African military doctor during a meeting at the house of the South African trade attache in California, former FBI informant Peter Fitzpatrick told 60 Minutes.
Project Coast, which has been accused of trying to create deadly bacteria that WOULD ONLY AFFECT BLACKS, poisoning opponents' clothing and stockpiling cholera, HIV and anthrax, opened an offshore bank account to pay Ford, 60 Minutes reported.
Ford (49) committed suicide March 2, 2000, just days after a botched assassination attempt on his business partner at Biofem Inc. in California

Schneiderisnext said...


60 Minutes reported that sources said an anti-balding agent Ford had been working on was actually a poison and the company called DELTA G, his pharmaceutical company, was doing business with was actually a front for Basson's Project Coast.
South African prosecutor Torie Pretorius told 60 Minutes Ford had visited scientists at a secret military installation outside Pretoria and given them a lecture on germ warfare, including how to lace pornographic magazines with germs and plant them in rebel army barracks.
Basson, acquitted in April 2002 of 46 counts of murder, fraud and drug dealing in connection with Project Coast, said the project had only paid Ford for AIDS research, though 60 Minutes said it had a DOCUMENT saying FORD WAS PAID FOR the acquisition of relevant chemical and BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS LITERATURE.
60 Minutes also reported that the US government was concerned that Basson might be trying to sell his knowledge of biological and chemical weapons during several trips he made to LIBYA in the 1990s. US intelligence documents also accused him of trying to reach out to IRAN and IRAQ, the programme reported.

Schneiderisnext said...

Basson trying to sell weapons to Libya relates to Gaddaffi, the destruction of Libya, and the RED CROSS boxes full of CA$H

This is clued by @Enty in the blind The Church's Money

Schneiderisnext said...

"Impatient with the FDA, Ford, with Knobel's help, established protocols to test his product in South Africa. Knobel doesn't know if those trials were ever carried out. But Ford was up to other business in South Africa. He provided the defense force with advice about defending against germ attacks, Knobel says, and through Knobel he also met Wouter Basson, who was in charge of South Africa's secret chemical/biological warfare program."

South Africa facilitated biological testing on its population under the guise of "AIDS Research"

Schneiderisnext said...

This isn't just AmFar, though they are connected.

This blind is referencing CGI (Clinton Global Initiative) & their COMPARTMENTALIZED sub-foundations like CDI (Clinton Development Initiative) & CHAI (Clinton Health Access Initiative)

And with those magic words I will summon @plot member of the CIAI (Clinton Internet Apologists Initiative)

But don't worry folks, Trump is involved too. Here weeee goooo

Schneiderisnext said...

Chevy Chase was on the plane with Bill Clinton. So was a former president of Brazil. The founders of Google. A former president of Mexico. And John Cusack.

They were all going to Davos, the Swiss resort that holds an annual conclave of the wealthy and powerful. The jet — arranged by a Saudi businessman — provided a luxurious living-room setting for a rolling discussion: Couldn’t the big names at Davos be doing more to solve the world’s big problems?

In the background, a Clinton staff member named Doug Band had an idea that would change the ex-president’s life.

“Only Bill Clinton could bring a group like this together,” Band thought.

Bill Clinton didn’t need Davos. He could do this himself.

Schneiderisnext said...

From that revelation came the Clinton Global Initiative — an annual gathering of the wealthy and powerful centered not on a place but on a man.
The foundation now includes 11 major initiatives, focused on issues as divergent as crop yields in Africa, earthquake relief in Haiti and the cost of AIDS drugs worldwide. In all, the Clintons’ constellation of related charities has raised $2 billion, employs more than 2,000 people and has a combined annual budget of more than $223 million.
Ira Magaziner, a longtime aide, had an idea that fit both criteria.

New drugs were available to fight the progress of HIV and AIDS, but in Africa the drugs were too expensive for many people. Magaziner wanted to lower the cost. He knew Clinton didn’t have the money to help, because he was still fundraising for the library and his own legal bills.

But, Magaziner told Clinton, he had a name brand with limitless value.

waterlily said...

The Art of Elysium is a fake charity. Its founders are James Franco and Jennifer Howell, although I notice that James Franco's name has been removed as co-founder. Instead, Tom Franco is now listed as a 'partner'. Howell has a BA in mass communications, so she's basically a spin doctor. Their most recent fund raiser featured John Legend and tables were from $25K to $100K each.

Its propaganda features a lot of children. Their website talks about the children they help. But take a look at its financials (on its website) and not one cent goes to vulnerable or needy children. Jennifer Howell pays herself a handsome income from donations; some go into the fancy events they hold. The only 'work' they do with children is asking for volunteers to visit vulnerable children. They also hold a lot of carrots out to young actors & film makers, but I can't see that much eventuates. It's a scam; a vehicle for Jennifer Howell to line her own pockets. They pay no income tax because of their charitable status.

They're also connected to James Franco's Elysium Bandini Studios. Marina Abramovic is also connected with them.

Schneiderisnext said...

It was September 2005. A year and a half after Band’s brainstorm, the first meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative was a smashing success. Some Clinton aides had been skeptical that it would work, but Clinton had shrewdly timed it to coincide with a meeting of the U.N. General Assembly — when New York was already chockablock with world leaders looking for something more interesting than a meeting of the U.N. General Assembly.

So there were dozens of heads of state in attendance. Bono was there. Mick Jagger was there. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. So was Slim, a Mexican billionaire who is one of the world’s richest men.
So were chief executives from around the world, who wanted to meet heads of state and people like Bono and Slim.

To get in, their companies had all been required to pledge a “commitment to action” — a specific promise to do good in the world. Starbucks pledged to help poor coffee farmers. Goldman Sachs pledged to preserve forests in Tierra del Fuego. The crown prince of Bahrain pledged to “educate select Bahraini students for leadership roles.”

For hours, they came to announce their pledges in front of Clinton — revivalists, suddenly seized by the spirit of charity. Clinton nodded approvingly from center stage as companies and individuals promised to spend their money and resources on projects the foundation would monitor. Their pledges added up to $2.5 billion.

He was doing good. But the foundation was also doing well: Every ticket to the event cost $15,000, in addition to the do-gooder pledge. (Full-time do-gooders, such as activists and nonprofits, got in free.) Many corporations were also encouraged to make separate donations to the foundation. Corporate sponsors who generally paid at least $250,000 were showcased in the conference’s official literature, and they received invitations to exclusive receptions.

From 2004 to 2006 — the years before and after Clinton’s new conclave began — his foundation’s revenue more than doubled, from $58 million to $134 million.

Schneiderisnext said...

Washington post cont..

the Clinton Foundation persuaded drug companies to lower their prices. Then it sent volunteers and staffers to help governments use them, distributing HIV tests, getting those with positive tests to hospitals, setting up pharmacies to handle the drugs.

Clinton did little of the detailed work in the AIDS initiative. But he did enough. Aides said he presided at key moments and lent the program his massive goodwill.

“Particularly for the governments in Africa,” the Clinton name opened crucial doors, said Magaziner, who ran the program. “If we had showed up as a bunch of us and they didn’t know who we were, they wouldn’t necessarily have trusted that we could do what we said.”

In all, the foundation says, this work has provided cheaper drugs to 9.9 million people. Has it saved millions of lives, as Magaziner promised Clinton in the beginning? A spokeswoman wouldn’t say. She said estimating that number would violate the initiative’s principle of “operating with humility.”

Schneiderisnext said...

Clinton's getting cheap HIV drugs into Africa is detailed in this blind:

Canadian Apotex Billionaires were murdered over an investigation into them and their affiliations with CHAI

Essentially every country has different expiration dates for medications. Under the guise of bringing "subsidized" ARV meds to Africa, they were actually shuffling products that had expired in First World countries and pawning them off to 3rd world nations

Guesser said...

@Water Lily, great find. Marina Abramovic connected too huh? The same people keep turning up. Pricey tables or a not well known event, and the loss of Franco would make them need new ways to raise money.

Schneiderisnext said...

@Enty says The event has been going on since he made a blind about it.

However! That does not mean that it was founded the same year @Enty wrote about it, just that it has continued yearly

beebopcowboy said...

holy crap, @schneiderisnext - I just read your post on the other blind. You are a genius....I think you got it...hit the nail on the head (hopefully the nail in geffen's figurative coffin).

I wonder if anybody ever submits tips to the FBI about these things - because they do have anonymous tip lines.

for anybody that hasnt already ready schneiderisnext's full guess, here it is c/p'd:

Schneiderisnext said...

THE CHURCH: Dream City Church (founded 2 years ago when two ASSEMBLY of God megachurches combined in PHX AZ.

---sister church is Dream City LA.
---has 160 locations worldwide
---operates 2 female only sex trafficking rehabs (1 in Short Creek AZ)
---operates many other drug/alc/sex rehabs "Dream centers"
---founder Tommy Barnett has history of cult associations and hiring sex abusers as pastors in church ministry

Secret Funding source is David Geffen who owns Dream City Records, a Christian label imprint that's a part of DreamWorks SKG

"Trinity" referenced in original blind is TRINITY Broadcasting Network.

"Dream Center" in Romania is the source of EASTERN EUROPEAN teens

"Religious worker visas" (i-360) are the immigration loopholes that allow churches to import "pastors"/slave labor

I-360 program has been repeatedly renewed due to congressional amendments introduced by UT senator, FLDS apologist and LDS member ORRIN HATCH

3:24 PM

beebopcowboy said...

and yep, here's the red cross boxes of cash, along with a good thread referencing Enty's blind:

Schneiderisnext said...

I believe this is the previous blind @Enty describes

It's a very brief post, but the actor/photo referenced refers to an appearance at a Clinton Global Initiative fundraiser

A few years later, Leo DiCaprio starts a climate charity, supported by the Clinton's. This charity also has many allegations of being a cover for a prostitution ring and "meat market"

Schneiderisnext said...

Another possibility for the previously mentioned blind Enty wrote a few years ago

Why are all of these celebrities and politicians playing a game of telephone and whispering a secret on the cover of Vanity Fair's Africa Edition?

Is the secret the sexual favors this "charity" is covering for?

Seriously. Something is so fucking OFF about Chris Rock, Obama, Clinton, Bush, Buffet, Cheadle, Ali, Tutu, Rice, Bono, Madonna, Angelou, Pitt, Gates, Oprah, Rock, Jay-Z, Keyes, & Clooney openly advertising they have secrets.

What're they hiding?

Schneiderisnext said...

Also, the reason that the Church is having trouble bringing in New members and had to resort to creating refugee orphans?

Trump closed the i-360 loophole in 2018

Schneiderisnext said...

Trump is still very dirty. It's going to take a bit for me to explain, but he is connected to Russian and Ukrainian mob organizations who purchased artworks at these types of Galas

I came back. said...


J said...

Nice work.

People tied to religion, which constantly projects morals on to society and do the opposite... Sounds about right.

Sd Auntie said...

Nice try

MichiganMama59 said...


Unknown said...

Clinton Foundation? Many evil organizations are connected to each other. May the bastards fall on their own swords.

JrSlims said...

Also worth mentioning that Jeffrey Epstein helped start the Clinton Global Initiative. Alan Dershowitz, his attorney (and co-conspirator), sent that on to the prosecutors to get a deal.

Conchita Sarnoff, who wrote "TrafficKing," the better book on Jeffrey Epstein, estimated Epstein put about 4 million in to kickoff the Initiative.

Also might be useful to remember the HSBC banking scandal (there are too many Clinton-related scandals!). It may hint at another avenue or methodology for money laundering between the Clinton cabal. Several Clinton Foundation donors, including Epstein - but also Frank Giustra, Michael Schumacher (F1 driver - see Enty's other blind about Heidi Klum dropping news on that group), Denise Rich, and Arpad Busson (formerly married to Uma Thurman, but also supposedly linked to the Dutroux Affair according to some Wikileaks researchers) were caught with money in these controversial Swiss bank accounts and paying money to the Clinton Foundation out of them.

LucidDreams said...

Schneiderisnext knows alot of details.....

Keto Fabulous said...

This will be the red pill for all ... when you find out that your Rock stars and matinee idols are literally stealing from sick and hungry children for profit...;Even MORE atrocious.... they aqre involved in the kidnapping/raping/organ harvesting and pornographic filming of children in warzones/3rd world countries/ and disaster areas... The ones who cry on t/v..... yeah. THEM.
They will be the biggest disappointment to the last to know.
"Bono is SOOOOO cool..... and swoon yo!!!".
I hope he spontaneously combusts.

aseay said...

That was my immediate first thought, as well

designace001 said...

Schneiderisnext! Schneiderisnext!! publish it! Finally Carlos make's his way into the story, the fourth richest man in the world (owns majority share in the NY Times) who brought throw away phones gratis to the Haitians with preloaded ads for micro financing. In Bangladesh his plan worked so well women sold their kidneys to pay off their debt. He coincidentally funds a kidney transplant center.

And JrSlims is right not to forget Epstein and Ghislaine.

Why do so many of these people sit on the CFR? Scroll down to see notable members. Epstein, Geffin, Ari, Jolie, Clooney and a plethora of news media types.

LizOz said...

🙄 have you been paying any attention

Somewhat Damaged said...

This sounds a lot more plausible than trying to shoehorn the Clintons into this.

Schneiderisnext said...

@beebopcowboy just a researched guess, but thanks, I just want this solved

That copy/paste refers to the very first "The Church" blind @Enty posted on 12/12/17

jessorella said...

Stellar work as always, @schneiderisnext. Project Coast, IMO, is the equivalent of a modern-day holocaust... Would you say that the country and event Enty is pinning in this blind is South Africa and the Clinton Global Initiative Fundraiser? While it might be unrelated, when I Googled celebrity+charity+africa and clicked on Affleck's Eastern Congo Initiative website it was down: every page loads on a 500 Error.

Unknown said...

Scientology is corrupt af, but everyone knows this already....

VeryMerry said...

Bravo on your work @schneiderisnext. Your research makes for some terrifying reading.

Nora Pandora said...

i believe, there is no coincidence, that CDAN "answers" to the Q-posts on 4chan. Q postet yesterday something about the Members of the Council on Foreign Relations. There are different memberships, depends on the DONATIONS!

And a big hello from germany. :)

Nora Pandora said...
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Nora Pandora said...
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MrsAmiss said...


MrsAmiss said...

Thank you for all your hard work! And I agree about Trump not coming out roses on this. He used to be buddy buddy with the Clintons. But the Clintons and their foundation are as evil as they come. I don’t have faith that they will finally be revealed. There are too many wealthy people who have to much to lose. I don’t know if you will see this, but I have a question. Why would the Clintons go after Trump if he knows everything they have done? Wouldn’t they back off?

Colonel Blake said...

LE/Gov't will NEVER release the majority of this information IF unearthed. That would mean the collapse of too many and too much in the US. IF it's ever investigated it would remain classified for decades. Look how long it took Canada to state the Sherman's were murdered rather than suicide/murder. IF US residents are involved in anything of the Sherman's I don't see them cooperating with Canada, at all.
I'm a realist.

tinydancer61 said...

I have no idea if this could be related, but it sure raises some red flags. And of course, the Dr. is now dead.

plot said...

-And with those magic words I will summon @plot member of the CIAI (Clinton Internet Apologists Initiative)

Oh for fuck's sake.

You aren't that important and your research ain't that good.

plot said...

'the Black Plague that broke out in Madagascar"

The Black Plague lives in Madagascar which has an outbreak yearly.

But don't let the fact that you only heard about this years outbreak get in the way of your Thrilling Conspiracy! The heart races with excitement!

plot said...

"Seriously. Something is so fucking OFF about Chris Rock, Obama, Clinton, Bush, Buffet, Cheadle, Ali, Tutu, Rice, Bono, Madonna, Angelou, Pitt, Gates, Oprah, Rock, Jay-Z, Keyes, & Clooney openly advertising they have secrets."

Yeah, seriously fucking off about wanting a private life. MONSTERS!!!!

Colonel Blake said...

Article updates the Sherman deaths:

Keeping in mind: Occam's Razor

Belinha said...

I'm from Brazil and I do think there is a connection here. Diana Jenkins husband bought a bank in Brazil and lived here for years. This AmFar gala started to come here a few years ago, lindsey Lohan was hanging out with politicians. The Zika virus outbreak just before the Olympics always seems shady, as the quick solution was to buy millions of dollars of mosquitos from a lab in UK. The mayor of SP famously gave away free or cheap drugs that were found to be almost expired. There is a sudden yellow fever outbreak ( there wasn't yellow fever here for many decades). Mormon church was always big presence here and I could find a branch of this Dream Center in a impoverish area of Rio also there is many Assembly of God churches as well as the "new" Hillsong. Former president had close ties with African nations and lets not forget the Brazilian army was heavily involved in Haiti "revitalisation" for more than a decade. I don't know how to connect all the dots but I'm absolutely positive there is somehow a connection here.

Belinha said...

Don't want to seem like a rant but the Clinton Foundation connection also adds up as they had a special fund for Brazil, Hillary gave 6 figure "speeches" for brazillian banks just before the campaign started and they have fundraisers here in the last few years.

jessorella said...

@Belinha Wow, that's a huge list of potential connections... Very unnerving. I had completely forgotten about Zika.

designace001 said...

@Becky with the shitty hair, from your link, "The same book reports that an operative with a major pharmaceutical company wondered aloud about putting Sherman ”out of the game” with a sex sting involving “little girls or maybe even underage boys.” The operative was told that Sherman had no interest in such things. The operative reportedly imagined planting dealer-weight cocaine in Sherman’s car.

In 2006, Sherman talked two major rival companies into a deal that allowed him to market generically a legal drug five years before its patent expired. An executive in one of the firms was convicted of making false statements after he tried to lie his way out of it.

“They couldn’t see that maybe certain things were going to end them up in prison,” Sherman told the New York Times."

I wonder what recent or upcoming drugs/vaccines were on Apotex's table

FourthTurning said...

Sorry, this doesn't directly relate to the blind but is tangentially related. A California airline pilot was just sent to jail for buying minors to have sex with from an orphanage in the Philippines. I'm wondering if it's common knowledge among the pedophile community that kids are for sale there. The story is extremely disturbing and I am so happy this guy got busted. I'm hoping everyone involved is going to jail.

Count Jerkula said...

Humams shouldnt be purchased until they are 18 and have made sufficient enough poor choices in life where they have no other opportunities. Personally, i dont want slavery, just indentured servants. After 5-6yrs, i'd be bored and ready to move on.

Itttt said...

Conveniently enough, the CEO of Apotex, Desai, just resigned. “Coincidence”...same with all of the resignations in the months leading up to and since the Executive Order POTUS issued on 12/21. You know, the one targeting for immediate seizure ALL assets of people/corporations/foundations/“charities”/“religious orgs/churches” engaged in, conspiring with those engaged in, or in any way profiting/ties to human rights abusers OR corruption. Refer also to: KSA anticorruption/power struggle crackdown initiated 11/3 but in full swing since 11/4~11/5.

hunter said...

Great work schneiderisnext, and the rest of you too!! This stuff is amazing.

Quick note on the Clintons vs Trump question - as to why he doesn't go after them or vice versa:

Remember the debates with Hillary Clinton? Remember how the only thing he really said bad about her was that Bill is a big cheater and Hillary is crooked due to her deleted emails, etc?? Everything Trump called her out on was publicly known information.

Hillary said very little against Trump as well.

Given that in fact, they know A LOT of dirty dirty dirty extremely damaging secrets about each other, I personally found that verrrrryyyyy interesting.

Very interesting. So yeah, neither of them are saying shit about the questions that matter.

Mary Lamb said...

STFU @Plot
Haven't you had enough humiliation? Just stfu. Wassa matter, you're not the intellectually superior poster on CDaN? FFS.

@Schneiderisnest BRAVO! You've done one hell of a job here.
Watching the Grammys, I was wondering who knows and who doesn't.
Take your information to the FBI.

Doug said...

@hunter, I suspect that a powerful network of people, probably located in the military-industrial complex, either prevented Hillary from stealing the election or stole it for Trump. He is beholden to them and takes orders from them. They are guiding and shaping policy, and I think it's probably in their interest to "wind down" the Clinton network in a way that does not involve a lot of public disclosure about much of anything. Needless to say, the same people are unlikely to countenance a full takedown of Trump, despite the likelihood that he is vulnerable to prosecution, conviction, and punishment for certain things, probably many things, that he has done.

Mary Lamb said...

I want to say something that may not be taken well.
The Clintons may not know what's going on, if these atrocities are happening under their noses. And then again, they may.
I've never met them. If we've learned anything, it's that anything's possible.
I really want all of you to consider that none of the accusations presented in the last few months have anything to do with political alliances.
Venture beyond politics. Please. Think for yourselves.

plot said...

"Haven't you had enough humiliation?"

Suffered none so far.

"you're not the intellectually superior poster on CDaN? "

Where have I claimed this? But if you think I'm in the running, thanks...I guess.

"I suspect that a powerful network of people, probably located in the military-industrial complex, either prevented Hillary from stealing the election or stole it for Trump."

It has been suggested, with some very good proof, that the FBI office in NYC (or a coterie of ex-FBI) forced Comey's hand in expressing, without merit, that her emails indicated criminal activity even after a thorough investigation that concluded otherwise. Comey did not want to express that statement, as it had not been proven nor suggested, but if he hadn't the NYC FBI field office was preparing to leak it the behest of Rudy Guilani who stupidly disclosed his knowledge of them before any release (wonder why he has no cabinet position now?) Their threat to Comey was to complicate his role as head of the FBI in endless investigations of lying to Congress, which he did not do but would probably force his retirement.

Guiliani was the force behind the constant harangue concerning Her Emails! and criminality. He fuckt up by practically admitting that on Fox and Friends, more than once. He could be under investigation now by the State of NYC based on their Grand Jury docket which people are trying to pin on current investigations of Trump figures. Three states and DC now have curious Grand Jury dockets and sealed indictments, rapidly applied for and issued together.

"I think it's probably in their interest to "wind down" the Clinton network in a way that does not involve a lot of public disclosure about much of anything."

If there had been anything to disclose, you don't think it would have happened in 2015-16? While I think the Clinton activity in Haiti reveals the huge issue in the USA of for-profit charity business, there is nothing inside the now dismantled charity that looked especially criminal...unless you look at our whole system (based mostly out of Texas) of non-profits and charities. Charities are now a way for the rich to become richer. Komen started that bullshit and now everyone is in on the game. They are run like MLMs for the benefit of no one but the highest "earners".

Those who most ardently want to take down Trump are more concerned about his destruction of the environment (just last weak he rescinded most clean air and water laws at the EPA), the interference with our laws and Constitution and his dismantling of many government departments (including financial oversight) at the behest of Wall Street and his rich donors.

It has nothing to do with Super Sekret conspiracies. The corruption and destructiveness of this administration are all on the surface.

Jennifer Tyler said...

Trump does need his foundation anymore he is just using the campaign money he started raising for 2020 to pay for his legal fees and other personal expenses which is very much against the law.

Just add that to the list of transgressions that keeps getting longer and longer every day.

The Guilani thing just illustrates the hypocrisy. Let's investigate old Rudy too. And Nunes needs to be investigated. Why did the two White House staffers, Trump appointed staffers, involved in whatever nonsense Nunes was up in the White House were fired because of mishandling classified information but Nunes was not removed from the House Intelligence Committee for the same thing!

Jennifer Tyler said...

Of course Trump's Foundation is full of discrepancies too.

Jennifer Tyler said...

Early days in the Sherman murders investigation. Here in Canada there are many theories floating around - Sherman made enemies of a lot of people all over the world including members of his own family. So in that sense the suspect list is potentially long. And my guess is they were professional hit men though how professional they were, we will find out.

Jennifer Tyler said...

Who posted about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia being concerned about human rights abuses or did I read that wrong since they are perpetrators of human rights abuses. Please. Beheading R Us.

plot said...

"Trump does need his foundation anymore "

Eric Trump does, however, as it's his only means of income through routing donations into profits for the Trump properties.

" he is just using the campaign money he started raising for 2020 to pay for his legal fees and other personal expenses which is very much against the law."

Sadly, it is not. Like Chris Christy, campaign funds can be used to pay legal bills of anyone participating in the campaign. This is leading to strife in the Trump camp for those who can't afford their own lawyers. Trump is hoarding all the money for his own legal team (which are some of the worst lawyers assembled by any public figure - no one wants to represent Trump.)

So, wonder why Flynn flipped? He couldn't elicit any funds from Trump AND he was recorded, without his knowledge, making promises to Russians in Trump Tower.

Rick Gates is trying to stand tough and begging for funds for his legal team from Reich Wingers but it isn't working out well for him.

"but Nunes was not removed from the House Intelligence Committee for the same thing!"

Because the entire GOP is complicit, from top to bottom. If Nunes is removed then they all could be since they're election campaigns benefited greatly from churning Russian cash into gold.

Ain't it interesting that a massive, unprecedented, number of Republicans are resigning their important government positions and offices? Even from secure GOP districts and states, the party is bleeding members from top to bottom. Even old time, safe, GOP pols can't get away fast enough.

The most interesting disappearance, for me, is Rep. Jason Chaffetz. Going from contorting all Congressional procedure and policy for the benefit of Trump to GONE! There are a mysterious 3 weeks he was gone, too, for his alleged foot surgery in CA. Where will his name pop up again?

About the Shermans, it looks to me like a family feud. It seems very personal and the killers had access to information about the house and the Shermans that family would know. That's just my humble opinion.

"Who posted about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia being concerned about human rights abuses"

Someone actually posted that?????

Oh yeah, it had to do with the thousands of Saudi princes held hostage at the Ritz in Riyadh, who the new king was "cleaning up the pedos!"

No. The new Crown Prince Muhammed is extorting billions from them for release back to their homes. KSA has never EVER given a single shit about human rights. Note their long abuse of foreign workers and their frequent killing to them to no consequence.

Schneiderisnext said...

@plot what does any of this Trump foundation stuff have to do with the blind?

Also sorry for poking fun at you ;) it was just too easy

I'm down to discuss Trump/the trump foundation if there is a connection, but you're sliding the discussion in a partisan way.

Yes. Trump is corrupt. Yes Clinton is corrupt. Let's not get distracted by the Hegelian Dialectic of the LEFT vs RIGHT

Let's try to agree on what we can do to end the corruption.

plot said...

We're going to have to agree to disagree there Schneider. There is no equivalence between the Dem and GOP tendency for corruption. I find it especially harmful to the country as a whole to equate anything about the Dems to the GOP. There is only one party that is seeking to end everything that is good about this country, everything that works, everything meant to benefit the citizens. The GOP has been bent on destruction since 1980 and has now elected the man who can do it.

There is nothing Hegelian about it.

Aribari said...

Literally my first thought as well. Not a lot to substantiate that feeling, but I really feel like it's Haiti. I'm gonna start digging.

Schneiderisnext said...

Hold no IDOLS plot. It's not Black and White. It's shades of grey

"There is only one party that is seeking to end everything that is good about this country, everything that works, everything meant to benefit the citizens."

You almost sound religious in your zeal

plot said...

Perhaps but if you can show me that the GOP since 1980 has been in the business of protecting our rights and strengthening the arms of government and regulation (particularly over financial institutions and environmental concerns), I'd love to hear about it.

Schneiderisnext said...

^I can't show you that because I don't believe the GOP are protecting our rights.

But how is the modern DNC any different? Clinton deregulated the banks; Obama bailed them out, expanded the war machine, renamed Gitmo, etc..

Both parties sell to the highest bidder (especially the MIC).

How has the DNC protected out rights?

plot said...

Okay, are you talking about the DNC or the Democratic Party and it's positions?

Schneiderisnext said...

The GOP is the corporate center of the American Republican Party (Grand ol' Party)

The DNC is the corporate center of the American Democratic Party (democratic national convention)

I responded in like terms to your request:

"show me that the GOP since 1980 has been in the business of protecting our rights and strengthening the arms of government and regulation (particularly over financial institutions and environmental concerns)"

So I asked if the DNC has done any of these things.

Are you talking about the GOP or the Republican Party and it's positions?

To me they are one and the same (The corporations and respective parties)

SteveD said...

The parallel to the DNC is the RNC. They are committees that coordinate national level elections.

The GOP refers to the Republican Party as a whole. The Democratic Party does not have a comparable nickname.

plot said...

"I responded in like terms to your request"

No you didn't. You pulled a whataboutism rather than prove anything about the GOP at all.

Mary Lamb said...

Plot, you just don't get it. No matter how hard you try you can't reconcile the fact that BOTH parties are guilty. One day you'll realise that it's about big pharma, the nra, the Church, and big business. It's about money, not party lines. By the way, I'm a very liberal democrat and I know this. It is what it is.

Schneiderisnext said...

Thanks for clarifying Steve, and @Plot, sorry for my misconception

So to clarify my question @plot, what general policies characteristic of the Democratic party have preserved rights since the 80's ?

Obviously we're generalizing but the heart of my question isn t a whataboutism

If you think the GOP is working to destroy rights (which i agree with), I'm just asking you what the DEMS are doing to preserve/protect them?

plot said...

@mary lamb

"you can't reconcile the fact that BOTH parties are guilty"

Guilty of WHAT??? Specifically. If you believe that both parties are fucked up, okay. At the same time, which is willing to tow the line and still protect your interests. Why are you letting characters defeat your best interests? Who is willing to protect the environment you live in, clean water, clean air that you depend on as a biological being everyday? Let's start there.


Either you can answer my question or not. If you choose not to, that's fine, but I'm not playing whataboutism with you.

Schneiderisnext said...


Your "question". Is asking me to defend the modern GOP. Which I've repeatedly stated I don't and won't support.

@Plot "if you can show me that the GOP since 1980 has been in the business of protecting our rights and strengthening the arms of government and regulation (particularly over financial institutions and environmental concerns), I'd love to hear about it"

I'm saying I can't see a modern difference between the two parties, because both parties do these things. And I then provided examples of Democrat Presidents trampling on rights(Clinton reversing Glass Steagall, and Obama's Guantanamo) but you ignore them.

I'm not going to the defend the GOP because I'm independent and DON'T support it. Stop painting people into positions they don't hold.

You made the claim dude. I'm asking you to support your claim that the GOP is uniquely and singlehandedly destroying the USA since the 80's

I'm asking you to clarify your position with examples or evidence.

"I'm not playing whataboutism with you"

Sounds like an autopilot mental script to prioritize and avoid conflicting or complex ideas.

plot said...

" Is asking me to defend the modern GOP. Which I've repeatedly stated I don't and won't support."

I'm asking you to defend your position that Dem = GOP in everything.

If that were so, there should be a very easily researched response in a simple copy/paste of the GOP doing anything like the defending environmental protections, the rights of the handicapped, the interests of minorities of all kinds, our access to information and open government...that have been constantly defended by Democrats.

It ain't that hard if your position is the Dems are exactly the same as the GOP.

Schneiderisnext said...

My perception is based on continued foreign intervention, resource extraction, and wealth disparity.

Dems and Republicans have different strategies to convince people to elect them. But when they are in office, both continue the War Machine. They serve the same master.

I don't want a copy/paste policy points distinction. That's propogandized, PR polished talking points. It's meaningless unless you can show historical examples of these philosophies being effectively implemented.

I want you to tell me what you perceive to be positive policy changes, laws, or stances that the Democratic party singlehandedly spearheaded/implemented since the 80's

I'm not disagreeing that the two parties purport to have different values, but from an operational perspective, they function almost identically

plot said...

"That's propogandized, PR polished talking points. It's meaningless"

And that is gross laziness, and evidence of confirmation bias, for you to reject any source you judge as impure.

"they function almost identically"

Well, unless one likes breathing clean air, drinking clean water, public schooling, public services, public resources like national parks...

Sure, identical.

Schneiderisnext said...

You haven't even provided any sources for me to consider, let alone apply my own biases/judgement.

What I'm rejecting is unsupported statements.

Please point me to an example not an ideal

"clean water, public schooling, public services, public resources like national parks"

=Ideals/things to preserve/maintain/common values

Yes I value these things but You're claiming they are uniquely provided and fought for by Democrats (since the 80's-your time frame)

I just want you to support your claim with a noteworthy historical success that was solely Democrat responsible.

Schneiderisnext said...


"clean water, public schooling, public services, public resources like national parks"

All of these are domestic issues. You seem to have conceded that both parties behave the same way when it comes to the War Machine, Resource Extraction, and Income inequality.

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