Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Today's Blind Items - We Can't Let You Talk - The Church

Right after the calendar turned to 2018, he was going to talk. He had to talk. He didn't want to go to jail for lying. He was going to have to talk to investigators in his own country. When they asked where the money was going and who he was paying and that secret installation out in the middle of his country, that is where things were going to get more interesting. Investigators from the US would then be called in and that would set off alarm bells all over the place.

Who is the he mentioned in the first paragraph? If you live in his country, you might not know his name but you knew his company. You knew his products. Almost every single person had probably used one of his products. People from all over the world used his products. It is why he was very very rich. He also had a lot of charities he supported. People also gave his charities money. He was very interested in creating products for people that his charities supported. That is how The Church became involved with him. That is the "product" that was created.

Why was he going to talk to investigators? He got busted. He got busted for paying off people he shouldn't have paid off and he gave them a lot of money. He gave them enough money to do his bidding for the rest of his days. When investigators asked him did he give any money to anyone else he would answer yes. They would go through the list and one of those names was going to make some ears go up and some telephone calls made. Lets call that name F.

Why did he give money to F? He wanted to try a new product. A product he had been testing not only in poor countries around the world, but also testing in a facility in the middle of his own country, away from prying eyes. Did he have permission to test it there? No. Those indigenous people thought they were signing up for something completely different for that money they were being paid.

He finally got the product mastered and wanted to be able to sell it to the world. He thought of a way to do that and make a big splash. That is where F comes in. He gave a huge amount of money to F to get his product into a country at a time when all eyes were focused on that country. He wanted every news story to have pictures of his product and people talking about his product. That all happened. He got his wish and the product flew off the shelves. It flew off so quickly that it was easy to forget the early stages of the product that killed people in other countries and his own country.

When faced with all of that in front of him, when he would have nothing left to save himself, the only thing he could possibly offer up was The Church. So, they killed him. Period. And now? That pesky investigation that was scheduled to happen is about to be called off. No one is going to ask any questions about anything.


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Alexandria said...

Calling Schneiderisnext for help lol.

Alana Smithee said...

Barry Sherman? Apotex?

sandybrook said...


sandybrook said...

Nah Versace doesn't fit...

Alana Smithee said...

It was all over the news during christmas time: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernard_Sherman

Mahogany1 said...

The Jamaican patty guy that recently committed suicide

FOS said...

Came down to say this. HIV mess in Haiti.

FOS said...


Anonymous said...

Yes the Sherman's from Toronto were found murdered

Huggyo said...

Agree with Barry Sherman and Apotex

Alexandria said...

Everyone used one of his products and that's why Church became involved with him? Some Pharmacist maybe?

Alexandria said...

+Alana Smithee

Tuesdi said...

So...what is the church, then?

Desi Derium said...

Is the "product" the AIDS medication Apo-TriAvir that Apotex made that was sent to Rwanda?

Farah said...

Barry Sherman known for donating big to United Way. I remember some sketchy connection between UW and $cio about 10 years ago...

Colonel Blake said...


Mark said...

The Church is directrelief.org?

longtimereader said...

So even billionaires are not beyond their reach? this is seriously shady.

Guesser said...

They even tried to claim it originally as a murder/suicide! This stuff is getting stranger by the second. Canada seems to keep murder cases very quiet,are there any Canadian readers who could fill in info about the Shermans?

BayAreaGirl said...

Agree that this is Barry Sherman & Apotex, but can't figure out which drug the blind refers to or who "F" is. Apotex makes generic versions of Paxil, Liptior, Crestor, Plavix. Acoridng to Wiki, in 2005, Apotex shipped 7 million doses of AIDS medications to Rwanda, but those were generic versions of long approved AZT, 3TC and Navirapin.

Desi Derium said...

So if it IS Barry Sherman and Apotex and the product is an AIDS pharmaceutical that was sent to Africa, wouldn't F be Muammar Gaddafi?

filmfanb said...

I just moved to Canada and this was all over the press. When this happened there was talk about it being a murder straight away. There were rumors he was writing a book and was going to take down some big names. Maybe the truth was he was going to reveal the news of this church in this investigation. The manor in which they died sounded horrible. Also saying there were multiple killers. So two hitman or something like that.

pookie60 said...

What is the name of the Church? And I thought that murder suicide theory never made sense to me. His family who is having this investigated better watch out.

PhyllisWhitweed said...

This could all very well be true. But just playing devil's advocate, it could also be a big story from enty, spun up big with lots of cliffhangers, only to be ended by "they killed someone so you'll never hear about it in the media."

Mark said...

Or the Church is the Clinton Foundation, which has long supported Direct Relief?

kregger said...

But Sherman was Jewish and supported many Jewish charities---what involvement would he/did he have at all with The Church???

Mark said...

The original Church blind came several days before the deaths of Sherman and his wife.

Desi Derium said...

I don't know if Sherman WAS involved with The Church. I took it more as he was involved with F, who was involved with The Church, and Sherman knew enough about it to offer it up during the investigation.

Guesser said...

The new AIDS drug was just released to African nations just last year. It was available for free. But someone (F)? made big money off this. What organization coordinated this?

Desi Derium said...

I take it as F (Gadaffi) made a ton of money off it, either selling it in Africa or taking a payoff to sell it knowing that it had potential bad side effects, which would then kinda tie into some of the other Church blinds.

Guesser said...

@Mark,maybe Enty needs to look out seriously. This isn't the first time news broke here first,but nothing like this.

J said...

Which church?

Desi Derium said...

I'm still not 100% certain who or what "The Church" is (Schneiderisnext...where are you?!?!), but they are the organization behind all these recent blinds. I've seen Hillsong, The Mormons, The Dream Center, and others brought up.

LucidDreams said...

Is the more than one "Church"?

IanPhlegming said...

I'm beginning to think The Church may sometimes refer to CIA. Or Church of Satan. Or both.

Bitters said...

Has to be! There's so much more to the Barry and Honey story. I knew ppl at the funeral and gossip/chatter there was that it was a mob/ professional hit šŸ˜³

Timmy T said...


A couple articles from Frank Magazine on the Sherman murders...



Doug said...

Candidates for "F" need to fit this part: "He gave a huge amount of money to F to get his product into a country at a time when all eyes were focused on that country. He wanted every news story to have pictures of his product and people talking about his product. That all happened."

A time when all eyes were focused on that country? Sounds like this was a few years ago. All eyes were already focused on that country, and then every news story had pictures of his product and people talking about his product.

Maybe the supposed ebola outbreak in late 2014? Just one possibility.

Mark said...

The Church, if the same one in all blinds, was started "a couple years ago in northern Arizona."

Thestar.com (Toronto) stated that the "Clinton Foundation that coached Rwanda to seek help from Canada under the Access to Medicines Regime" and "More countries are seeking triple combination AIDS medication like Apo-triAvir because the toxicity is lower than that linked with other combination drugs like stavudine, a leading first-line AIDS drug." https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2007/08/09/aids_drugs_fiasco_a_tale_of_red_tape.html

Bill Clinton punted the Tutsi genocide. This was either a bid to make up for that or just another blind eye turned toward that shithole. I think Clinton is F.

Shawny said...

I say again, The Alliance and their dealing in Indonesia. Measles outbreak in the Papua region.

sassyb said...

F.W. DeKlerk for F.

Desi Derium said...

Good call, Sassyb! It could totally be DeKlerk!

InCatNeto said...

How I picture Schneiderisnext

A dumb idiot said...

F could stand for FIFA, big event could be the World Cup. In 2010 it was held in South Africa, 2014 in Brazil. This year it will be in Russia. Sepp Blatter?

Rosie riveter said...

That "suicide" story was never believable even by a brilliant armchair sleuth like myself

Don Kieballs said...

I think The Church is more than just a single association. Maybe there is someone/s that is actually behind the other churches mentioned and that's why The Church blinds sometimes seem connected (and are) but they don't fit exactly.

I think The Church isn't a "church" so much as an international organization that operates using churches as cover.

Chad N Freud said...

I don't think we are really getting this one right.

"The Church" is located in the center of the USA in a rather minor city, according to previous blinds. How could it be Clinton Foundation?

Richard Sherman--an atheist, Jewish-born, so no apparent links to Mormons/other cults.

If he is the person, then obviously one of Clintons (or CDAN fave Spicoli) helped get his drug into Haiti--there is still no known vaccine for chikungunya virus though.

Why would Sherman pay a lot of money to get a drug into Haiti or Rwanda as suggested? Profits would be miniscule. He would need to be going for a bigger market. FW De Klerk is a good guess for getting access to African countries, as he does a ton of peacekeeping missions under the radar--but again, how would that make money?

Alana said...

I remembered reading about the couple and thought it was odd they called it a murder/suicide. I wonder if the Church will be investigated...seems like it is out in the open now.

timebob said...

Thankfully the Sherman kids are pushing to keep the investigation open for murder, a lot of the facts just don't add up. The police really wanted to tie it up in a nice murder/suicide bow waaay too fast.

Eupheme said...

I'm from Canada. While I don't know information about the Shermans specifically, I do have a close friend who works for Apotex who got drunk and spilled the tea about their shady dealings. With drugs on the market, each country has its own regulations about what the shelf life of those medications are. After it expires in one country, they collect it and ship it to another whose shelf life is longer. It goes along the chain until no where will sell it because it's so expired. At that point they donate it somewhere like Africa and then get a tax write off for the full value of the drugs - so they look like they give a shit while they're actually just lining their pockets. The main drug that my friend mentioned was the AIDS cocktail.

Eupheme said...

*No one will sell it, not no where

NashvilleCat said...

The Shermans made donations to the Mully Children's Family that helped children and young women in Kenya. So did the Clinton Foundation. The Mully Children's Family has offices in Canada and in Georgia USA. Could this be the organization involved in trafficing? Or were they involved in money laundering?

Chad N Freud said...

F-Dilma Rousseff, majorly corrupt Brazilian President. Event--2014 Olympics

Guesser said...

@Eupheme, that could be it,I believe it is the AIDS drug cocktail as well. It also mentions US involvement in this blind as well, and it doesn't say the Shermans are in the Church. F is the big clue,so look out for a big story to come.

Sadie Slays said...

"The Church" blinds seem like soft disclosure of the international cabal secretly running the world. The Arizona Church from the first blind is one of their side operations, but probably not their headquarters or even primary motive.

MeliticusBee said...

F is poison dwarf Frank Guistra of CGI. Besties with WJC.

Doug said...

@Sadie Slays, that's a very interesting possibility. I might prefer that it be a more specific organization, referred to by the various related blinds that have appeared recently, because that would have more "takedown" potential.

I do think that Barry Sherman is probably "he" in this one. I don't have a strong sense of who "F" is yet.

For me this blind underscores the value of what @Schneiderisnext has been doing. I don't mind if he (or she) occasionally calls our attention to his/her comments on other threads.

These "Church" blinds feel like they're pointing to some people who are very high in the global power structure. In most cases I would doubt that it's easy to assassinate a multi-billionaire. I don't know how well-secured Barry Sherman was, but this blind suggests that he had good reason to protect himself. The facts that his home was penetrated and there's no news about suspects tells me that the job was contracted by very powerful people.

Getting back to @Sadie Slays' comment, the references to the Church now seem possibly to have moved off of the northern Arizona organization of the original blind in this series. Possibly, but not for sure.

Blind Bitch said...

Looks like it. ApoTriavir was firsr distributed in 2008 and they seemed to be the only ones with licences for distribution of the medicine.

filmfanb said...

Someone posted all these articles on reddit that link to this story, WOWOWOW








Boldblonde said...

Has to be the Shermans. Their murder came out of nowhere and is still a mystery.

Movie Midget said...

Barry and Honey Sherman. I think the church symbolizes a group of very rich and political figures- Hunger Games style or the purge with a Sntcm grotesque twist.

Movie Midget said...

Invoking Darwin

RobC said...

Just throwing this out there - the CIA has sometimes been referred to as "Christians In Action". And was investigated in the 70's by the Church Commission (named for the head of the commission, Senator Frank Church)

Theresa said...
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Doug said...

I think it's obvious that the Sherman murders won't be solved, at least not correctly. It was a high-level op. As the blind says, "that pesky investigation that was scheduled to happen is about to be called off. No one is going to ask any questions about anything." Most likely we won't hear anything substantive about who did it. If we do, it will be some patsy story, but that would surprise me.

Raging Bunnies said...

The Prayer Palace?

Raging Bunnies said...

If it's an actual "church" ...
There is also the C3 in toronto.

T. W. said...

Your friend told the truth. HIV tainted blood and blood products are also shipped overseas.

All those botox users had better be careful. Botox contains a human blood product.

Raging Bunnies said...

PS. Guess I should have added:
The C3 conglomerate is Phil Pringle / Australia.
Hillsong (among a zillion others) is umbrella'd under C3.

Darth Dharmakīrti said...

I think people may be unduly fixated on Africa.

I have a hunch that Schneiderisnext is correct and "The Church" is, if not the Mormons alone, then definitely closely associated with the Mormons. (Mormons are, after all, Freemasons).

Mormons are obsessed with South America, they think their bullcrap story invented by Joseph Smith took place there, and that the native South Americans are one of the lost tribes of Israel.

When Enty talks about "all eyes focused on that country," maybe this means Brazil during the 2016 Summer Olympics? In which case F could be Dilma Rousseff, or perhaps someone in her government.

Africa is obviously a part of this story, what with the cash in the boxes and everything, but I don't think it's this particular part of the story.

The question, then, is what the "product" is. A cursory search didn't turn up anything, but I did find this story:


"Back in 2010, when the going was good, Pfizer had struck a US$ 240 million deal for a 40 percent stake in the Brazilian generic drug firm — LaboratĆ³rio Teuto Brasileiro. But the joint venture never really took off. And recently, Pfizer has accepted a payment of 1 Brazilian Real — or US$ 0.30 — to relinquish its stake to the heirs of LaboratĆ³rio Teuto’s founder.

For nearly a year, Pfizer had been trying to offload Teuto. A spokesperson for Pfizer said: “Since 2010, both companies have worked together to improve access to medicines in Brazil.” However, Pfizer arrived at this decision as a result of a “desire to focus resources on ensuring the success of its existing portfolio and pipeline.”

Pfizer’s exit follows challenging acquisition experiences by Sanofi and Teva in Latin America."

ClintonKilledMe said...

The CHURCH is CHURCH of Scientology.

Darth Dharmakīrti said...

So, it's established as far as I can tell that Pfizer took a $240 million write-down on an allegedly bum deal involving Brazilian pharmaceuticals.

A few days ago Enty posted a blind noting that Leslie Wexman lost a great deal of money in a swindle. Does anyone know, or is there any way to find out, if Wexman owned a large amount of Pfizer stock?

Theresa said...

If I am reading this blind correctly, assuming it is Sherman, he was
using a First Nations Reserve in the middle of Canada to make and test his products? Our reserves are self-governing and this may have let him text under the radar? Some of the natives he paid to test his product died.

Schneiderisnext said...

The Church Blinds: 3 different churches


Today's Blind Items - The Church


"The church I am referring to is not Scientology...it helps if they can attach themselves to another established church or religion. They got that in this northern Arizona town too."

"The church"=Short Creek Dream Center (Dream City Church)

"Established religion"= FLDS (polygamous,fundamentalist Mormon sect)


Blind Item #7 - The Church's New Investment


"The Church" = LDS (Mormons)

Unlike the December blind, Enty always capitalizes "The Church". This is standard amongst Mormons.

"The elusive head of The Church" WAS Thomas Monson. He was MIA for 2 years despite a subpoena to testify regarding Mormon sexual abuse of Native American kids. Couldn't meet with Obama due to health concerns and dementia.

Jayne said...

Was there a drug they were pushing to solve that mosquito borne illness that was causing all the infant problems?

hopscotch101girl said...

Great insight Eupheme!

Scoob said...

some more detail about the Sherman murders here...


Subliminal Success said...

What if AZ isn't AZ but Arkansas and Church is another term for a non-taxable entity, or charity, which would then open the door to interpreting the Clinton Foundation as the Church.

The Clinton Foundation, with Hillary's influence, would also be the lever-puller to broker access internationally for something like this?

Maybe the reason these blinds are spilling little by little, piece by piece, has something to do with the swath of ongoing investigations into the various Clinton-related issues, including the Clinton Foundation itself.

Could be?

FrogLegs said...

Anyone heard of the Open Church? Could that fit?

Theresa said...

Akwesasne reserve has a history of smuggling from the US or into the US. They use the St. Lawrence riverI think. Perhaps this is the reserve where "that secret installation out in the middle of his country, that is where things were going to get more interesting. Investigators from the US would then be called in and that would set off alarm bells all over the place."

My previous comment about him using a reserve to stay under the radar, perhaps avoid paying taxes, and testing his prduct on natives who lived on the reserve "but also testing in a facility in the middle of his own country, away from prying eyes. Did he have permission to test it there? No. Those indigenous people thought they were signing up for something completely different for that money they were being paid."

Chamomile Pee. said...

Oh wow, the more you know. This whole thread is an eye opener.

Darth Dharmakīrti said...

Roxy, I love the thought, but I'm not finding anything. (Doesn't mean you're not right, just can't find anything).

For what it's worth, the 2014 World Cup was also in Brazil. So that's two major global events in the span of two years both in Brazil. And there was an outbreak of Zika in 2013-2014. (Personally I am still inclined to think it's AIDS drugs, though).

FrogLegs said...
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Mark said...

Scoob, maybe a quote or two next time you link WaPo (or NYT, for that matter), for those of us who don't subscribe, and hit the paywall early every month? Thanks.

Theresa said...

apologies for my poor editing

BayAreaGirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BayAreaGirl said...

I don't think it's any of the HIV drugs, because the HIV/AIDS treatments manufactured by Apotex are just generic versions of long establish brand names such as AZT, 3TC and Navirapin etc.

I think the product is this anti-malaria drug: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/malaria-drug-for-canadian-troops-called-dangerous-1.1156684

Scoob said...

Mark - sorry about that ... it's a really long piece (apologies for a long post) - but here's some of the meat of it -

--Private investigators believe a prominent billionaire couple found dead in their Toronto mansion last month were murdered by multiple people two days before their bodies were discovered, Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported Saturday, citing a source “with direct knowledge of the parallel probe” into the deaths of Honey and Barry Sherman.

-- The private investigation — which contained graphic details of the alleged ways the Shermans had been killed — at times contradicted early reports about an ongoing investigation by Toronto police, who have remained tight-lipped about the case over the past month.

-- The bodies of Honey and Barry Sherman were first discovered Dec. 15 in the lowest level of their $7 million home, allegedly by a real estate agent who was preparing the mansion for an open house.

-- The Shermans had been strangled and were found with their bodies dangling from the railing around their basement lap pool, Toronto police said. A coroner later determined the cause of death to be “ligature neck compression,” a form of strangulation in which a cord or rope is used to exert fatal pressure on a person’s neck, according to police, who labeled the deaths “suspicious.”

-- Police said there were no signs of forced entry at the Shermans’s home and have not arrested anyone in the case.


-- The CBC report is the first to release details from the private investigation, including that the couple was seated upright when they were found dead near their basement lap pool:

-- The team of private investigators believes that the Shermans were, in fact, killed on Dec. 13, two days before they were found. This conclusion is based on the fact that Honey was wearing the same clothes she was last seen in, on Dec. 13, according to the source.

-- Private investigators also believe that Honey struggled with her killer or killers. She had cuts on her lip and nose, and was sitting in a pool of her own blood when she was discovered. However, there was comparatively little blood apparent on her upper-body clothing, suggesting that she had been facedown on the tile, bleeding, for some time before being bound to the handrail in an upright position, the source said.

-- The source also told CBC private investigators believed the couple had been bound together at some point and showed evidence their necks had been tied to a handrail near the pool with leather belts. The Shermans were, however, limp and not bound together when their bodies were found, the source told the news site.

Hope that helps -

WickedBee said...

@Eupheme: I think we know the same person because I have also heard this same information firsthand, under the exact same circumstances.

Unknown said...


Donna Marie said...

"A product he had been testing not only in poor countries around the world, but also testing in a facility in the middle of his own country, away from prying eyes. Did he have permission to test it there? No. Those indigenous people thought they were signing up for something completely different for that money they were being paid."

Apotex has a facility in Winnipeg, the largest city in Manitoba. There are a lot of indigenous people in Manitoba. The country's premier HIV and AIDs research lab is in Winnipeg. Unlike most of Canada but like much of Africa, the main mode of HIV transmission in Manitoba is via heterosexual sex. Interesting, isn't it?

Theresa said...

Is this the investigation that will not continue?

He was being investigated for a cash for access fundraiser which our Prime Minister attendended. The Canadin Lobbying Commisisoner will decide by Feb 2 if she contiinues the investiagation. Our Prime Minister has already been called out by our ethics comissioner for breaking rules.

I am convinced he paid allot of money to a reserve band and council to build a facility on the reserve and he misrepresented what he was using the faclity for. Is it possible it was a government hit?


Theresa said...

Donna Marie you are correct about Winnipeg! Probably more sense than my idea he built a facility on a reserve.

Theresa said...

hmmm...on the other hand, a reserve is "away from prying eyes" jeeze what is a girl to choose with all these options? :-)

Donna Marie said...

Yeah, but I wondered the same thing you did before I went Googling Apotex. I had no idea about the connections between Winnipeg, HIV, HIV research, and Apotex facilities in Manitoba. I've only been in Canada for 4 years. I did know about indigenous people in Winnipeg, as my stepdaughters are Metis.

Regarding the possibility of a government hit - I'm an American and the daughter of a Vietnam vet, so I could quite cynically believe it of any government. That said, I never would have thought the Canadian government had it in them. Then again, I know what happened to my stepdaughters' grandfather in those Residential Schools. Bryan Singer would have loved it in one...

Donna Marie said...

Think about it, Victoria... whoever would give a crap about HIV-infected homeless First Nations people in the middle of crime-infested Winnipeg? It's away from prying eyes in a way. Like of like the disgusting Tuskegee experiment in the US.

Donna Marie said...

And as you mentioned above, Trudeau was found to have violated a conflict-of-interest law in December when he went to go party with the Aga Khan. My husband (the Canadian in the marriage) and I noticed it wasn't covered by the press as much as he thought it should have been.

What if on the heels of the Aga Khan thing, someone found Trudeau involvement in this Apotex thing? I'm still learning about your government system here, Victoria, but would there be a way to dissolve Parliament and have new elections over something like that? Makes me think the death of the Shermans could be a great relief to many people in Ottawa.

Theresa said...

"He was going to have to talk to investigators in his own country."

The pay for access fundraiserinvestigation by the Canadian Lobbying Commisioner, link in previous comment!

"Why was he going to talk to investigators? He got busted. He got busted for paying off people he shouldn't have paid off and he gave them a lot of money. He gave them enough money to do his bidding for the rest of his days."

Government officials? Were any worried he would name them during the investigtion? Now the investigation may be callled off, decision to be made by Feb.2? His family should put pressure on the comissioner to continue.

"that secret installation out in the middle of his country, that is where things were going to get more interesting. Investigators from the US would then be called in and that would set off alarm bells all over the place."

This is what makes me think he possibly conned and paid reserve band members to build a facility on a reserve. It was secret away from prying eyes, his winnipeg company was not secret? Donna Marie you are correct he could probably test his product on the inner city WPG population undetected, but why would that invovlve US investigators?

displaygame said...

I think it is ebola breakout after the distributiob of medicayion if africa

displaygame said...

I think it is ebola breakout after the distributiob of medicayion if africa

Theresa said...

Donna Marie, from the top of my head I think a non-confidence vote could be used to request parliament be dissolved.

Trudeau knew precisely what he was doing when he went to Agi Khan's island and flew in his private helicopter. He also knew what he was doing when he attended this fundraiser hosted by Sherman that is presently under investigation. There have been questions about the growth of the Trudeau Trust since he became prime minister. But, I could never have considered our government to be involved in a hit until reading this blind! Something smells rotten in Denmark!

Theresa said...

For those thinking global cabal type organization for the Church, apparently George Soros nephew spent a few days with Trudeau before he announced Canada was giving 20 plus million to the Clinton Foundation. It connects the dots to all these players. Based on the present investigation of Sherman by our Lobbying Commissioner, he was connected, at the minimum, to Trudeau.

Grammar129 said...

Apotex has had issues of quality control for quite some time

An article about FDA finding bacteria in Apotex made drugs

Grammar129 said...


Theresa said...

RIP and condolences to the family who loved them. This is no way for anyone to die. How terrifying their last moments must have been!

Mark said...

Scoob, thanks for the details.

Doug said...

A Canadian government hit on the Shermans is plausible, but I have a feeling that it goes well beyond Canada, and beyond F's home country. I think it's reasonable to wonder about Clinton involvement, among other possibilities. I'm not motivated by partisanship in saying that.

Mark said...

Politicians can be bad enough, but 2nd and 3rd generation politicians should be outlawed. Regarding Pierre, Jr's sleepover with Aga Khan, thestar.com printed the following:

"Dawson described how Trudeau sees meetings as a way 'to further develop a relationship between the individual and Canada' and his role in those meetings 'as ceremonial in nature.'

"'The meetings he (Trudeau) attends as prime minister are not business meetings,' Dawson wrote, recounting Trudeau’s words."

That's not ceremonial wampum that'll line his pockets as a result of all the individual relationships he's nurturing at those not-business meetings.

Temp said...

"Almost every single person had probably used one of his products. People from all over the world used his products."

Apotex Consumer Products http://www.apotexconsumerproducts.ca/

Junebug said...

@NashvilleCat - The Georgia MCF location appears to be PO box at a UPS Store in Alpharetta.

Donna Marie said...

VIctoria, we could both be right. There are First Nations reserves not that far from Winnipeg. Many of the urban homeless could also be members of those First Nations.

Unknown said...

The church is the church as in the Roman Catholic Church who has many many tentacles in Africa.

Mary Lamb said...

Very nice work, people. Now, if we can connect all the dots, I'm sure it's all relative.
For those of you who would dismiss conspiracy theories, it only takes two to form a conspiracy.
In this case, and I do believe that this and/or other atrocities similar to this scenario are happening as I type, there would be multiple governments involved. Like a conspiracy, multiple simply means more than one.
Also, that's not saying that everyone is in the know, on the contrary, there may be few who are privy to the goings on.
I also think people/governments are getting much smarter, technologically speaking, and soon there will be no way to detect what's really going on.
I hate to say it but I feel it's a lost cause. Some might got down, the little people, in the scheme of things, but nothing will ever change. And I even highly doubt even that.
'We, the people' is an illusion.

modsquad said...


plot said...

Darth Dharmakīrti said...

"Mormons are, after all, Freemasons"

No they aren't.

"they think their bullcrap story invented by Joseph Smith took place there"

No they don't. South Africa didn't even exist during Joseph Smith's lifetime.

Teresa asked -

"If I am reading this blind correctly, assuming it is Sherman, he was
using a First Nations Reserve in the middle of Canada to make and test his products?"

Apotex didn't invent it's own products. It was a generic producer of older drugs.

plot said...

"Maybe the reason these blinds are spilling little by little, piece by piece, has something to do with the swath of ongoing investigations into the various Clinton-related issues, including the Clinton Foundation itself."

There are no current investigations into the Clintons or their former foundation.

The past investigations over the past 20 years have turned up nothing, nada, zilch.

plot said...

BayAreaGirl sez -

"I think the product is this anti-malaria drug: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/malaria-drug-for-canadian-troops-called-dangerous-1.1156684"

Now THAT is a tantalizing idea given that the Gates and slews of other philanthropists are committing billions to researching a cure for malaria currently. Problem being that if this BI is to be believed, malaria drugs wouldn't be tested on Native Canadian tribes since they wouldn't be prone to malaria.

Mary Lamb said...

Apotex didn't invent it's own products. It was a generic producer of older drugs.

No one said they did.

You don't believe that anyone, and I mean ANYONE, could pull any of this off, per your comments. And now there is a very large laboratory capable of all you deemed necessary (it doesn't take a large facility).
You don't seem to be able to stretch your realm of thought to the point where there's even a possibility that such situations may exist.
It's like you've made your mind up and that's the end of it.
I still don't believe that you've read all of the information on all of these threads.
Or maybe you're just being willfully obtuse. Whatever.

Eupheme said...

@WickedBee:wow,seems likely because how many people working there would be telling those details. I think it was around 2008/9 or in that range and the person's partner was like 'um, you probably shouldn't be telling this.' When did the person tell you?

Eupheme said...

@Guesser: I am going to keep my eyes open for the F clue. With the AIDS cocktail, this wouldn't have even pinged on my radar if my friend hadn't told that story years ago. Crazy.

Eupheme said...

@Theresa: that's how I'm reading it as well. Canada's First Nation populations are so vulnerable, I could see how they would be an easy target to do testing on. And it would totally fly under the radar because the vast majority of Canadians don't give a shit about our indigenous peoples. So if a bunch of them died it would barely make the news.

LizOz said...

Omg yes but in the most flattering way

WickedBee said...

In around winter 2016 and the person recently left the company.

Subliminal Success said...


You seem to be a staunch defender of them so I am curious to know your interpretations of a few items...

Namely, if the tables were turned and Trump &Co were so brazenly let off the hook for any appearance of misdeeds, would you be in an uproar, or would you be defending them as "investigations turned up zilch" while conveniently avoiding the truth that those "investigations" were nothing more than political fixes, designed to give the appearance of scrutiny while turning up zilch?

Would you be okay with the idea that Trump, when facing a subpoena, literally sought technical help in eradicating some evidence? No, wait... TONS of evidence.

Would you even be okay with the idea that Trump was given the freedom to *decide* which emails should or shouldn't be handed over? Would you be okay with Mueller exonerating Trump before even conducting a full investigation or interviewing him?

Would you be okay with Trump being exonerated - even though the scant evidence that was preserved proved irrefutably that Classified Information of the highest order was MISHANDLED and perhaps compromised? Would you accept naivety as an excuse to exonerate? Really, a career politician in the highest levels of government, charged with weighty responsibilities, doesn't know how to handle classified information and should be let off the hook for compromising it, while scores beneath him face stiff punishment and ruined careers for the same? Or would you be OUTRAGED that Trump is so corrupt as to escape justice in such a CLEAR-CUT case?

If Trump's charities often dealt with big foreign governments, and had a history of contributions that dried up suddenly upon Hillary's election, would you be skeptical as to what the nature of the underlying relationships was?
Would you not wonder... how strange, now that Trump has all the time in the world to commit to charity, why would these nations consider the Foundation less worthy?

I will try to find sources regarding the opening of investigations, if you are interested. But mostly, because I think you are pretty intelligent and logical, I want to know how you would honestly feel and interpret the same line of events given a role reversal.

The American People need to give up their sacred cows - anybody elected should stand up to scrutiny of the greatest depth, Trump included.

Darth Dharmakīrti said...


Are you a shill, or just stupid?

Mormons are absolutely Freemasons, they use the exact same symbols and the exact same "secret" hand gestures. Joseph Smith was a Mason, he just (very) slightly altered some Masonic teachings and called it Mormonism.

And I said South America, not South Africa. Joseph Smith himself did not think this--his whole bullcrap story that he made up and called the Book of Mormon takes place in upstate New York where he was from--but 20th century Mormons, trying desperately to find some way their made up "religion" might possibly be true, identified Mesoamerica as the place where the events of the Book of Mormon supposedly took place.

20Cents said...

So there are a few American Indian reservations right on the border -
Akwesasne, Grand Portage, and Red Lake...Grand Portage and Red Lake are close to the middle of the country (Manitoba).
I know there have been issues with cigarettes smuggled through Akwesasne because border control/First Nations citizenship is contentious and complicated when a reserve is right at the border. I don't know enough about it to comment any further. But anyhow, it seems like doing drug trials on an American reservation right at the (undefended) border = easy access from Canada + FBI investigations potentially if anything were discovered. That seems to fit the blind.

joshg g said...

AGC says F is Bill Clinton

Theresa said...

Plot wrote :

"If I am reading this blind correctly, assuming it is Sherman, he was
using a First Nations Reserve in the middle of Canada to make and test his products?"

Apotex didn't invent it's own products. It was a generic producer of older drugs.

I know that Plot, I am referring to what is written in the blind? Perhaps you missed this little clue?

"A product he had been testing not only in poor countries around the world, but also testing in a facility in the middle of his own country, away from prying eyes. Did he have permission to test it there? No. Those indigenous people thought they were signing up for something completely different for that money they were being paid."

Theresa said...

20 cent, thank you for listing the MB reserves that border the US. One of the two or perhaps another in MB may have been hoodwinked into allowing a facility to be built on their land. When I initially read the blind I was thinking Akwesasne because this tribe has been quite militantin the past and some of its members have been suspected of smuggling using the St. Lawrence River. However, after learning from Donna Marie that his legitimate facility is located in Winnipeg it is more likely a reserve in MB.

Doug, and Maryhadalittlelamb, I agree this is bigger than just Sherman and Canada. It involves other players.

plot said...

"You seem to be a staunch defender of them"

Staunch defender of whom? I like factual things, not fantasies, when researching important things. Your mileage may vary.

"if the tables were turned and Trump &Co were so brazenly let off the hook for any appearance of misdeeds, would you be in an uproar"

Since Donny Moscow is currently being let off the hook for nakedly corrupt things by his idiotic supporters, yeah. But then right now their are 4 Federal investigations and 3 state investigations open on Donny Moscow, his election campaign, his businesses which are looking like money laundering operations, his deeply corrupt family and his blatantly using his office to get himself out of a really bad debt situation (like eliminating fines for Deutsche Bank, to whom he owes billions, for their financial dealings with Russia which has cost DB dearly in Europe.)

So what is your point?

"Would you even be okay with the idea that Trump was given the freedom to *decide* which emails should or shouldn't be handed over?"

He's already done that, and worse, while obviously being a part of a criminal enterprise. Are you not paying attention?

"Would you be okay with Mueller exonerating Trump before even conducting a full investigation or interviewing him?"

I have no idea. Why would I limit my future reactions to future possibilities for which I do not now have the facts. What, is your outrage more important than facts? Are you looking for ways to stoke it with more fuel because your Clinton rage must be kept alive?

The Clintons have been investigated more than any other presidential couple in the history of the USA. It's been going on for decades. They have been questioned many times by Congress and the Dept of Justice (you know, those folks with more power than the FBI, their bosses in fact.) NOTHING. ABSOLUTE ZIP has been uncovered yet billions of your and my dollars has gone into this witch hunt. Yet THAT does not outrage you! The mere mention of Clintons does! What a well trained monkey you are.

jake said...

the red cross

plot said...

"Mormons are absolutely Freemasons, they use the exact same symbols and the exact same "secret" hand gestures. Joseph Smith was a Mason, he just (very) slightly altered some Masonic teachings and called it Mormonism."

No, they are not. Being a Mormon does not make one a Freemason, no matter how badly Smith misappropriated the symbology. I dare say that the LDS have a whole mountain of beliefs and myths that the Freemasons would find abhorrent. Don't you?

By your rule stick, Scientologists must also be Freemasons since Elron Hubbard admired the Masons so much and also misappropriated some of the Masonic organizational features. Have I got that right? Is this how you think?

"And I said South America, not South Africa."

My mistake and my apologies, sincerely.

"but 20th century Mormons, trying desperately to find some way their made up "religion" might possibly be true, identified Mesoamerica as the place where the events of the Book of Mormon supposedly took place."

Ah, okay, yes this is true and yes I would completely agree that the Book of Mormon can be used as a template for indigenous genocide. From what I've read of it (not much, can't make through that pile of garbage writing and myths, so I've depended on synopses), it might as well be instructions on how to massacre the inferior non-believers and absorb all their material wealth to spread the LDS and make their paths to their own god states assured. Not really so different from any other religion then.

plot said...


Yeah, I saw that but I'm still not aware of any new product Apotex was coming out with, only generic forms of drugs. At some point along the way, Apotex would have to make applications for the development of a new drug. There would be a paper trail of some kind at least for shareholders that a new drug was being developed. I haven't seen that when giving a cursory glimpse through Apotex's background. It's all generics. We don't even know if they had labs for testing or depending on old testing (much more likely) for the applications of it's generics. I'm not a great researcher but that would seem an essential part of making the accusations of this BI stick.

designace001 said...

…the model
“ As one of the AIDS Program officials interviewed stated:
We do not discriminate at the time of financing a project. We have a historical principle of respecting human rights, diversity, and it is through this viewpoint that we established a partnership with Church...The government has the obligation of talking and establishing a partnership with God and the Devil. ...I remember one day that is emblematic...that I was here at the [National AIDS] Program and in the same day, there was a meeting with the CNBB and in the other, [the director of the NAP] and producers of porn films to discuss the use of condoms in films with pornographic content. This gives a dimension to me, this story is emblematic of the dimension of the public we have to reach, it's fantastic. NAP official.”

designace001 said...

Clinton, Gore, Mandella and TRIPS
“At the core of the success of Brazil's AIDS program is the ability to produce medicines locally. In Brazil, the price of AIDS drugs fell by 82 percent over five years 16 as a result of generic competition. The price of drugs that had no generic competitor remained relatively stable, falling only 9 percent over the same period. Brazil has also been able to negotiate lower prices for patented drugs by using the threat of production under a compulsory license. Article 68 of the Brazilian patent law allows for compulsory licensing, which allows a patent to be used without the consent of the patent holder. The Brazil AIDS program serves as a model for some developing
countries that are able to produce medicines locally, and Brazil has offered a cooperation agreement, including technology transfer, to developing countries for the production of generic ARV drugs.

…”In February 2001, the US took action against Brazil at the WTO Dispute Settlement Body ("DSB") over Article 68 of the Brazilian intellectual property law. Under that provision, Brazil requires holders of Brazilian patents to manufacture the product in question within Brazil-a so-called "local working" requirement. If the company does not fulfill this requirement, the patent shall be subject to compulsory
licensing after three years, unless the patent holder can show that it is not economically feasible to produce in Brazil or can otherwise show that the requirement to produce locally is not reasonable.”

….”Under the new policy, the US Trade Representative and the
Department of Health and Human Services would together establish a process to analyze health issues that arise in the application of US trade-related intellectual property law and policy. In his speech, President Clinton referred specifically to the situation in South Africa and the HIV/AIDS crisis, saying that "the United States
will henceforward implement its health care and trade policies in a manner that ensures that people in the poorest countries won't have to go without medicine they so desperately need."'

In May 2000, President Clinton confirmed the change in US policy by issuing an Executive Order on Access to HIV/AIDS Pharmaceuticals and Medical Technologies, supporting the use of compulsory licenses to increase access to HIV/AIDS medication in sub-Saharan Africa. Although this policy change contributed to breaking the taboo on the use of compulsory licensing in the health field, attention to TRIPS and medicines at the WTO was diverted by the collapse of the WTO conference in Seattle.”

“As President, he led the global fight against HIV/AIDS. Under President Clinton, the U.S tripled funding for international AIDS programs in just two years – to $466 million in FY 2001 – for prevention, care and treatment, and health infrastructure. In addition, President Clinton signed an Executive Order in May 2000 to help make HIV/AIDS-related drugs and medical technologies more affordable and accessible in beneficiary sub-Saharan African countries.
 Since leaving the White House, President Clinton has continued to expand efforts to combat HIV/AIDS and has focused on strengthening care and treatment programs to developing countries. The William J. Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative (www.clintonfoundation.org) has been a major player in making low cost, high-quality AIDS medicines and diagnostic tests available in the developing world.”



Mark said...

@plot, as has been noted, someone drew a connection between Mormons and South America, not South Africa.

I'm not sure if it was pointed out, but you referred to the "former" Clinton Foundation. It is very much an ongoing entity.

Apotex doesn't test? Then dafuq is this http://www.apotex.com/ca/en/rnd/faqs.asp:

"Clinical Frequently Asked Questions
How much do these studies pay?
Our studies pay different amounts depending on the study in which you are eligible to participate. We usually pay between $800 and $3900. We remunerate in Canadian dollars.

How long do your studies go for?
Our studies vary in length. You may be asked to stay for 24 hours or up to a few days at a time spaced out over a number of weeks, with some studies requiring return blood draws.

Do you allow smokers in the study?
Yes. We accept smokers for some of our studies but others are for non-smokers only. Some studies require that you abstain from smoking for a certain period of time.

What kind of drugs do you test? Are there any side effects?
We conduct studies to compare Apotex generic formulation against brand name over the counter medications and prescription drugs already being sold on the market. Before we can conduct a study, an Independent Ethics Board (REB) reviews all study protocols for safety issues and subject rights. As with any drug, there is a possibility of experiencing an adverse reaction to some ingredients. You will be given information in writing about possible side effects specific to the drug you will be taking.

Are these studies regulated?
Yes. The various agencies across the world include the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Canadian Therapeutic Directorate (TPD), European Agency for Evaluation of Medical Products (EMEA), and Australia Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) to name a few.

Is my participation confidential?
All records relating to your identity and study participation are confidential as per the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.

How do I know if I qualify?
If you have reviewed our web site and would like to be considered as a subject, please complete our Pre-screening Questionnaire or contact us to find out about our screening process.

If you have any questions that are not answered here please call us at (416) 741-4256 or 1 (877) 276-2562 or send us an e-mail."

Mark said...

"There are no current investigations into the Clintons or their former foundation.

The past investigations over the past 20 years have turned up nothing, nada, zilch."

Kinda the point of this blind, innit? Money, power, getting away with shit.

MindYourPsAndQs said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
plot said...


Thank-you for including this! I really appreciate it. So Apotex does it's own testing, good to know.

I find this bit interesting to our purposes -

"We conduct studies to compare Apotex generic formulation against brand name over the counter medications and prescription drugs already being sold on the market"

Okay, nothing about any new drug formulations there which would align with this BI. More research needed I guess.

"Kinda the point of this blind, innit? Money, power, getting away with shit"

Except the Clintons have been under constant investigation since 1992, without result. One throwing up one's hands and say that money and power get away with anything, but that isn't especially helpful. It's kinda lazy actually.

To be clear, as I've stated before, I don't like or trust the Clintons at all. Sure, I voted for her in 2016 because it was her or that assclown who is doing as he promised and destroying our government as we speak (which seemed to thrill his supporters, I don't know why except they have no idea what government does.)

If you DON'T want the rich and powerful to be able to escape our justice system, then how about supporting the systems that make sure that doesn't happen? Trump is destroying the FBI, the State Dpt, the Dept of Justice right this second. How do you imagine we can hold any wealthy person accountable now, if the offices of Financial Regulation are shut down (which the GOP Congress and Trump are currently doing?) How are we going to investigate financial crimes or money laundering without the SEC and the State Dpt? How are we going to manage full investigatory powers to root out international sexual trafficking if the FBI is neutered by the GOP Congress and Trump?

Tell us how the wealthy will magically be held accountable if the controls and efforts we have are eliminated...forever...by one party who is so disgusting they celebrate with the wealthy their abilities to do whatever they please (look up the $500K Paul Ryan was just gifted by the Mercers for supporting their "freedoms" not ours?)

plot said...

Oh! And you really want a conspiracy? Take a look at the father of the Koch brothers, those long time GOP supporters who have given BILLIONS to GOP candidates, small and large. Yeah, old man Koch hired real live Nazis from Germany back in the 30s and 40s as his household staff, in particular nannies to raise his sons and inculcate them to the benefits of Fascism and racial elimination.

Why don't we ever see anything connected to THAT on CDAN or the commenters on these boards?

designace001 said...

So first they do it with the AIDS drugs via BC's Executive Order and trade pressure to institute TRIPS - Apotex to make generic AIDS drug from patented formula - Canada first to access 2003 TRIPS provision, then BC sets up the CF pipeline.

"Canada on Thursday notified the World Trade Organisation (WTO) that it had authorised a company to manufacture a generic version of a patented AIDS drug for export, the first such project to be attempted under trade provisions agreed in 2003.

The triple combination AIDS therapy drug, TriAvir, can now be made and exported to Rwanda, which is unable to manufacture the medicine itself."

Then they outre vez with Haiti, how many others were there? Unbelievable, it's so blatant.

"In September 2014, in response to the spread of the chikungunya virus in Haiti, Apotex worked with the humanitarian organization Direct Relief to donate more than $2.2 million in medical aid to the country.Apotex struck a deal with the Clintons' Direct Relief organization to provide drugs to treat victims of the virus, saying in a statement: "Apotex is in a position to help (in Haiti), and we are delighted to work with Direct Relief..."Apotex worked with Direct Relief in Haiti, who was a "particularly active" member of the Clinton Foundation/Clinton Global Initiative community, supporting post-hurricane "relief efforts" there.The huge pharmaceutical company airlifted vaccinations and medical supplies into Haiti that was funded through charitable donations to the Clinton Foundation and other connected charities.

Read more at: http://www.theneonnettle.com/news/3396-big-pharma-boss-with-clinton-foundation-ties-found-dead-at-home
© Neon Nettle

bill is f

designace001 said...

How of it under TRIPs, the setting aside of patents in generic pharmacology. All they had to do was prove a country could not produce the drug themselves and voila a market.

Apotex as a side note also has several suits regarding the efficacy of their product which according to some accounts in some cases was more expensive than similar products.

The WTO Panel in Canada — Patent Protection for Pharmaceutical Products decided that this provision, allowing limited exceptions, covered a provision of Canadian law which permits the use by generic producers of patented products, without authorization and prior to the expiry of the patent term, for the purposes of seeking regulatory approval from public health authorities for the marketing of their generic version as soon as the patent expires. (This provision is sometimes referred to as the “regulatory exception” or as a “Bolar” provision.) The Panel Report was adopted by the WTO Dispute Settlement Body on 7 April 2000;
the Agreement also allows Members to authorize use by third parties (compulsory licences) or for public non-commercial purposes (government use) without the authorization of the patent owner.

designace001 said...

Apotex also produces several birth control products and then there is this, "But the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), which is an independent entity of the Clinton Foundation, may have had the most wide-ranging impact on global public health to date. It has helped negotiate HIV/AIDS therapy price cuts as high as 90%, ensuring access to these treatments for more than 11.5 million people across more than 70 countries, the Foundation says."

Pay for play? Mutual aid? Circular economics?

"The editorial voiced concern with the Canadian government’s decision to “hand $20 million over” to the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), a charity under the Clinton Foundation umbrella. The editorial went on to describe the nonprofit organization as “the heart of the cash-for-access scandal” that “dogged” Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign.

The Liberal Party government, led by Trudeau, reiterated Canada’s commitment to foreign aid and development in its 2017 budget. A significant component of this global commitment is the budget’s $650 million Canadian dollar (CAD) earmark for foreign aid to specifically “address gaps in sexual and reproductive health and rights in the world’s poorest and most vulnerable communities.” http://checkyourfact.com/2017/07/19/fact-check-is-canada-donating-taxpayer-money-to-the-clinton-foundation/

Halloweenie said...

They are interesting aren't they? Trump humpers who support a deviant huckster who called these very countries that they are oh SOooo concerned about here shithole countries . Truth is people of color have always been used for experimentation i.e. the syphills experiments , etc..etc.. because America is fundamentally a racist country that considers poc inferior and inconsequential . I mean our fair rapist, blithering early Alzheimer's cheeto in chief hired an out of the closet racist ( the kind I prefer since I know upfront where they stand) named Bannon to be his right hand guy. But sure, this porn star humping Eastern European whore marrying television tabloid billionaire demon is going to drain the swamp. I even saw a trump humper give him credit for Spacey's downfall?? How?? The credit goes to VICTIMS when have the bravery to stand up. Spaceys downfall was brought about by an unassuming out gay actor living quietly in New York with his husband who had the COURAGE to speak up about a night at spaceys when he was 14. Trump worshippers who want to somehow attach trump to any of the #metoo movement and the downfall of spacey have no concept of irony. Some posters on here are obviously trying too hard every answer is Clinton . Every triumph is Trump. The truth is ( as cliche as it sounds) absolute power corrupts absolutely. Power, whether it's money, religious control ( I say this as a Christian) race control is hard to control once people get a taste they want more more more. Anyway, power and powerful entities often harm the most vulnerable of humanity. Those who live in the "shithole" countries, children, women in subjugation. Canada has a history of abuse of power with its indigenous peoples but overall has done fairly well with uncovering and facing the truth ( unlike America). But big pharma is all about money, the opioid epidemic was created by big pharma and opiod pain pills. So I'm all for uncovering big pharma' shady ways.

Sasha said...

Im in Canada, not too far from Toronto. The police arent giving much info. Hush hush

Unknown said...

@ Subliminal: Very very good post indeed. Don't expect any answers though.

Jayne said...

I thought this was interesting in light of this discussion: https://khn.org/news/university-under-fire-for-off-the-grid-herpes-vaccine-experiments/

Jayne said...

Of specific interest in the above article, at least to me:

SIU had said Halford conducted his research on human subjects independently in the Caribbean in 2016 with a company he co-founded with a Hollywood filmmaker. Yet, SIU’s medical school shared in a patent on a prospective vaccine with Halford’s company, Rational Vaccines, and promoted Halford’s vaccine research on its website.

plot said...


Good find! Also from the article

*Rational Vaccines was co-founded with Hollywood filmmaker AgustĆ­n FernĆ”ndez III and has since received millions of dollars in private investment from billionaire Peter Thiel, who contributed to President Donald Trump’s campaign.*

Alrighty! Now we're getting somewhere. Here's the Wiki for Agustin -


Absolutely nothing there which should qualify him, financially or personally, to co-found a pharmaceutical concern. Why the hell is he all wrapped up in this? He and Theil are risking a huge lawsuit and censure here, though I'm sure Thiel will skate no matter what and Fernandez will be left holding the bag.

What put this Hollywood nobody, without major income sources, together with this clearly underhanded doctor?

plot said...

+1 Halloweenie!

Jayne said...

My guess is that Agustin is fronting for someone behind the scenes.

Just a guess.

plot said...

Sure looks that way. It also looks like Agustin is going to take the hit from the lawsuits, and the penalties for seeking a way around FDA approval, as well.

Thiel will waltz away as will those who for some reason wanted to uncharacteristically involve themselves in a herpes drug without name of face.

plot said...

Correction -

"...as will those others who for some reason wanted to invest in a herpes drug without their names of faces being attached."

Shouldn't write and talk on the phone at the same time.

Mark said...

Halloweenie, if America is a fundamentally racist country that is responsible for the shithole condition of various shithole countries in the Caribbean and Africa, then Clinton(s) is (are) more responsible for their shithole condition than those who are following the crumbs that Enty has dropped in this poorly structured on-line game of Clue.

I hope you've gotten over your mental diarrhea.

plot said...

"then Clinton(s) is (are) more responsible"

Because everything bad that happens in the whole wide world is connected to the Clintons!

Don't fake your concern for anything or anyone else when suddenly you can talk about Clintons, dude

Mark said...

Who said I'm concerned, dude? You don't like this game, don't play. But it's just a fucking game. Get over yourself.

plot said...

You do! Let's revisit -

"then Clinton(s) is (are) more responsible for their shithole condition"

If you don't care, why make such a statement? Why do you care about any of your imagined terrible activities of your Most Evilest Couple Evah if you don't care about their effect?

So if you don't care, why imagine the Clintons are so terrible. If you do care (which I doubt, you're just jacking off on your Outrage!), then shouldn't you accept that the Clinton's are NOT responsible for all terrible things in the world and work for true change?

You've got yourself in quite the pickle there, dude.

Schneiderisnext said...


@plot and I are having an interesting back and forth that may tie in on "The Church's new investment.

David Geffen is funding research into the prevention of AIDS between mother and child. (Through UCLA $$$) There are " Dream Center's" all over Africa with religious ties. They are treating pregnant HIV+ mothers with ARV cocktails for free. (Apotex?) They've successfully prevented HIV transmission to babies.

Think long term. What happens to the Moms when they develop full fledged aids and die? HIV FREE Babie$$$ for adoption.

Schneiderisnext said...


In 2010, The Dream Centre of Pinewood South Africa (an AIDS Hospice clinic) shut down under allegations of financial improprieties. I'm finding connections between the Liberty MA Dream Center pastored by George Cladis and a 2002 charity organization called "FOCUS DREAM CENTER" (this seems to be the very first charity called "dream centre" to be founded in Africa)

George Cladis consulted with Jeffrey Katzenberg and visited DreamWorks SKG, to consult on the Prince of Egypt. Matt Crouch of Trinity Broadcasting also consulted on this movie.

The Barnetts are lynchpin of Trinity Broadcasting Network. That's the outward facing international television broadcast network spreading word/faith, healing miracles, pyramid scheme, pentecostalism

Pentecostal/ASSEMBLY of God megachurches are spreading all over Africa, due to the sustained TBN ministry.

I'm sorry my posts are so dense. I can provide sources for each individual claim if people aren't comfortable googling it themeselves

MindYourPsAndQs said...
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Annilorr said...


MindYourPsAndQs said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Schneiderisnext said...

Two days ago (27 March) the Dream Centre hospice closed its doors forever, depriving 120 patients of a place to stay and 100 staff of their jobs.

The six-storey hospice building in central Pinetown has also been controversially auctioned off for R26.5-million ‘€“ after being bought with a housing department subsidy for around R3.3-million.
Hospice management say they cannot afford to run the facility any longer as the Department of Health has not increased its subsidies since 2006. But the department has ordered an audit of the facility amid ‘€œserious allegations of mismanagement’€.

The hospice was run by four men, Neville de Witt, his son Gary, Leslie Harris and his son, Clinton. Staff allege that the men ran the hospice, registered as a non-profit, as a family business. In fact, Gary ran a carpet business, Carpet Flair, from the basement of the hospice as well as being paid a salary from the hospice.

Meanwhile, Neville allegedly charged the hospice R16 000 a month for ‘€œpastoral care and counselling’€ of patients ‘€“ via a CHURCH he used to run in CANADA, alongside his monthly salary, according to staff who were shown documents about this by auditors.


Schneiderisnext said...

Background - The DREAM Programme (Geffen + UCLA are contributors)

"Drug Resources Enhancement against AIDS and Malnutrition (DREAM) [1] was created by the Community of Sant'Egidio to fight AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. The project takes a holistic approach, combining Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy (HAART) with the treatment of malnutrition, tuberculosis, malaria and sexually transmitted diseases."

"The prevention of HIV transmission in the general population and of mother-to-child transmission through Community Care and Home Care services (CCHC) and Mother and Child Prevention and Care (MCPC), respectively, are additional key components of the programme"

Since adherence to ARVs and treatment follow-up are essential for the effective use of HAART in large-scale public health settings, DREAM provides the treatment package FREE OF CHARGE to all patients. This is a crucial element; for many patients, even the cost of transport may prevent them from adhering to treatment. By eliminating the cost of treatment, high adherence rates have been achieved


FREE ARVS. This what we aren't allowed to talk about

Schneiderisnext said...


Clinton Health Access Initiative is the main sponsor of the African "Dream Centre's" programs and is a partner of the Community de Santegodio

*chrome warns you about visiting this site, but I had no issues

Jojo said...

Straight from the Apotex website:
"We have a longstanding commitment to the United Way. Over 24 years, our company has contributed more than $11 million, and are proud to be the largest donor in the Canadian pharmaceutical industry."

The church is united way, US headquarters in Alexandria, VA. They partner with hundreds of churches of many denominations.

Jojo said...

It is referred to as a church bcz, from a tax perspective the benefits to the donor are the same.

designace001 said...

@Schneiderisnext, "Clinton Health Access Initiative is the main sponsor of the African "Dream Centre's" programs and is a partner of the Community de Santegodio."

The DC and other churches (little 'c') are below the line so to speak. They provide the delivery infrastructure and I'll bet to a degree enforcement, procurers . The dirty workers. The gangs are a step below them. The core is UN, above the line the top heavy sponsors are the foundations and nation state players...with a few big sub contracted private and not so private agencies running ops.

designace001 said...

@Annilorr brilliant catch! Schneiderisnext the kid angle is a sad possibility.


Gates also did this with AZT in Africa, a drug eschewed by the Gay community 30 years or more ago because it killed people. My Gay HIV+ friends tell me no one dies of AIDS anymore. Guess it depend where you live.

designace001 said...

The kid angle..

"The risk of peripartum HIV transmission can be reduced from 25% to 12% by the administration of a single dose of nevirapine to an HIV-infected, pregnant woman in labor and to her infant at birth. More effective antiretroviral regimens for the prevention of mother-to-child transmission are now recommended, and access to such regimens is steadily improving. However, in settings with incomplete access to comprehensive ART, or when women are ART ineligible, ease of administration and low cost have resulted in the use of single-dose nevirapine (sdNVP) by at least 1.5 million women worldwide, including at least 340,000 women in South Africa.

Exposure to sdNVP may result in HIV mutations which confer resistance to nevirapine and efavirenz, two non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NNRTIs) that form the basis of 1st-line antiretroviral therapy (ART) in most resource-limited settings. As a result, sdNVP exposure may reduce the effectiveness of the antiretroviral regimen most likely to be available when women later require therapy for their own HIV disease."

MindYourPsAndQs said...

Toronto Police are just holding a press conference. Finally announced they view it’s a double homicide. They are saying that the Shermans were targetted. They refuse to discuss suspects, & will not discuss what was found in the home. Http://www.cp24.com

MindYourPsAndQs said...

They have also met with and discussed their findings with the family. They are saying that the investigation does extend outside of the country, but stating that it relates to other residences. 348 leads to investigate. Significant number of people who have been known to enter the house prior to investigation. Police spokeswoman excellent at remaining focussed and tight lipped.

MindYourPsAndQs said...

There has always been a huge question about access and use of keys/access cards/bluetooth devices used for the “lock box” scenario because they had their home up for sale and a real estate agent had access to the home. Red herring. This was professional.

cheesegrater15 said...

I just saw a report that they're officially calling the Shermans' death a murder. And, another report that the head of Apotex is resigning.

cheesegrater15 said...

A "targeted murder."

plot said...


If you could find another source for your Clinton info, other than the propaganda source (rife with outright lies there in the recommended articles), I'd really appreciate it.

wnd has a known filter to enrage and deliver Outrage! to the religious.

Doug said...

@MindYourPsAndQs, I'd say it was world-class professional.

MindYourPsAndQs said...

@Doug. Exactly. I don’t know if the retired police commentator on the station that @scooterchick mentioned is dum or just playing dumb, but he said it seems like possibly a ‘family connection’. His younger cousins, who feel they were cheated out of their inheritance by Sherman, have been suing him for years, but there’s no way this would have benefited them.... prepare for some poor chump to be the fall guy.

Schneiderisnext said...



If you could find another source for your Clinton info, other than the propaganda source (rife with outright lies there in the recommended articles), I'd really appreciate it.

wnd has a known filter to enrage and deliver Outrage! to the religious."

Every publication has bias. But it's kind of annoying that you always attack the source instead of the argument.

I even agree with you about WND. But a broken clock is right twice a day.

But nonetheless, here's an alt source. The article authors website.


Harvard mba seems well researched too

Doug said...

I think Charles Ortel should be taken very seriously.

I also take Wayne Madsen seriously on Trump, just to be bipartisan.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

An HIV antiretroviral drug—Apo-TriAvir—was sent to Rwanda in two shipments in September 2008 and 2009 by the Canadian pharmaceutical company Apotex Inc.

Mary Lamb said...

I just picked a random starred conversation which I believe to be about laboratory manufacturing of either patented or generic drugs.
Do you honestly believe that these laboratories are being forthright about their practices, no less their so-called results?
Geezus. And, I don't know where a comment came from, that might be true, but it linked an article stating that the FDA was no longer going to do testing. THEY NEVER DID!
Maybe I've been around too long but the fact remains that the FDA never did any analysis of their own, not for a long, long time, anyway. I think the last independent study was in the 70's, and highly paid off. Saccarin, I think it was. Funnily, there was a person of interest in another thread that mentioned the inventor of saccarin.
So, what we do have here is a masterful conspiracy. A shit-load of churches, running under the guise (with their compliance) of familial worship, and being anything but moral.

MindYourPsAndQs said...

@mary lamb And then you have the added complication of drugs being manufactured & “tested”/nont tested in another country - Canada - outside the perview of the FDA but being flogged by US based Foundations (Clintons) & Organizations ‘The Church’ to 3rd world countries where ‘wonder drugs’ can be tested on them or distributed with even less control than in North America.

designace001 said...

@plot lol "other sources" other than the source information from the Clinton Foundation itself and the various other vetted medical publications I provided? You're becoming obsolete in this conversation and ALL of us have been more than generous to you in your onerous (and continuous) attempt at deflection from the ugly truth.

I hope you don't have any twitter stock because rumor has it certain assets will be seized very shortly. Like you better sell now, crazy fast.

To tell the truth (to save you time in the future), I usually just scroll right past your comments. Imo they add little to the conversation and they generally run towards ad hominem rather than a well thought out argument. I'm not fond of circular conversations with people who fail to present compelling arguments (not to hurt your feelings or anything). Very non productive!

It's patently obvious your opinion is set in cement, which of course you you are absolutely entitled to. Hold on tight and have a great night!! xxox

designace001 said...

Thanks @Scheniderisnext and to all the others.

What's most hideous about this (besides the obvious) is that this "formula' so to speak was utilized in a myriad of ways to produce many, many ill gotten gains in many venues with a multiplicity of product. Nothing like writing the legislation for your next investment. Look at our cities right now. Who do you think is invested in and is flipping all that new transit based housing they legislated? Masked R.E.I.T.'s with friends is the way to go! It's the Silverado model all over again.

How about all the 'pain management clinics' and the aftermarket 'addiction centers'? The opiod epidemic has you covered!! All angles, all the time. It's a whole other part of this story. Swapping the real deal for low efficacy drugs in places like the VA, so you can off sale the high quality product and double or triple your profits. Pushing the pain non managed (because you know, low effacacy drugs don't work the same) into one of your other 'pain/addiction paths'.

These are the above line in your face 'legal' businesses that I would presume launder the 'other' dirtier money.

It's all so sickening, their #time'sUp for sure.

plot said...

"but it linked an article stating that the FDA was no longer going to do testing. THEY NEVER DID! "

What???? The FDA sure has done testing. What are you talking about?

" the FDA never did any analysis of their own, not for a long, long time, "

You are absolutely and insanely wrong about that.

Mary Lamb said...

Couldn't agree more.

If I'm absolutely and insanely wrong about that
please site references where the FDA did their own independent studies and where and when. Even in the case of Monsanto (and other gmo manufacturers ie: Nestle and Dannano) they rely on the company's compliance to produce all testing results. Yeah, that works out well.
The same goes for pharmaceutical companies.
Again, please enlighten me with facts. You, yourself, are big on asking for proof. Have at it.

designace001 said...

Schneiderisnext! Schneiderisnext!! publish it! Finally Carlos make's his way into the story, the fourth richest man in the world (owns majority share in the NY Times) who brought throw away phones gratis to the Haitians with preloaded ads for micro financing. In Bangladesh his plan worked so well women sold their kidneys to pay off their debt. He coincidentally funds a kidney transplant center.



And JrSlims is right not to forget Epstein and Ghislaine.

Why do so many of these people sit on the CFR? Scroll down to see notable members. Epstein, Geffin, Ari, Jolie, Clooney and a plethora of news media types.

designace001 said...

lol wrong thread haha!

Mary Lamb said...

Okay, I also think that more than a few of you have touched on the efficacy of drugs being offered to poor countries, or maybe you haven't but I've been reading between the lines.
Someone mentioned (feel free to speak up, too many comments and too many intertwining threads) that Apotex sells their pharma to countries utilizing sell-by dates and then shoves it into a 'charity' bin. Tax write-offs offset costs. Makes a lot of sense and I'm sure they're not alone.
I'll add to that, yet again, who knows what generic medications contain. Yes, they are 'supposed' to go by an existing formula but have leeway as to additives, just like ibuprofin pain med manufacturers.
Maybe the controversy lies somewhere along these lines, especially the efficacy and viability of drugs to perform as proposed.

Mary Lamb said...

LOL, @Designace001, could you please direct me to the thread you meant to comment on? Thanks!

designace001 said...

@mary lamb, from today "The Initiation Fee", Schneiderisnext does a fabulous recap in it. Appotex had FDA warnings and other issues with efficacy and cross contamination of their drugs. Evidently this was an issue with other generics as well. On at least one occasion Apotex also requested that other manufacturers conduct bio similarity studies to prove efficacy, evidently a common ply to extend market exclusivity.



plot said...

"please site references where the FDA did their own independent studies and where and when"

I don't have to. That is their fucking JOB. If they contract out studies, that makes no difference.

Your making shit up to play your weird mental games. Get over yourself.

Rosie riveter said...

Oh plot, you would of been better off not replying at all to @mary lamb. Lol this just isn't a good look on you- aren't you the one to always want proof and sources?
Haha Thank you for the morning laugh, it felt good.

plot said...

Glad to please!

But claiming the FDA does not DO ITS JOB is for mary to prove, since it is her assertion.

What? No introductory logic or rhetoric in your background or mary's?


Mary Lamb said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mary Lamb said...



Jan 17, 2017 - FDA approves new drugs and biologics. ... Manufacturers must also prove they are able to make the drug product according to federal quality standards. FDA does not develop or test products before approving them. Instead, FDA experts review the results of laboratory, animal, and human clinical testing done by manufacturers.

Right out of the horse's mouth.

Theresa said...

Mary lamb I wrote your name wrong in a previous comment my apologies.

This is a new learning curve for me. I had no idea how corrupt the pharmaceuticals were although I had a vague notion they must be, but not to this extreme. Thanks to all for the info.

Mary Lamb said...

Never a problem, Theresa.

What, no comeback? I guess there's no excuse for stupid.
Note: do not check posters without googling for less than 10 seconds.

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