Thursday, January 25, 2018

Mr. X Blind Item #2

One of the organizers of the subtle protest movement that will be happening at the Grammys is also a procurer of young guys for that mogul who hopefully will be exposed soon.


MontanaMarriott said...

David Geffen for the mogul, #MeToo movement?

Unknown said...

Meg Harkins and Karen Rait are the organizers according to Google I guess

Monsieur Pocketrocket said...
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Don Kieballs said...

Karen Rait, rhythmic promotion at Interscope/Geffen/A&M Records

filmfanb said...

I cant put into words how much I want Geffan to be taken down.

cheesegrater15 said...

I'm sure it's about as much as I want Dan fucking Schneider's head. With his dick inserted in his mouth.

MontanaMarriott said...

Well Enty you called it. Casey Affleck will NOT be presenting at this year's Oscars.

Don Kieballs said...

Dan Schneider needs to go too, but not as cheesegrater described. For a lot of guys, being able to put their own dick in their mouth is something positive. He deserves much worse. Like Weinstein's dick in his mouth, after barebacking Mario Batali's cinnamon roll

Brayson87 said...

You nailed it Thorwic, about halfway down the article

Unknown said...

Geffen needs to be exposed - and, I mean everything. He needs to go to jail forever.

Randaleese said...

He’s a cull

Randaleese said...

Oh it would ground up THEN run over the cheesegrater THEN stuffed in his mouth

Alexandria said...

Geffen needs to be kicked out of this galaxy, as soon as possible. I'm wondering if he can afford space shuttle launch.

DDonna Tarttty said...

A blind for him
Who shall not be named
In the Hall of Shame
Mopped up souls
From his bloody floor
But his time 'rounds near
As he locks his doors

Were he die today
Still be far too late
Too many bodies
Too many dark fates
Just a little man
With "minor" dreams
But cock your ear
You can hear the screams

For it's not enough
To play the Game
Or decide who is
"Showered" with Fame
Or to be creative
Or make true art
It's just the business
Cutting out hearts

Even Peter Pan
Would turn his head
From this psycho's
Years of dread
"Lost Boys," oh yes
More ways than one
His pedigree?
Devil's own son

So say your prayers
His time's come due
That justice last
Turns lies to true
That blood and horror
Greed and pain
Forecast the end
Of his insane reign....

Tricia13 said...

Well written Donnnna Tarrrrty😉
I love poetry/verse

rocky619ca said...

Beautiful DDonna Tarrrrty 🌹

bdm said...

Very well done

Mahogany1 said...

Why do I want the mogul to be puffy

MattDaddy said...

I’m wondering... if you’re Geffen, you can feel the wolves circling, what do you do?

Is he frantically paying off whoever he can remember ruining during his decades of nightmares? Are his lawyers already talking to prosecutors? Does he have a go bag packed, a jet on standby and a standing reservation at a boutique hotel in a country with no extradition?

What, in other words, is going on over on Planet Geffen while we’re gathered here praying for his doom?

Samantha Willow said...

@Don Kieballs LMAO nice visual, buddy. ;)

Drag em hard said...

David Geffen needs to “fall” off his yacht and be rescued by Somali pirates. “I just want to feel loved, Is that so wrong? “ said in my best Harvey Fierstein impersonation. Geffens’ got to go down.

mistang said...

I'm betting Geffen is not too worried and feels untouchable because he has been doing this for so long and has so much on others.

Schneiderisnext said...

This is the web: and there are still gaps: but it's getting clearer

David Geffen through his UCLA funding is working on studies to prevent the transmission of AIDS from Mother to Child

He's partnered with a African web of "Dream Centre's" religious/governmental partnership of HIV clinics, where they test/treat pregnant mothers. Ties to an Italian Charity, Assembly of God, and the Catholic Church

They treat pregnant mothers with the Aids "cocktail" drug referenced in the newest church blind.


David Geffen is funding research into the prevention of AIDS between mother and child. (Through UCLA $$$) There are " Dream Center's" all over Africa with religious ties. They are treating pregnant HIV+ mothers with ARV cocktails for free. (Apotex?) They've successfully prevented HIV transmission to babies.

Think long term. What happens to the Moms when they develop full fledged aids and die? HIV FREE Babie$$$ for adoption.

All of my research is in the comments of the following "Church" blinds.

@Enty is referencing multiple different churches through these blinds, but they are working together

Schneiderisnext said...

In 2010, The Dream Centre of Pinewood South Africa (an AIDS Hospice clinic) shut down under allegations of financial improprieties. I'm finding connections between the Liberty MA Dream Center pastored by George Cladis and a 2002 charity organization called "FOCUS DREAM CENTER" (this seems to be the very first charity called "dream centre" to be founded in Africa)

George Cladis consulted with Jeffrey Katzenberg and visited DreamWorks SKG, to consult on the Prince of Egypt. Matt Crouch of Trinity Broadcasting also consulted on this movie.

The Barnetts are lynchpin of Trinity Broadcasting Network. That's the outward facing international television broadcast network spreading word/faith, healing miracles, pyramid scheme, pentecostalism

Pentecostal/ASSEMBLY of God megachurches are spreading all over Africa, due to the sustained TBN ministry.

I'm sorry my posts are so dense. I can provide sources for each individual claim if people aren't comfortable googling it themeselves

Schneiderisnext said...

Two days ago (27 March) the Dream Centre hospice closed its doors forever, depriving 120 patients of a place to stay and 100 staff of their jobs.

The six-storey hospice building in central Pinetown has also been controversially auctioned off for R26.5-million ‘€“ after being bought with a housing department subsidy for around R3.3-million.
Hospice management say they cannot afford to run the facility any longer as the Department of Health has not increased its subsidies since 2006. But the department has ordered an audit of the facility amid ‘€Å“serious allegations of mismanagement’€.

The hospice was run by four men, Neville de Witt, his son Gary, Leslie Harris and his son, Clinton. Staff allege that the men ran the hospice, registered as a non-profit, as a family business. In fact, Gary ran a carpet business, Carpet Flair, from the basement of the hospice as well as being paid a salary from the hospice.

Meanwhile, Neville allegedly charged the hospice R16 000 a month for ‘€Å“pastoral care and counselling’€ of patients ‘€“ via a CHURCH he used to run in CANADA, alongside his monthly salary, according to staff who were shown documents about this by auditors.

happyfrancis said...

What did Geffen do? And to who?

Drumstixx said...

Wow @ schneidernext that is some info! Well done, it does go with the blind. Going to go read it now. Thanks!

Unknown said...

@ schneiderisnext thank you for this research! I am sure Bill and Melinda are working along with Geffen too.. #allpedosmustdie

Anonymous said...

That's perfect, Don. We should leave you in charge of their punishment.

And the procurers of young guys for Geffen are just as bad as he is.

BestMan said...

Thank you for all your exhaustive research and thank you for not posting this and every single blind.

drkdragon777 said...

Geffen may eventually be exposed, but he'll never "go down." Given all of these ass hats will never be charged even though they have been exposed, I have little faith anything will happen to him. So they take his name off some buildings, the guy is a billionaire and it won't make a dent in his net worth.

Drag em hard said...

But he will reap what he has sown, more then he’s sown and later then he’s sown.Nothing will stop his degradation of human life from being dealt with. Gayle and the big “O” will have no longer have their buffer zone. Might have to buy their own skiff. I’m sure the shenanigans on that yacht are legendary and well guarded,but ego and pride goes before folly.Pictures may be banned,but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been taken.Blackmail goes both ways. No pleading ignorance.

Jennifer Tyler said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jennifer Tyler said...

drkdragon77 sometimes billionaires end up dead. Not enough for the truly evil ones. Surprised that more victims don't take matters into their own hands.

That would be the best end for this guy, taken by surprise and make sure the police can uncover his treasure trove of perversion because perverts always need to record what they do so they can keep getting off it.

Then his legacy is destroyed and for an added touch all the victims should file law suits against the estate. If I were a lawyer in California I'd do the legal work for free.


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