Monday, July 16, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #1

April 20, 2018

It didn't take long for this former entertainer turned the affordable movie alternative to his former counterpart to start hooking up with another woman after a recent split. You know, they seem really chummy so this has probably been going on for awhile.

John Cena (apparently this woman is still hanging around too)


No Wuckin' Furries said...
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sandybrook said...

Cenas relationship with the Bella is faked for storyline purposes. I guarantee if\when he moves comp!etely away from WWE into tv and movies, she's gone for good.

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longtimereader said...

Saw blockers recently, a decent movie and cena was okay in it.

Jon said...

Cena was very funny and sexy in Blockers.

texasrose said...
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Jean Grey said...

I agree Sandy.

Eff Yiew said...

I can only read this blind with his theme blasting in the background.


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