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Blind Items Revealed #8

March 14, 2018

There is a behind the scenes power player in Hollywood, who was on a blind earlier this year.  Let’s stick with calling him P.

P once represented a former A– list teen star who you all know, during the early years of his career.  However, there is no reason to think this former 80’s star is one of P’s victims.  While he has been in the news a great deal lately for reasons other than his acting, our former star does return to the big screen soon.  About a month from now, he stars in a small-budget crime thriller, as a vicious, cross-dressing vampire.

Back in the day, a little over 3 decades ago, one of P’s close work friends happened to be a notorious child-molesting photographer, who also dabbled in child pornography.  Let’s call this photographer B.

Around this time, another of P’s close work friends was another long-time serial pedophile.  He was called NS in a prior blind, and you all know him.  NS was an acting manager.  P, B, and NS all had clients in common, through referrals from one to the other.  Their businesses at the time were not in competition with one another – but rather complimentary.

It was not unusual for P, B, NS, and a couple clients to all hang out in the same place together.

Back in the late 70s, B was first brought to the attention of the LAPD.  It wasn’t until about a decade later that he was finally caught in a nationwide child porn sting, along with several others.  B fought the charges, and escaped on a technicality during the appeals process.

Despite this, B was welcomed right back to Hollywood.  B began branching out as talent manager and coach.  B managed a certain young actor, starting when he was barely a teen.   This young actor had big promise, and quickly began getting a lot of work.  Unfortunately, this young actor quickly spiraled down the path of substance abuse, and died of a drug overdose before he turned 25.

B was accused of child porn a little over a decade and a half ago, but he struck a plea deal.  B pled to a misdemeanor, and got probation.

A few years later, one of B’s clients went to the police.  He was barely a teen at the time, and got B convicted for molesting him.  B finally served a few years in jail.

What did P know about his friends, and when did he know it?  How long did he remain friends with them? 

P- Jeff Ballard
Former Star- Corey Feldman
Film Coming Soon- Queeny Nash Corbin
B- Bob Villard
Deceased Actor- Christopher Pettiet
NS- Marty Weiss


Thonker said...

This was pretty much guessed and Jamie dlux did a video on this right? The whole An Open Secret crew... (by which I mean the people discussed in the documentary)... gross.

Sara, Making It Work said...

Damn. I think we were stuck on the deceased actor. Too many possibilities.
But Pettiet came up in another blind (will you reveal it?) recently.
Shit, that kid went through a lot. God damn it.

T. W. said...

As I was typing Bob's name into the search engine it suggested "Bob Villard child molester."

Ly said...


T. W. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sara, Making It Work said...

I stand corrected. Pettiet's name came up about halfway down in the comments.

cheesegrater15 said...

Wow, Chris Pettiet was also in Judging Amy. Was that show just a sec trafficking front?

Julieh said...

Interesting that Jeff Ballard was Charlie Sheen’s publicist. What could they possibly have in common.

T. W. said...

A little about Christopher -

Sara, Making It Work said...

@cheesegrater, it appears so.
There are at least two other blinds that point that way.

Unknown said...

Geez, it seems like being cast in Judging Amy was a recipe for disaster.

cheesegrater15 said...

Fucking hell

H said...

Bob Villard managed Leo Dicaprio as a child. Enty when are we going to get any blinds about Leo Dicaprios childhood??

trufflepig said...

Yeah, even if Leo was lucky and Villard never molested him, I'm surprised Enty hasn't made anything up by now.

Nachobuttmug said...

Bob Villard took a lot of gross pictures of Noah Hathaway, the lead actor of a Neverending Story. Also Patrick Labyorteaux and Matthew Labyorteaux from Little House on the Prairie, also Luis Daniel Ponce from Hogan's Family. You can just look up Bob Villard on google images and there they are.

I would guess that Christopher Pettiet, Jonathan Brandis, River Phoenix, Andrew Koenig, Corey Haim, and Brad Renfro were all victims of that group.

LisaMarie said...

That poor child Corey Feldman.

BRAD PITT said...

Feldman is an anal rapist

Horselover Phat said...

Feldman is NO INNOCENT. He is complicit in his own abuse, maybe not to begin with, but he certainly is now. It's as though his revelation threats are dangled invitations for getting work in this SICK industry. Feldman is obviously a FAGGOT. Hollywood is FAGGOT and PAEDO CENTRAL. Hollywood is also brainwashing the entire planet with CRYPTO-SODOMY that is built-in to most releases. I've decode a whole lot of it. They've been doing this for generations.

DiCaprio is a FAGGOT too, as his is friend Jonah Hill. Male stars are virtually ALL FAGGOTS, industry ex-rent boys, or at least take it up the ASS in exchange for fame.

P Rei said...

@Horselover Phat. I recommend decaf... or maybe some nice soothing peppermint herbal chai.

Halloweenie said...

Unfortunately many people hold the same violently homophobic views that @horselover does. And rather than encourage actors and actresses and musicians who are gay to come out and live openly and healthily, Hollywood continues to support a industry wide closet structure which requires people to be dishonest about who they are. Hollywood stars who are lgbt and music artists and athletes who are lgbt could lead by example. By being authentic and in so doing help bring an end to violent homophobia. Instead they chose to plug into a system of subterfuge and pr fakery. It's all going to continue to come crashing down. And pedos and abusers are of all sexualities. Do Dan Schneider and Harvey Weinstein ring a bell? There are 1000 more where those two came from.


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