Saturday, July 07, 2018

Blind Item #6

That reality troll company that is for hire for put upon reality stars is at it again. This time they have been hired by the besieged reality star from the south to go after people who go after him in comments of tabloids and other online forums. One of these days, they will go too far and the people behind the company are going to end up in jail. 


MDAnderson said...

Thomas Ravenel for the rightfully besieged reality star

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sandybrook said...

Oh goody come to CDAN please and come for me when you get here😣

ZiLe Ohai said...

Ah yes, AATT, a full service media company.
If you don't like the right reality star, they'll make sure you're punished.
Thomas Ravenel isn't the first reality star to use them. Isn't that right Siggy Flicker?

Mango said...

Most posters are fairly anonymous; exactly what kind of harassment does AATT enact? It seems like it would be a lot of work to harass your common place poster versus a reality TV blog or magazine critic. Unless, of course, they’re just calling posters names in a comments thread.

OB said...

"Reality troll company"! 😅

Mo said...

I’ve never heard of such a thing. It seems unfair that mediocre reality “stars” continue to force themselves on the public.

ReturnToSender said...

"GREEDY Reality troll company"!

ZiLe Ohai said...

Once upon a time someone came up with the idea that if she mixed A DIAMOND into her TEA that it would make her career BLAST OFF.
That might have come true except the DIAMOND was FAUX so everything fizzled.

Naturally the next step was to troll everyone on Twitter and file harassment complaints against people who are very pretty.

The moral of this story is: Mixing your tea with a FAUX DIAMOND won't make the FAUX DIAMOND less of a fake, it just makes the TEA shitty too.


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