Thursday, July 05, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #38 - Old Hollywood

June 4, 2018

How does someone who wins an Academy Award for acting not get any film work at all for several years after winning? Well, if you are this actress it is all because she refused to sleep with the star of the movie for which she won the award. At the time he was A++ list and is still a permanent A++ list mostly movie actor. Everyone around the world knows who he is. They also probably know about his sexual appetite and love of food too.

On the set of this movie, our actor forced every actress to sleep with him. They knew if they didn't that he would get them fired from the movie and also make sure they didn't work any longer. He knew they knew and depending on what drugs or how much he had to drink that day, he would force the women to completely degrade themselves in order to keep their job.

He didn't even always find all the women attractive. He just wanted them to know who was the boss and he took great pleasure in humiliation.

Well, this one actress turned him down cold. She said no. So, he tried to have her fired. 99% of the time he would have succeeded, but this was a very unique role and there was no one who could be found at short notice to play the role. The studio looked everywhere to keep the actor happy, but it was impossible.

The actor told the actress she would never work in the town again unless she agree to sleep with him. For over four years, she kept saying no, but there were zero acting jobs and her entertainment side gigs were not paying her enough, so she finally broke down and had sex with him. Two days later she got an acting gig in a movie.

Movie: "Sayonara"
Actress: Miyoshi Umeki (Best Actress in a Supporting Role "Sayonara")
Actor: Marlon Brando
Unique role: Japanese
Movie 4 years later: "Flower Drum Song"


Maggie T said...

Ugh, pig.

Andi said...

There were very few roles for Japanese actresses, her & her husband ran a company that rented out film editing equipment.

yepthatsme said...

Whatever doesnt kill you, simply makes you land roles in Hollyweird!

T. W. said...

Why not find someone else to sleep with.

It's not about sex. It is about domination and control.

hunter said...

And yet we vilify Jennifer Lawrence for proactively approaching this system.

It has been clear 1000% that you WILL NOT move forward unless you put the cock in your mouth.

Unfortunate but real.

A-pathetic said...

I don't vilify her, if she can live with it, it's none of my business.

I vilify those in power who perpetrate and encourage this system, which forces actors to prostitute themselves to have a livelihood. Forced prostitution is illegal everywhere except Hollywood, where people actively encourage it.

BRAD PITT said...

he abused his daughter

Simon said...

Sickening. Hollywood has always been a man’s world and not much has changed.

tetsujin said...

@Andi F. +1

Would she have gotten a lot of work on old Hollywood anyway? They'd rather do a ScarJo than hire an actual Japanese woman.

trufflepig said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
trufflepig said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
trufflepig said...

I don't think it's impossible to make it as an actor without hitting the casting couch. Hollywood may be a playground for sexual predators, but it's also an industry. And for a movie to make money it needs a good cast. There may be lots of random 'hot chick' kind of roles that could be played by literally any pretty young girl, but when it comes to bigger parts, it's crucial to cast exactly the right person. They have to look the part, they have to be able to pull it off, they need screen presence and good on-screen chemistry with the rest of the cast.

If you want your movie to be good, you can't afford to base your casting choices solely on the willingness of applicants to suck your dick.

Plus, Hollywood as a system depends on stars. And whilst goodlooking and talented actors may be a dime a dozen, people with genuine star quality are not. Call me naive, but I believe that if someone has the potential to be a HUGE star, they will be forgiven almost anything. I'm not saying actresses who were blacklisted for rejecting Weinstein et al. weren't talented or attractive. But they probably didn't have that 'it factor' which would have made them to valuable for studios to drop them.

I believe that many, but not ALL, of the current A-listers made it to the top via the casting couch.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, fucking disgusting.

GlassLass said...

Poor Mrs. Livingston.

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PotPourri said...

At least it was not the fat, disgusting Diaper Version of Marlon Brando. Still a Brutal Bully.

OKay said...

Brando was one seriously damaged "person." What a waste of skin.


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