Thursday, July 05, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #37 - Mr. Hedge

April 16, 2018

This serial pedophile was a Hollywood photographer for decades.  He has not been discussed in any previous blinds.  He hails from a state in the Midwest, so let’s call him M.  M’s father was a locally famous media personality.  His father always defended M’s innocence publicly, and used his connections to help get M out of trouble on a number of occasions.

Almost 4 decades ago, M was charged with soliciting a minor for sex, and got off with a warning.  About 3 decades ago, M was arrested for abusing a young teen boy he photographed, as well as child porn.  Through a plea deal, M only spent a couple months in jail.

Despite M’s conviction and order to stay away from children, he went straight to Hollywood.  M became friends with another serial pedophile who has been discussed here before, NS.  For many years, through NS, and eventually others, M would make frequent trips to Hollywood to both photograph and physically molest young boys.  NS was one of many pedophile managers of child actors who provided introductions on M’s behalf.

M would then sell photographs on the internet.  He even had his own website, by his own name.  He used the typical style - shirtless / barefoot young boys at a downward angle, over which pedophiles are known to fetishize.  M would sometimes do close-up shots, featuring the bare armpits of pre-pubescent boys, which is another common pedophile fetish.

M would also sell the child porn he produced through his Hollywood connections.

About a decade ago, M was finally busted for child porn once again.  A raid of his Midwest home turned up many, many images and videos.  As a repeat offender, it looked like M was headed to jail for a long time.

Incredibly, M managed a plea deal, with the help of his prominent father’s local connections. Over 20 child porn charges were dropped, in exchange for a guilty plea to 1 single count.

This plea deal put M in jail for only a couple years.  During this relatively brief jail stint, it was discovered that his web site was still in operation, selling the same barely-legal young boy photographs as always.  A friend stepped in to run the website while M was in jail, and he claimed it was due to demand by fans.

Believe it or not, there was yet another pedophile with the same first and last name, who was convicted of molesting a young boy for years in CA – as his piano teacher.

M’s Father / job:
M’s friend who ran website while in jail:
Other pedophile with different middle name:

M: Robert C. Lamb
M’s Father/job: Bill Lamb (once the most popular radio disc jockey in Flint, Michigan)
NS: Marty Weiss
M’s friend who ran website while in jail: Brad Miller
Other pedophile with different middle name: Robert Bruce Lamb


Unknown said...

I sure hope these reveals make victims feel safe enough to come forward finally.

T. W. said...


Sara, Making It Work said...

I grew up in Flint and have never heard of Bill Lamb. Must have been wayyy back in the day. Likely before any of his son's crimes.

Bumtitty said...

In the UK we learnt a while ago that DJs are pervos

Ghost said...

I didn't do very well but when this blind was first published and people guessed Bob Lamb I contacted a few websites and ebay sellers and told them about him. A few sites and sellers stopped selling his book. Amazon was one of them. I can't remember the others.

kpist said...

I tried to post this yesterday. Has anyone heard the rumor that Chester Bennington is the biological son of Podesta? If you look at pictures, I would say they are at least related. They look very much alike. It also makes you wonder about his childhood abuse. It says on wiki that his father was a police investigator who investigated child abuse, but how would he not notice the signs his own son was being abused? Just curious if anyone else has heard this, they look so much alike.

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T. W. said...


No, I have not.

Ghost said...

I have managed to get ebay to remove the book from the U.K site.


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