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Blind Items Revealed #35 - A Himmmm Blind Item - Part Three Of 8 Parts Which I Will Space Every Five Minutes - Reveal 5 Minutes After The Final Part

March 26, 2018


The day of the show, the nervousness was building.  We all met in the lobby of the Carlton after lunch.  The singer, HT, was there with this permanent foreign born A list model.  Guitarist KG had gone ahead to the venue to see the opening bands.  Everybody else in the band took a bus to the stadium, complete with police escort.  When we arrived it was unlike any crowd I'd ever seen.  There were over 200 people just backstage alone.
We all went to grab some grub and drinks pre-show, and all these massive stars were there for the show.  From (former A list singer who had several big hits in late 70's early 80's) – who was not nice; to (foreign born permanent A++ list singer), who was amazingly nice;  to dozens of British stars back in the 90s.  So much so, the band got uncomfortable and started to peel off to hide.  Both KG and I slithered around a corner to smoke and hide.  That blind fool had fallen and nearly broken his foot at the airport, (sober I might add), and had it all taped up.  Within 15 minutes, HT the singer joined us laughing about ditching the gig and escaping to Piccadilly.  Saying we could crash a karaoke pub instead of this gig.  Thankfully, nobody escaped that night.

My date for the event was a foreign born woman who was known as a two-hit wonder in the U.S., from a musical family.  We will call her just MS.  She and I had met back in January of that year at a party for this band in their home country.  MS was widely respected and admired for her amazing vocal range, beauty, and the musicianship of her pop songs.  On this day in 1991, she was 30 and I was not yet 20.  Hey, don't judge.  She'd been in a long term relationship that recently ended, and was dating a new guy – kinda/sorta, but wasn't serious yet.  So she decided to be my date for this event, as friends. That was the plan anyway.

She was a total woman.  A mix of Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe, and the eyes and attitude of a Joan Collins.  She was all blonde hair, lips, hips, and…uhh, eyes.  Yes, those two incredible, large, round…eyes.  Hypnotic eyes.  She was self-deprecating in a humbly-sweet way, and funny as all hell.  Her words, her heart, and her sarcastic sense of humor really did it.  I was honored when she accepted my invitation to accompany me that evening as a friend.  Dress casual, arrive comfortable.

About a year earlier she'd given a French television-shattering performance in Paris, with the Eiffel Tower behind her – in a dress that made even the French TV censors nervous.  It was a very tight, very short, very low-cut-dip little black dress.  I honestly think she'd been sewn into it.  Wrapped around her figure it was shimmering and stunning.  She had that exact same dress on tonight and – good GOD.  My mouth was dry when I saw her arrive at the check-in gate.  For about five minutes I think everyone forgot about the band and the show, and she was the center of attention.  Just…wow.  H3 says no kidding, and he still recalls that dress. When he saw her he asked me if I would play drums during the show, and we'd just trade places.  But I told H3 that I don't play drums.  He didn't care.  Even HT wanted to bring her out for a duet but she was too nervous.

I didn't know HT's new girlfriend, the supermodel, too well.  She seemed very sweet and very in love.  HT was a hopeless romantic who fell in love twice a day, so I'm sure he loved her too.  But backstage, HT called me over to ask me a favor.  He said a close friend of his was there, and would I let her watch the gig with me and my date? Apparently the two ladies knew one another and despite tabloid crap – they were friends.  Sure, HT, who is she? That was when he introduced me to his lady friend, who was (foreign born A list singer who all of you know but never reached anything close to A list here) and had flown in just for this epic show.  Looking at the two of them – arguably the two most beautiful ladies in London – I said "duh, of course", like I'd refuse that.

So with two lovely ladies beside me, we dutifully took our place in the shadows at the side of the stage, where I could look to the sound boards and cameras if needed.  I had an ear-piece to my radio to monitor the production, and I could look ahead and see the band. We stood behind the camera track rig in the shadows of stage right (or screen left/house left for the viewer/crowd). Apparently HT liked it like that – to know friends are standing close since his vision was very limited past 12 feet.

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