Thursday, July 05, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #29

June 29, 2018

This former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned escort lost out on a billionaire to this much younger foreign born former underage escort turned model/sometime designer who is worth millions from escorting in her underage years. She is also apparently authentic in her religious beliefs and not just for money like our former actress.

Lindsay Lohan/Zahia Dehar


T. W. said...

Today I learned prostitution is legal in France if the prostitute is over 18.

What religion condones this?

Thonker said...

Oh lord just by googling I'd rather be with LiLo than her. She looks scary af.

gauloise said...

hooray, I finally got one! :)

gauloise said...

@TW France is a secular society with a very strong separation of church and state.

Brayson87 said...

Zahia has mannequin eyes but far better than LiLo. You're not going to wake up to Zahia dragging your widescreen out the door, LiLo on the other hand...

Fozzy Bear said...

@TW Think about it. Which religion allows both polygamy, and instant divorce by saying a few words, thus allowing hour-long marriages? It’s not prostitution, it’s serial monogamy.

Thursday November said...

had to google her, weird face.

@TW-james lipton has talked about being a pimp in France, watching the actor's studio is how I learned prostitution is legal in France.

Unknown said...

T.W., secularism, or whatever name you want to put on the creed of, "Hey, as long as they're consenting adults, who are we to judge?"

Islam may as well, and their invasion may be the reason this is being pushed in France lately, but secularism is the reason it's easily accepted.

pixiegothy said...

Zahia looks so different, I thought she looked better before the nose job and cheek implants. I always liked her Nina Hagen eye makeup style she used to wear. I saw pics of her fashion show on DM years ago and thought she was a promising designer, lovely lingerie creations.

T. W. said...



You'd think they would have more converts.

Why tell people to convert or die? Why not tell them what you just told me?

If all the 72 virgins are deflowered, will the terrorist still want them or does he get 72 more?

That religion is all about sex and violence.


T. W. said...


The days of Noah indeed.

One does not need to be religious to be moral.

T. W. said...

@Thursday November

I would have never thought that.

Off to France!

T. W. said...

@Cail Corishev


Just cuz 2 adults consent don't make it right.

Dr. Kevorkian "killed" people who wanted to be euthanized. I think Kevorkian died in prison.

Some guy in Germany placed a serious ad to find a person who was willing to be fukd and eaten alive. A man responded. They overcooked the penis but were able to eat calf meat I think. The "victim" ended up bleeding out cuz his penis was cut off. The German guy is in jail even though the "victim" did not revoke consent.

hunter said...

"You're not going to wake up to Zahia dragging your widescreen out the door, LiLo on the other hand..."


That girl wouldn't look so odd if she wore her dark natural hair color and stopped trying to look like a blonde white girl.

Rammed Earth said...

Whoever that dude is. his taste is wack.

Anonymous said...

I feel terrible for her. She was forced into the child star nightmare. That is not her fault. It's just sad that she has fallen into this life. It cannot end well.


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