Saturday, July 07, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #2

June 28, 2018

As I told you, this former A+ list singer is probably going to be dropped by her label. Also, unless you want the hassle of a refund, I would rethink buying tickets for her upcoming tour. I foresee lots of cancellations or just a tour cancellation in general. No one likes playing places a quarter full.

Christina Aguilera


bellarue said...

Poor Christina..

JustHereForTheComments said...

Christina as an album artist peaked at Back to Basics.. Don't @ me. He feature game is always good though. This is a shame though cause girl is talented & from a great era but she just can't hit a lick.

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fionafab said...

She is so gifted and pretty. I remember the duet she had with Mick Jagger in the Martin Scorsese film. She was sooo tiny then. Too much talent to go to waste. She'll bounce back. So many people (like me) love her.

Thonker said...

I wish she did better, actually released good music and fixed her attitude. Such a shame...

Unknown said...

"No one likes playing places a quarter full" said every guy who ever put it into Asia Argento.

fionafab said...

Thanks Pokey for ruining my happy Saturday afternoon! Things were going great until you said the Asia Argento words. Up came the baked pork chop I just ate. Along with the homemade Salsa and salad. And Coke. And the frozen lemon bar. Thank god I haven't drunk my French Vanilla Latte yet!

LuLu said...

@pokey im no Asia fan but you are a POS misogynist

Unknown said...

I love salsa.

Unknown said...

so now saying something tacky about a particular woman makes one a misogynist? Maybe he just doesn't like that Asia chick! Get a grip!

Unknown said...

Right. Is every woman who says Donald Trump has a small penis a misandrist?

That said, emotionally-fragile spastics like LuLu entertain me a greatdeal.

LuLu said...

"said every guy?"
only a quarter-sized dick would know for sure.

its revealing how you enjoy kicking a woman when shes down. she wasnt even remotely a part of the convo.

and fuk off remi

Unknown said...

Go girl!

Steam and stew. It's goooooood.

Funny how all that useless tramp's defenders seem to be the unhinged types. Is there someplace I can watch videos of you crying?

VikingSong said...

Remie, Pokey routinely posts misogynistic bullshit about women. This is not a one off as you implied. It's his schtick. As far as I'm concerned, misogynists are the literal definition of a parasite and they should have been aborted by the unfortunate women infected by them.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KaiserWilhelm'sGhost said...

@Boo Hearne Shame Asia drove Anthony Bourdain to suicide. Sounds like he would have ate what you choked up, called it the national cuisine of some weird country no one's heard of, and then flashed his tattoos in a desperate bid to look hip.


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