Friday, July 06, 2018

Blind Item #13 - Elegant Degradation – A Himmmm Blind Item Story – Part 6

So the night and early morning hours continued.  I personally drank all the rum.  Ever.  In the world.  Thankfully, not alone in doing so.  Gillian and I woke up a twisted pile of our own bodies in the bed.  I focused my very blurry eyes to see Ben and a young lady who was not his girlfriend in the next bed.  Wrapping the sheet around me, I zombied over to the door and saw Duke, Jessica, and several others outside by the pool.  I opened the door and was hit with a blast furnace of a million degree heat.  I rapidly closed it back, and vaulted in the bed.  I nudged Gillian awake and asked her if she wanted me to get her any breakfast?

Without even opening an eye, she groggily replied: "It's afternoon, babe".

Damn.  Really?  Yes, really.  Apparently I had already had breakfast and lunch both.  Washed down with Bloody Mary's.  Gillian commended me on my nutrition, but acted startled when I swore to her I could not recall us taking a shower together in the bathroom there after breakfast.  "You're an Alcoholic…Second step is admitting you have a problem baby", she said deadpan.

"I'm not an alcoholic. I only do this once a year", I replied.  She cocked open a stunning eye at me: "See? Denial? It's first sign of an alcoholic.  I graduated from an Ivy League school, okay sweetie?"  I raised up on my elbow, rubbing my eyes: "Wait – so if I deny it? I'm a lush. But if I admit it – I'm still a lush?"

She propped her chin on my chest.  "Better stop drinking altogether then", she said.  And with a delayed reaction, I burst out laughing at her.  A loud knock at the door, and it was Jessica.  Carrying grocery bags and trailed by Duke.  They plopped the food and booze on the table, and in the fridge.  "Annnddd…what was that about alcoholism?", teased Gillian.  "What? Are you saying he's an alcoholic because he lives his birthday like Senior Beach Week…and he's almost THIRTY??", asked Jess with a laugh.

I yelled: "She said both of you are alcoholics!"  Gillian slapped me.  Duke and Jess looked at each other and just shrugged.  Ben jumps up out of bed: "Holly balls! Is it almost supper time??".

"No", I said.  "It's just after lunch."  With his flawless timing, Doc comes rolling in the room like a tornado: "Wake up sleepy-heads, it's almost supper time!", and body-flops on top of me and Gillian.  We ALL laughed, except Ben who had flopped back in his bed.  Doc whispers to Gillian: "You know – I'd be into the whole threesome thing right now, but just with you two. Or maybe you and Jess, and we send him out for ice?", he teased her.

"THUD", was the sound of Doc hitting the floor when I kicked him out of the bed.  Gillian laughed, and disappeared into the bathroom with Jess.  I asked Doc about his exploits, and he says he stayed there with us until breakfast.  He said he had to visit his manager, and just got dropped back off now to keep the party rolling.

Randomly, Ben raises up in bed and tells Duke: "Oh, do what we did last night! Play 'Outshined"! You know this is where True Romance was shot outside right?".  Doc said: "Really?". With that, Duke played the CD.  Doc then he told me and Duke that he had some people who wanted to come to the party if we could pick them up.  This included an A+list actress that he knew Ben really wanted to see that night.  Ben had run into her just last week on the 20TH Century Fox studio lot where she was shooting a new film with Daniel-Day Lewis.  Ben said it would be his dream to work with them both on a film or just meet them.

Doc said he'd made all the arrangements for us to get "yummy" takeout from the Formosa for supper; and that the actress was going to meet him there in an hour.  He said she was "tired of being bored to death by some Beverly Hills 90210 cast member all afternoon".  He said there were tons of "party favors" – aka weed/drugs -  and we needed to re-stock for the grand finale Safari party tonight.  All we needed to do was to meet her and the supplier at the Formosa bar/restaurant off Sunset; and bring the actress and the rest of the fun back with us.

Much as I love the Formosa and tempting as it was? I didn't want to leave Gillian alone; nor to leave my own party.  No way Doc was using my car, either.  Then half-dead Ben said he'd drive Doc and they'd be right back.  After another swim and shower, Gillian and I decided to put that alcoholism thing to the test by inventing new drinks.  Duke, Sara, Jess, and everyone else were having a blast.  People coming and going in/out of our rooms, and music playing.  It looked like for ONCE my birthday was going to end with smiles, and not regrets from our "crawl".  In hindsight – I'd have chosen a hangover instead.


pkelly491 said...

What child actresses from the 70s or 80s went to an Ivy school?

A+ actress who worked with DDL on a film for 20th Century Fox was likely Winona Ryder on The Crucible.

H3 would work with DDL several times in the future, I believe.

Dahling said...

Jodi Foster but....

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sandybrook said...

Brooke Shields is possibly the child actress, she went Ivy League but she was A list and would have mentioned modeling I think?

MM39 said...

Elizabeth Shue?

Sara, Making It Work said...

Maybe Ashley Peldon for the annoying Crucible costar. She never did 90210, but that's what makes it such a wonderfully dismissive insult.

Sara, Making It Work said...

Ben was a terrible boyfriend to Fiona, wasn't he? Taking into account, this blind and the other Himmmmm blind were he tries to have that threesome.


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