Thursday, July 05, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #39

June 26, 2018

Long story short, this back in the day A- list mostly television actor from a show all of you know and this back in the day B+ list mostly television actor from a hit network show who no longer really acts have been landlords of multiple units; The actress wife of the former A- lister was recently added as an owner of the unit. Currently the landlords are trying to sell a unit and are trying to constructively evict at least one tenant by not fixing things that are broken, including the air conditioning in a hot LA summer. They refused to fix the only toilet available for close to a week.

Saddest part: the tenant LOVED the former B+ list actor from his hit show, and loved (lower case) the former A- lister from his former show. If anyone had told younger me that someday I'd move to Hollywood and live in their apartment, and they'd attempt to drive me out of my home prematurely (and drive me insane) through constructive eviction, I might've been a little excited (I was a real fan, lol), but I also just wouldn't have believed it.

Adam Brody/Leighton Meester/Brett Harrison


T. W. said...

Who are they?

Anonymous said...

Did anyone accurately guess this?
I would never, never have picked these three.

Unknown said...

I'm very disappointed. I have occasionally enjoyed Adam and Brett's television work, and I really liked their band, Big Japan and would have hoped they were working on a new album rather than slumlording.

OldFart said...
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OldFart said...

Approaching 100 reveals these last two days...and still nothing on NXIVM.

memyselfandi said...

I would not consider these actors as being from "back in the day" shows. But, anyways. Dicks.

gauloise said...

The OC is almost 20 years ago!

This and That said...

😱 I’m old.

shakey said...

I’ve been through shit like that. What they’re doing is horrible and I hope they get fined, or worse.

DavidHowesCREBroker said...

Never watched their shows.

Anyway, I have been dealing a lot with CA Apartment Owners looking to GET OUT of CA.

Their complaints consist of Tenants not paying, Tenants breaking fixtures, and using the legal system to avoid paying their monthly rent.

One Owner says one of his tenants that he's tried to evict because he's 9 months behind, Judge won't allow it.

Kind of glad I don't live in Southern Cal.

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