Saturday, August 25, 2018

Blind Item #5

I love how this former reality star/movie actor waxes poetic about sobriety and thinks he is the greatest when he beat two celebrities all of you know while he was supposedly "sober."


Tricia13 said...

Steve O

Tricia13 said...

On talking about Bam Margera

Tricia13 said...

Maybe the exes were KAt Von D/Elizabeta Canalis
Or Nicole Richie

HeatherBee said...

Well, good. Continue to kill those brain cells, buddy!! And may you have a Nurse Ratchet when you’ve partied your way into senility. Jackass, indeed

orangesoda said...

Probably Steve-O but I'm not sure on the two celebrities 'all of you know.' He wasn't sober when he was dating Nicole and I have no idea who any of his exes are while he's been 'sober.' It's possible that it was some of his male friends.

Lunchpaillefty said...

People can still be violent assholes while sober.

Rosie riveter said...

We call that a "dry drunk"
Lots of fun.

OKay said...

@Lunch Preach! See also: Chris Brown

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