Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #4

August 15, 2018

This drug loving CEO you ALL know by now is on his way out. The Board is slowly inching away from his recent statements.  At first, they started leaking some of their differences with the CEO to some journalists, relatively minor publications.  Last night, they picked the biggest of newspapers to leak massive differences, including a complaint that he is ignoring their advice.  The Board has also retained separate legal counsel.  They leaked that last night too. It has become apparent to the Board that the CEO's big recent statement was a complete lie.

The Feds leaked their investigation to the big newspapers on purpose the day after the CEO made this big statement.  This is basically unprecedented.  In recent days, several former high-ranking Feds have gone on TV & accused the CEO of making a fraudulent statement – also unprecedented. 
The Board doesn't have much liability insurance either, and the details & potential liability of the CEO's recent actions are starting to sink in, and they are getting scared.

Don't expect this CEO to be around much longer, a month or 2 at most.    If he departs on friendly terms with the Board, the cover story will be - a leave of absence for exhaustion, which will eventually become permanent.  If he refuses that, they will fire him.  They really have no other choice - it is only a matter of time.

Elon Musk


Ophelia said...

And the Musk blind item train has reached its next stop of the day! Choo Choo! All aboard for plenty of news of drug usage and shady business antics!

GeeWallyThatWouldBeWrong said...

With investors at 55B in, they'll pony up a few more to choke the shorts.

Sal Salington said...

Desperation for your ill-advised TSLA short is making you say some dumb things, Enty.

sandybrook said...

Tesla is still at $320 as of right now. Better get Hedge to make up more BIs before the Saudis give Musk enough money to go private and break your backs.

AppleThief4Elliot said...

Enty promoting this campaign against Musk is annoying. I mean, if I can't trust the anonymous person monetizing blind items of scandalous gossip sometimes crazy enough to include murder and ritual sacrifice, and whatever gibberish conspiracy 4Chanon is hyped up about this week, WHO CAN I TRUST?

sandybrook said...


hothotheat said...

I prefer the Musk blinds to teen mom, bachlor/ette and RHO whereever.

Mad Hominem said...

A while ago on Zerohedge, it was reported that workers at the Tesla plant were making car parts by hand to meet production quotas. This in spite of constant rounds of fundraising. All those billions were apparently not spent on robots to build cars.

Elon's announcement about the prospects of taking the company private at $420/share are a prelude to an LBO -- a leveraged buy-out.

If Elon didn't use that money to advance production, he might have spent it on assets that we don't know about -- acquiring shares in an oil company, perhaps, or owning a hedge fund -- and once he has taken the company private, he and his investor buddies will sell off those assets he bought without sharing the profits with those investors that have been conned into buying shares.

And don't think for a minute that the quoted price of $420 will stick. The first thing they do when they take a company private is talk down the price--they will suddenly have a lot of news stories about how much of a mess Tesla was, how the company is in bad shape, how it needs a lot of repair, etc. That will drive the price into the toilet just before the buyout.

Then, Elon and his buddies will strip the company of any asset worth selling and then...according to form...they will then try and take it public again, so they can screw more shareholders.

Am watching this to see how it unfolds. But at least the shorts will have some profit as they "talk the company down."

Ophelia said...

@Mad I fully believe he's trying to scam investors somehow. He's too much of a showman to not have something hiding behind the curtain.

Shame, Tesla's are fun cars to be in and certainly have the futuristic look.

Brayson87 said...

Jeezus, is Musk creating clean renewable energy in his basement or something, never seen so many people rabid for a ceo's head. If you got tricked into shorting Tesla, you got tricked, it happens.
You want to talk about shady car stuff, how about VW building their diesels to cheat emissions test? How about Honda knowing that the engine blocks will crack in 2006-2009 Civics, killing the cars, but not issuing recalls? And lets not even start with the shady financials of other companies.

Grateful Goddess said...

I had been totally buying the BIs but this makes much more sense! Of course, he’s having fun playing the part... NOW Azaelia’s latest screenshots make sense! Thank you!!

Jay said...

This is 100% completely false!

Count Jerkula said...

I hope his ego keeps him from slinking away when he's ousted. A complete social media melting would be so entertaining.

hunter said...

I mean... I've seen some incredibly compelling screenshots from Azealia - I believe that trainwreck and the blinditem on him screaming and crying at Grimes.

The scenario outlined by Mad Hominem makes LOTS of sense, but I'm skeptical Elon has the functioning capacity to execute something like that right now, he seems rather unhinged.


hunter said...

I'm with the Count on this one, 100% agree.


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