Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #3

May 4, 2018

This permanent A list rapper has actually done nothing wrong in regards to that older venture of his. The thing is though, he knows that he would probably be asked about his later ventures and those answers would not be very glowing in terms of the way he conducts business.

Jay Z


Brayson87 said...

Jay Z was a good name to pick very cool. It rhymes with lazy, but the J sound is strong enough that lazy doesn't immediately come to mind. Nowadays all rappers have is what they pick out of their alphabits cereal or read from license plates.

IanPhlegming said...

I think "Jay Z" is a mocking riff on Jesus, but that's just me.

sandybrook said...

I'm not so sure the athletes he represents in the agency are extremely happy. Roc Nation did a little better with musicians.


This guy has been laundering money since the early 2000's, its why his p.r. people made such a heavy push to clean up his image and get him aligned with our former president. Look at how long that actually lasted, they've managed to get him into newspapers alongside warren buffet. He simply hasn't come crashing down because his network of companies is so wide that the money goes through so many steps before it hits bank accounts. To get an idea of what i'm saying look at the people he has at the heads of most of his companies, but you'd have to start with the parent company which isn't rocnation nor is his music company.

Sammie87 said...

He’s been sued over his fragrance, clothing line and tidal... he is super lazy.


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