Thursday, August 23, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #5

August 17, 2018

This former A list mostly television actress who was on three separate network hits is trying to get people to smuggle drugs into rehab. It is what she spends most of her day doing. She offered a drug dealer ten times the going rate if he would do it. He was willing, but when she said he would have to do it on credit, he balked. Our actress has no access to cash.

Heather Locklear


LooksLikeCRicci said...

Ugh. Heather.

Anyone else remember when she signed on to help revive Melrose Place and they ran her picture with the caption "Mondays are a bitch."

I was particularly fond of that ad, for some reason. I hope Heather gets the help she needs.

Brayson87 said...

Holy cow, if she hopped in a time machine and switched with herself from 20yrs ago I'd mule her coke from Colombia myself. Nowadays though she seems kind of, ah, sticky.

R in NYC said...

Damn girl....that cocaine be calling her.

Amy said...

She was a stunner back in the day. You have to wonder what these women have seen/done. I think they live with a lot of guilt, regret and have many secrets. If she molested kids with Charlie Sheen like Enty may have been referring to in a blind then she doesn't deserve any sympathy. Maybe it

Amy said...

Maybe it's karma*

schweetyfleety said...

No, she doesn’t deserve one iota if sympathy if she was doing those alleged things with Sheen. If true, she is a scumbag deserving of derision and scorn.

Katherine said...

I have it on Good Authority that they will all give an account before all is said and done!

Notyomommatoday said...

So what is she on exactly? Coke? Heroin? Pills?

AkhaldanSolo said...

How come she's not privvy to Geffen, weinsteins and most likely her ex there sheen's secret specialized rehabs for celebs? Must be slowly being killed off.

hunter said...

What is she on exactly? Heather?

The running theory (mine) is that she is in the throws of active addiction and likely engaging in alcohol use, probably benzodiazephines (Xanax/Klonipin), possibly a few Ambien from time to time, according to popular opinion, very high liklihood of cocaine use.

The above combo makes for an unpredictable, reactive person who doesn't want to be told what to do, when to do it, or anything involving the word "no." So conflict ensues.

I don't think she is doing meth or heroin or crack. Maybe some opiates but I don't think that's her thing. Opiates aren't usually messy, they are quiet and slow and in the background like that bread-boring girl from Sweden who was in the Tomb Raider sequel who always looks like she is napping. That's opiates.

Notyomommatoday said...

I was thinking pills, I just wasn't sure. All of these Hollyweirdos. THey have everything they could ever want in life and still abuse drugs, themselves and others.

Large Marge said...

Have spoken with Heather Locklear a few times over the years. Both she and Amanda Bynes are just local girls from Thousand Oaks, which is a nice place to be from.

This business destroys women.

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