Saturday, September 01, 2018

Blind Item #4

After that pregnancy scare several years ago that would have freaked out her religious reality family, this reality star has sworn to celibacy. Her now ex boyfriend was not into that at all and kept pressuring her to have sex. He finally just started cheating on her all the time and she broke it off.


Tricia13 said...

Sadie Robertson

Tricia13 said...

Duck Dynasty family


Cuck Dynasty

Mrs Meat said...

Is that Cock Dynasty? I'm having trouble with my new bifocals. Seems rather misnamed seeing as no one appears to be getting any. Ooh, I couldn't deal with That.

Thorne said...

I approve of all Duck Dynasty family members' celibacy. All of them can stop making new spawn.

sandybrook said...

I'd like to give Sadie a shot though.

AppleThief4Elliot said...

I don't believe in deception, even in one night stands, but I'd give Sadie R. a false name.

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