Saturday, September 01, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #7

June 23, 2018

That thirsty celebrity wife of an A list mostly television actor threw this A+ list host from multiple shows under the bus in order to get her own show. The A+ list host was not happy and she let producers know it.

Bojana Jankovic/Michael Weatherly/Rachael Ray


Glow W said...

Don’t know who the two people are and Ray’s recipes suck,

Mrs Meat said...

Oh dear, I find that more often and not I just don't know WHO these people are. Are these actually real people, or are the names now being invented along with the blinds?

I really don't see what's wrong in being thirsty. Make the lady a nice of cup tea, someone. I'll get the custard creams out.

timebob said...

Michael Weatherly's wife is a Dr. my guess Rachel was negotiating for a "Doctors" type show with her and she f'd her over and went with another production company.

Fifi LaRue said...

Cannot stand Rachel Ray. I swear every meal she cooked was hamburger thrown in a frying pan, with some kind of sauce. Just slight variations. And, why does she wear a wig???

Who's Michael Weatherly?

K said...

NCIS and Bull

Mary Anne said...

Wretched Ray sucks! She is so phony and whoever dresses her, hates her guts. Those white boots make her feet look HUGE. Her recipes are just hot sauce and some type of meat with her hair in it.

Habibti said...

So karma arrived for bitchface Rachel Ray at last!

Unknown said...

the only Bojana Jankovic in Wikipedia is a Serbian pro basketball player. No doctorate. WTF?

Do Tell said...

Some dumb stan probably edited the Wiki entry.

BestMan said...

Bojana is an Internist: a specialist on how the body interacts as a whole. It takes a special mind to be able to master several disciplines. Rachel Ray makes dog food so gross, my dog that eats cat shit if I let her, won't touch it.

I say good for you Doctor.

BlissBoo said...

I hate that he cheats, but I have a mild crush on Weatherly. I don't like that I have it, but its there, lol.

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