Saturday, September 01, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #1

June 28, 2018

This former reality star from a show all of you know doesn't want the public to know about his romance so always denies it when asked by reporters. The serial cheater likes to keep his options open.

Nick Viall/Rumer Willis


Mrs Meat said...

What a charming beau. Poor Rumer.

I always feel people should work with what they have over opting for surgery, but I do find myself silently urging the girl to nip across to South Korea. They could do wonders with that jaw.

Perhaps she could take Tori Spelling with her for company.

Weekittylass said...

Lol, Mrs. Meat. Tori reminds me of Louie the lizard from the old Budweiser commercials.

gail said...

Knickerless Vile = his parents named him well

Y so late??? said...

People should accept themselves, but at the same time they should get surgery?
Girl make up your mind!

Habibti said...

Why are men always embarrassed to be dating Rumer Willis? Is it her manly looks? Surely she can afford a plastic surgeon to sort out that giant jaw of hers.


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