Monday, December 24, 2018

Blind Item #9

Apparently the check the foreign born alliterate model/host was large enough to keep her victim quiet. She got the money from a man she is sleeping with.


Tricia13 said...

Asia Argento/Jimmy Bennet

Nosy Scotian said...

Asia Argentio article in DM

Guesser said...

We know what happened to the other guy who paid for silence.

sandybrook said...

Jimmy seems to have disappeared according to TMZ early today.

notthisagain said...

Breaking news: Kevin Spacey to be arraigned for sexual assault of teenager in Nantucket bar on January 7, 2019

notthisagain said...

The day after the Golden Globes

Spacey also put out a really weird bizarre video at the same time the news broke about his arraignment on January 7. The distraction isn’t going to work Kevin. You’re going down.

. And I swear to gawd, I’ll never stop bringing up the Brian singer article until that bitch goes down

Do Tell said...

Good luck finding Spacey.

longtimereader said...

Singer has just this year $600m+ reasons why he won't get touched and will continue to make movies.

Aquagirl said...

I just watched the Kevin Spacey video. So creepy. I need a shower!

notthisagain said...


I hate Rami Malek.

his likability shielding him from being asked why he signed up for a film about one of history's greatest LGBTQ icons with a director already attached - a director with 30 years worth of rape allegations - bc they dont want to make him uncomfortable with such a FUCKING IMPORTANT QUESTION.

its more heinous to me bc malek has the awww shucks, earnest persona that people in the industry loooooove and shield.

I hope karma comes for him. he knew exactly who he was signing up to work with and didnt give a damn until singer stopped showing up for work.

fuck you rami malek. if karma is real, I hope she comes for your selfish ass.

Davina David said...

How do women like Asia Argento continue to attract men and lure them into do their bidding? It's a mystery to me. She's not even particularly attractive or interesting. I guess there's a sucker born every minute.

Trapped said...

This young man chose the money over her going to jail.

DejaBlue said...


plot said...


Only Singer committed those assaults and rapes. Malek had nothing to do with it. He just wanted a job.

We can't convict people, or condemn them, for the crimes of others.

The Spacey video was so fucking WEIRD! What is going on in his creepy mind???

notthisagain said...


when someone has 30 years worth of allegations of raping young boys - and you are given the choice whether to sign up to be directed by bryan singer or not - and you decide YES, I WANT TO BE DIRECTED BY BRYAN SINGER & sign on as well


every actor that signed on besides Malek is complicit as well.

if you cant get that, well, I mean you *are* plot.

notthisagain said...


"We can't convict people, or condemn them, for the crimes of others."


We can call them out for working with people like Bryan Singer, JUST how we called out people who worked with Woody Allen.

get it? good.

plot said...

No, I don't "get it". I'm not sure you know what complicit means. Did Malek help Singer obtain teenaged boys or help cover up assaults? No.

You can't even say for sure that Malek knew a damn thing about Singer's reputation, at least until most of the movie was in the can. He probably doesn't peruse gossip boards like you and I do.

How far would you take your erroneous definition of complicity? Is the entire crew included? The craft services? Costumers? Special Effects units who were never on set? Where is your line?

Malek is a worker like anyone else. He had a job to do, that is all. Unless you can put him inside the pedo universe of Singer, acting in some capacity of aiding and abetting, then Malek is completely separate from anything Singer does, criminal or otherwise.

I can't believe I'm defending Rami Malek, an actor I don't happen to like much.

Dannette said...

I totally can believe you're defending Malek. There's a word to describe that...

plot said...

What would that word be?

I'm not defending Malek. I'm saying it's wrong to include him under the umbrella of Singer's crimes. He had nothing to do with it.

Aquagirl said...

@Plot: totally disagree. If we, as civilians, knew about Singer, I’m assuming that everyone in Hollywood knew it as well.

I work in a totally different industry, but have turned down jobs based on the reputation of the CEO or top management. As Enty would say ‘someone you all know’. I won’t list their names here, to protect my privacy, but please, get your head out of your ass. Of course Malek knew. He just overlooked it in the hopes of getting an Oscar nom. Pure & Simple.

MattDaddy said...

She was not going to jail. She is not going to jail. She will not be going to jail. Accept that jail is the least likely outcome for Argento. And Singer. And Spacey. And Weinstein.

Horrifying. Tragic. Unjust. But fact.

Do Tell said...

Argento is hardly in the category of a Weinstein, a Singer or a Spacey. Her one "case" involves someone who took money to be quiet and not cooperate with police.

MattDaddy said...

The Woody Allen allegations came out over a quarter century ago. Only recently has it finally caught up with him. For most of those years he had the pick of Hollywood to choose from in casting.

This is about so much more than the ne director and one actor.

And guess what, nobody’s boycotting Hollywood movies, at least not in significant numbers. Money is still rolling in.

There’s plenty of blame to go around.

Adrastia said...

Rami Malek didn't commit those rapes. If he's also responsible by proxy then so is every other actor and crew member in every Bryan Singer movie ever. Please name and shame everyone of them right here. Because you are only picking on one guy when there are hundreds that you need to be listing, notthisagain.Get to work. It's gonna take you awhile to compile that list. Can't wait to see it.

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Jennacheryl said...

@plot I agree. There is a chance Malek didn't know about Singer. I didn't about him until this site.
If someone is just focused on the ok their job and just driven they typically don't listen to things.

Merry Christmas!

plot said...

Posters on gossip sites often confuse their knowledge with universal knowledge. Happens ALL the time! "How can anyone still be friends with Asia Argento????" Because she has friends that don't give a shit about CDAN or the DM?

Merry Christmas to you, too! Peace and Light for everyone on this day.


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